P90X vs Insanity Workout Routine Comparison

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p90x vs insanityP90X vs Insanity Workout Routine, which one is better? Recently, there has been a lot of talk about two popular extreme home workout DVDs: P90X and Insanity. I have done both P90X and Insanity so I would like to share some of my thoughts about the two workout routines. Hopefully by the end of this post you can figure out what routine works best for you. And if you decide to attempt one of these extreme workouts after reading this post, more power to you. Just make sure you are mentally ready for what’s coming in the next 60 to 90 days.

Quick Side-by-Side Comparison

P90X Insanity
Instructor Tony Horton Shaun T
Slogan “Do your best and forget the rest!” “DIG DEEPER!”
Program Length 90 days 60 days
Number of Workouts 12 DVDs 10 DVDs
Average Workout Duration 75 minutes 45 minutes
Style Intense Muscle Confusion Max Interval Training
Schedule Overview:
6 days intense
1 day rest/stretch
P90X workout schedule (PDF)
P90X workout worksheet (Excel)
3 days intense
1 day recovery workout
2 days intense
1 day rest
Insanity workout schedule (JPG)
Insanity workout worksheet (Excel)
Minimum Equipment Requirement None
Additional Recommended Equipment
  • heart rate monitor
  • yoga mat
Recommended Supplements
Price $269.70 (with all equipments)
$119.85 (without any equipments)

My Impressions of P90X

What I like about it:

P90X is a truly complete full body workout.
In general the program alternates between strength training days and non-strength training days. Each strength training day focuses on a particular muscle group of your body (e.g. chest/back, shoulders/biceps/triceps, legs/back, etc.). Each non-strength-training day is more synergistic training where your whole body is working (plyometrics, yoga, core synergistics, kenpo).

The program really takes care of your body.
Each workout session starts with 10 minutes of warm-up/stretching and ends with about 5 minutes of cool-down/stretching. Each week, you get one day to rest or stretch (there’s a DVD for stretching so don’t get lazy!).

Focuses on burning fat by building muscle.
Most exercise routines are based on principles of circuit training. I personally think this is a more permanent solution to weight loss.

Variety helps with boredom.
You have 6 very different fitness workout routines each week. After the three weeks, you switch to a different set of weekly exercises. After four weeks, you switch again to a different set. It’s hard to get bored with P90X.

Tony Horton is encouraging and charismatic.
I enjoy working out with Tony and his slogan “do your best and forget the rest.” I always feel proud of myself after each workout.

Program lasts for 90 days.
It IS longer than Insanity to complete, but I see it as you get more for your money.

What I’m not too fond of:

Workouts are a lot longer than most people are used to.
They advertise 60 minutes per day, but in reality it’s more like 75 minutes per day. Each workout is about 60 minutes and Ab Ripper X is an extra 15 minutes.

P90X is harder to stick to while traveling.
You will need to do pull-ups in some workouts, so if you are caught traveling during those days, you will probably have to postpone that workout.

Some things are a bit outdated.
I’d like to see some dynamic stretching or foam rolling added into the program. I question the efficiency of some workouts (e.g. kenpo) or moves (e.g. the block & elbow series). Sometimes I wonder if I would do better if I switch out kenpo for cardio or another workout.

My Impressions of Insanity

What I like about it:

The most intense cardio workout you will ever go through.
I’ve never been pushed so hard while working out before and I thought I was in shape from P90X. My heart rate is at 80% – 90% my maximum heart rate through the whole workout. Wearing a heart rate monitor is highly recommended during these workouts.

Each workout lasts only 45 minutes.
This makes Insanity easy to stick to. It’s a lot easier to find a 45 minute chunk in my day than a 75 minute chunk.

No required equipment.
Again, this makes Insanity easier to stick to than P90X. I have a copy of Insanity on my iPod for when I travel. All I bring is just a pair of sneakers to train while I’m out of town.

Focuses on losing weight through max interval training.
My body temperature remains high even after 2 hours of working out (used as a gauge for my body’s metabolic rate).

Increased speed and agility.
A lot of exercises are based on plyometrics and the main focus is to do as many repetitions as possible within a given amount of time. This helps you improve your speed and agility.

