There are cool coaches, and there are good coaches

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Additional golden thoughts of the famous Polish coach:

I asked Dolega if I should call him “Niedolega” (butterfingers, hard to translate play on words of Dolega’s last name). Was it offensive? It was supposed to motivate him. So he proves to me that I was wrong. I really wanted to push him, because he had six opportunities for world and continent championships medal, and he blew them. What was I supposed to do? Beg him on my knees, hire a psychologists, or maybe even a fakir? I just wanted to wake up the lion inside of the boy.

Marcin Dolega

Marcin Dolega

I told the lifter X (well known super heavyweight medalist) that he lifts like a pussy, not like a man, was it so offensive to him? Maybe he was not happy that I did not let him drink beer. I said to him “you’re going to the Olympics”, he answered that he would only drink one or two, because athletes in other disciplines drink, too. Why the fuck should I care about other disciplines? Yes, it is true, that they were not allowed to leave their rooms after 10pm, but the national training camp is not a school trip. They lived and were supported by taxpayers’ money, and represented the country with and eagle on the chest (Polish emblem is white eagle). They were under the obligation.


As a side note, lifter X denies that he was ever called a pussy to his face.


I am not one of those coaches that will drink a beer with an athlete, and I will not allow drinking. I am the coach. The athlete will not find a friend in me.


In my training, one has to lift heavy weights. If the lifter during training is not able to lift 200kg several times, he will not be able to lift 200kg in competition. And it is not really about physical abilities, he needs to be psychologically sure that he will overcome this weight.


Kornel Czekiel

Kornel Czekiel

You guys can either train, … or fuck around, but no more with me.


I don’t send lifters who do not guarantee medals. Why would I? It costs money. He cannot perform in training, he will not perform in competition. There are no miracles.


A coach can be either cool or good. Cool coach is doing high fives with the lifters and is their friend. There will be no high fives with the good one, he will be demanding. That sort of coach is not very popular among the lifters. Only towards the end of the athlete’s career, the good coach is appreciated.


Until boys are still in high school, it is alright, they are financed by their parents. When the athlete is over 18 years and has not have rich and supporting parents, he needs to go to college, or start working, and it is the end of the weightlifting career. This is unfortunately truth about Polish weightlifting.


Bartek Bonk

Bartek Bonk

Who does not want to train can pack his things and go home. No negotiations. 


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