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P90X:MC2The folks at Beachbody (the creators of P90X and Insanity) have been working hard on revamping/revising the current P90X program and are planning to release the revised program under the name P90X2. I was quite excited to hear this because even though I am from the school of P90X, I thought that some of their workouts are quite outdated/old-fashion.

I’ve been checking out a bunch of P90X One on One Volume 3 videos (the making of P90X2) to see what type of workouts will possibly end up in the final P90X2 program so I’ll go over some of the things that you should be expecting to see when the new home workout DVD set hits retail stores.

Who is P90X2 For?

P90X2 is going to be a complete 12 DVD workout program for P90X graduates. If you haven’t done P90X yet, now is a good time to start, so that by the time you finish the 90 day program, P90X2 will most likely be available on the market and you can continue your P90X fitness journey.


Similar, Yet Different

Tony is still as charismatic as he can be. A lot of the exercises that could show up in P90X2 will be similar to exercises found in the original P90X workouts but they each will have a bit of a twist to them.

Same Idea, New Methodology, New Emphasis

P90X2 still uses the same idea of muscle confusion to leverage muscle growth and deliver results quickly, but it does so in a whole new way. A lot of the new workouts will emphasize on training your core and balance by incorporating stability balls and medecine balls into the workouts.

One reason why I stopped doing P90X was because a lot of the moves they did were too old school. I’m glad that they took people’s feedback and went back to enhance the program to incorporate new effective techniques.

Minimum Equipments

Like the original P90X, the minimum equipment requirement is some resistance bands.

New School Equipments

In addition to optional equipments you’ve used in the original P90X (e.g. dumbbells, pull up bars, heart rate monitors), here are some new equipments that will help you get the most out of P90X2:

  • Stability Ball: Again I’m quite excited to see this thrown into the mix. I’ve always had great results incorporating the stability ball into my own personal workout routines.
  • Medicine Ball: I don’t do too much medicine ball work, but whenever I do, they work me pretty hard. The trick with medicine ball is, it is round, heavy and hard to grip. Because of its form factor, it’ll help open up a variety of workouts that will work some muscles that you never knew existed in your body.
  • Foam Roller: If you follow this blog and my methodology, you’ll know that I think highly of the foam roller. To me, the foam roller is probably one of the most valuable thing to have in your home gym. I use it mainly for warming up my muscles and breaking down scar tissue for recovery. I’m glad that this will be used in P90X2 since I think static stretching before working out is pretty bad for you.
  • Plyo Boxes: Another simple tool for working on plyo. It seems like the plyo boxes are used only for stepping on and off of them so a simple sturdy chair in most homes should suffice.
  • Pullup Assist: Again this is not necessary (you can just grab a chair to assist yourself with pull-ups like you did in the original P90X), but

When Will P90X2 Be Available?

As of September 1st, 2011, you can pre-order P90X2 through a beach body coach (like me!). Get it now!

Sneak Peek Videos

P90X One on One: Chest, Back & Balls (skip to about 0:58)

P90X One on One: ARX2

P90X One on One: Yoga:MC2

P90X One on One: Plyocide

P90X One on One: Core Synergistics:MC2

P90X One on One: Upper Body X


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