Program only lasts for 60 days.
The program is good for those who cannot commit to 90 days of straight working out.

What I’m not too fond of:

Insanity is not really a full body workout.
There is little focus on strength training or muscle building. There is little focus on upper-body and abs. Most of my core muscles get sore (lower abs, hip flexors, lower back, etc.), but my abdominal and upper-body muscles are never sore. A lot of moves do not utilize your muscles’ full range of mobility. This could make your muscles stronger/weaker at different ranges of motion.

The program doesn’t really take care of your body.
There is little focus on stretching and the warm-up is not really a warm-up (it’s too intense).

Shaun T yells at me too much and I was never good enough for him.
He often says, “It’s okay to take a rest, but PUSH! PUSH! PUSH! DIG DEEPER!” He says certain things like, “never compromise form” but doesn’t really enforce it.

Time to Choose

I’ve tried many home workout DVDs in the past and none of them worked nearly as well as P90X and Insanity. Either of these programs will give you great results. Deciding which one is right for you is easy. You have to decide what you want to work on and what your level of commitment is. If you want to build muscles, have a lot of time to dedicate to it, and are not planning on going anywhere for an extended period of time (for the next 90 days) then you should try P90X. If you are a road warrior or travel bug, or you don’t have enough time in your day, then you should try Insanity instead.


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  1. Tam Bui said,

    I just started P90X a little over a week ago, and it is indeed a full body workout. Never even heard of Insanity, but glad to know that there’s an alternative out there to look into. I have been running long distances regularly for the past few years, but never really did much in terms of weight training or muscle-intensive exercises. I certainly hope P90X gives me the beach body I’m looking for on my honeymoon in a few months. We’ll see! Thanks for the info, Thaya!

    6 years ago
  2. Thaya Kareeson said,

    @Tam Bui
    Thanks for your kind words Tam! My body can’t handle too much of repeated workouts so I really enjoy P90X. If you have enough time to commit to P90X I’m sure it’ll give you super great results.

    6 years ago
  3. Peter Rumford said,

    Great article Thaya! That is an awesome summary of the two systems! I would just add that if/when you start either of these workout routines, MODIFY for your current level of fitness. I’ve seen a lot of tendinitis and impingement issues because weekend warriors hop right in and start doing too much too soon.

    6 years ago
  4. Thaya Kareeson said,

    @Peter Rumford
    Thanks! Indeed. I almost made that mistake when I first attempted P90X. Good thing I was able to stick to “trying my best and forgetting the rest”. If I were to start with Insanity first, I probably would’ve injured myself.

    6 years ago
  5. Amy said,

    I like Tony a lot better since he doesn’t scream. The exercises though are way too long for me. However, in comparison to Insanity, I feel like it is definitely more thorough (not rushed). Insanity is definitely lots of cardio and my heart rate has been up on the much higher end of the spectrum. I do think a heart rate monitor with insanity a definite must! For p90x, I think a definite must would be a nice soft floor (heart rate, not so much since the exercise is spread out nicely, so I can sense the gradual increase of my HR)

    I’ve been light headed at some point with either exercising routine. I agree with Peter and taking it gradually. I sure didn’t and that was when I turned pale and in pain! Not fun!

    6 years ago
  6. GoofyFitnessDad said,

    I have to say, this is a GREAT and very insightful post! I started Insanity about 5 weeks ago, for a lot of the reasons you listed as things you like about it and things you dislike about P90X. I’m totally loving it, and I just now started the MAX part of the workout. Feel free to take a look at my website where I review my own progress – www.goofyfitnessdad.com. Thanks for the great post – I’ve bookmarked you and subscribed to the RSS feed, and I’d be honored if you’d do the same for me!

    6 years ago
  7. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Thanks for stopping by @GoofyFitnessDad. I had a read on your blog and I really appreciate the effort you put into your videos. Good luck with everything!

    6 years ago
  8. Sophia said,

    I finished round 1 of p90x and started round 2 by swapping out the p90x cardio with Insanity workouts. I completely agree with your comments, Tony makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about myself, whereas Shaun makes me feel like a total failure if I take a break. Although, I’m happy to see that the people in the background of Insanity are often wheezing and taking breaks as much as I do.

