You Don’t Have Time to Work Out? No Problem!

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These days everyone seems to be on time restraints – a meeting here, a conference call there, a kid’s dance recital, a favorite TV show, a boyfriend’s baseball game, a family outing, etc. Whatever commitment you’re tied down to, there is just not enough time in 24 hours to exercise… are these time restraints or really just excuses?!

Why wouldn’t you want to put aside some time in your day – FOR YOU – to work out and feel better? Release those endorphins and let go of stress and anxiety and be happy – who wouldn’t want that? Have no fear; I might have something that will help with those “commitments” or excuses you may have.


Your alarm goes off and you do the same thing you’ve done for the past however many weeks, months, or even years – you hit the snooze button. You might repeat this up to five, maybe even 10 times before you drag yourself out of bed. Why do that to yourself? That’s torture, never mind losing precious time in the morning. Then what happens? You find yourself scrambling trying to find your keys and your cell phone, and before you know it, you’re barely at work on time.



Tomorrow morning, I challenge you to set your alarm and place it across the room so you’re forced to get out of bed to shut it off. I challenge you, before you have breakfast, (hoping that you do since it’s the most important meal of the day!) to perform the following circuit:

25 jumping jacks
20 bodyweight squats
pushups (however many you can do)
planks (however long you can hold them for)

Repeat this circuit up to three times with no rest in between. If you’re a newbie and can only do one circuit, pat yourself on the back – it’s better than nothing! Set yourself a goal to get up to three circuits over the course of a month.

Didn’t that feel good? It woke you up, didn’t it? Now, go eat your breakfast. (If you’re skipping out on breakfast, you’re skipping out on the most important meal of the day! Try protein pancakes – they are packed with carbs and proteins; it’s a perfect way to jumpstart your day. If you’re curious as to how I make them, let me know and I will share with you the recipe, and even include the nutrition facts. Warning: You may find them addicting!)


You’re busy at work and have no time to leave your desk, let alone grab some lunch! Is this another excuse?! I’m about 99 percent positive you have stairs at your place of work or somewhere near you.


Take a 10-minute break (by law you should be taking breaks throughout the day anyway!) and go walk up and down flights of stairs. If you’re a beginner, be sure to walk up the stairs and walk down them. If you can handle more, get a little jog up the stairs, but be sure to walk down them. If you run down the stairs, the force on your knees is exponential and could create problems later on down the road.  If you’re more advanced, try skipping a couple of steps or walking up sideways making sure to switch sides to keep the activity balanced.


Kids are home from school, dog needs to be walked, husband is home early from work and you need to prepare dinner.


I suggest opting to take Fido for a walk outside. You can use this time to get another burst of exercise in! In fact, you could even repeat this morning’s session that you did just after your alarm went off. Don’t have a dog to walk? That’s ok! Get outside for some fresh air and complete the workout, or if the weather is inclement, perform your workout indoors.

Before you know it, you’ve completed a nice little workout in your oh-so-busy day!

Moral of this post: there are no excuses when it comes to working out. Period. Just imagine all the people out there who physically cannot workout – or, better yet, those who have a disability who STILL put themselves through a workout. You are capable. Do it. Feel better. Live happy.

Happy training!


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  1. Reji said,

    Can you please tell me how to make protein pancake? I am a new mom and really don’t have time to eat my breakfast or do worked.

    5 years ago
  2. Magen Petit said,

    Thanks for reading, Reji. This is the way I prepare mine:

    1/4c to 1/2c oats
    3/4c to 1c egg whites
    1 packet Stevia

    Mix these ingredients in a blender for about 20-30 seconds.

    Spray your pan with coconut oil. Pour ingredients in pan. Cover and let cook for a few minutes. Flip it and allow it to cook. Serve it with 1/4c to 1/2c blueberries. Add sugar-free maple syrup if you choose or even 1tbsp to 2tbsp powered peanut butter (you mix this with 1tbsp of water) and spread over your pancake. Delicious!!

    5 years ago
  3. wendy said,

    Doing this in the morning!! The walk at break too: -) thanks for the post!

    5 years ago
  4. Magen Petit said,

    Good for you, Wendy!!! Great start! Thanks for reading 🙂 HAPPY TRAINING!

    5 years ago


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