Stop Smoking Tip (Easy Way to Stop Smoking)

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I would like to admit to the public that I was a smoker for 2 long years. As a blogger & coder, I was very vulnerable because I often hit writer’s/coder’s block. Now that I am an experienced ex-smoker, I would like to tell the world that smoking is not a choice or a habit. It’s an addiction.

How I Started Smoking

Nobody smokes their first cigarette thinking that they will continue to smoke for the rest of their life. I remember smoking my first cigarette because I wanted to be cool in front of some people. I thought that there was no way one cigarette would get me addicted. I then thought that two would not get me addicted. Then three, four, five… slowly but surely, I became a 5 sticks per day smoker. The nicotine trap is so subtle that if you are not always carefully paying attention to it, then you would continue to burn your life away.


Attempts at Quitting Smoking

I started my attempts at quitting after 1 year of smoking. I spent another year attempting to quit by repeatedly trying the popular quitting methods (stop smoking help counseling, stop smoking program, nicotine substitution, cold turkey, shock therapy), but none of them worked. After 2 or 3 weeks, my cravings would take hold of me and I was forced to go back to square one.

How I Stopped Smoking

The Easy Way to Stop SmokingAfter I thought all hope was lost, a friend of mine (Peter) recommended Allan Carr’s book, The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. He said that the book takes a whole different approach to quitting. The author gives simple instructions on how to quit AND one of the instructions is: continue to smoke until you finish reading the book! I figured that since I did not have to stop smoking now and the book was only $15, I might as well give it a shot.

Here is some more information on Fox News about Allan Carr and his book.

Also, free quit smoking advice by Allan Carr.

I stopped smoking just a little before I finished reading the book. To date, I have had no dire craving since my quit date. I even drank with a bunch of smokers a couple of times and did not feel the urge to light one up. Even after going through the quitting process and looking back, I still do not know how it works. It just does! It is definitely the best way to quit smoking. I highly recommend this book to anybody that is serious about quitting. It’s the best $15 I have ever spent in my life. If you smoke, I recommend that you start reading The Easy Way to Stop Smoking as soon as possible and quit smoking now!


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