    6 years ago
  9. Brad said,

    I have not been to the gym in 3 years due to P90X and Insanity. Its like an education in fitness. I’ve put on 10 pounds of muscle doing those workouts and feel better all around.

    6 years ago
  10. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Awesome! That’s like the cheapest gym membership ever. ~$130 for life.

    6 years ago
  11. Kendall said,

    I have done p90x before, and LOVE the after results….however you can get very bulky….and I LOVE insanity, and I have noticed an extreme difference in my mid section and fat loss….however my question is if you want to tone up fast and lose weight which workout is the best??…i love the fact that p90x works every muscle group, and insanity just gets you tone….p90x definitely makes you more sore, and insanity just makes you lean…which one is better for you??…and i actually thought of doing p90x in the morning and insanity at night….that would definately decrease your fat loss by miles!! however idk if thats too much on your body…but im young and willing to test it out:)…

    5 years ago
  12. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Thanks for visiting Kendall!

    If you are crazy enough to do both and your body can handle then more power to you! You just have to be very careful to not push your body too hard and give it time to recover.

    If your body is breaking down from double days, you can also try doing the P90X lean schedule. That schedule focuses more on getting lean and toned.

    If that routine is not rough enough, you can also try going the P90X Insanity hybrid route. Some people do a hybrid of the two by picking their favorite exercises from both routines and come up with their own weekly routine.

    I hope that helps!

    5 years ago
  13. Brian S said,

    i was given both P90X and Insanity and was told by my brother in law to do P90X first then try Insanity. Time is not an issue but i do fight daily with degen disc disease in my l4 and l5. i am an avid surfer and lift weights regularly, however i am very careful in what i do. for instance squats with weight on shoulders is a big no no. I’ve recently taken off 3 months from the gym due to my newborn daughter being born but i am now ready to get back in action. i plan on starting P90X next Monday. Any advice on which workouts i need to be careful completing due to my back issues? The rest of my body is in good shape except for some tennis elbow issues…i currently take Ibprofen for pain. Protein and Creatine when i’m working out. off everything for the past 3 months. Thanks for your time.


    5 years ago
  14. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for visiting! If you have back issues, I would be careful with EVERY exercise (as you seem to already know). With that being said here’s my opinion on things to be even more careful about:

    First 3 weeks of P90X (standard):
    Chest & Back:
    A lot of the back workouts require that you keep your body in a semi-lunge position, leaning forward with your back straight. Some of them will require you to pull weight from the ground in that position.

    Be very careful of everything. Your spine will be activated the entire time because you are jumping around. Start with doing the modified moves to see how your back handles.

    Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps:
    Nothing too scary here. Some moves require you to be in the same forward bent position. Just be careful with those.

    Quite a bit of problematic poses for lower back: upward dog, reverse warrior, triangle pose, bridge, wheel

    Legs and back:
    A couple scary moves in this workout. I can’t remember the names of them, but one makes you move like a skater, the other one makes you move like when you’re picking up stuff from the ground and hanging one leg backwards.

    Be careful on those sidekicks and back kicks.

    I wouldn’t even attempt it if I have lower back spinal issues. It’s like plyometrics on crack.

    Those P90X workouts are kind of the core for the rest of the P90X workouts (that’s why they are the first set!). You sound like you already know a lot about how to work with you body. After getting a feel for those, I think you’ll do great on the rest of the weeks.

    I don’t want to say it, but just make sure you do your best and forget the rest (try and if you feel pain, then immediately stop or find ways to modify). Good luck and keep us posted how you’re doing!

    5 years ago
  15. nikki said,

    I’m severely overweight after years not going to the gym and having a baby. I’ve been very curious abt the p90x and insanity workouts. I love your article, just have one question. Since i’m not trying to bulk up just tone and become way leaner ( @ 290 goal 150) which should i try? I’m in between jobs and have the time and motivation just not the finances, but will if desired results can be achieved. Which would your think would be my best option?

    5 years ago
  16. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Hi Nikki,

    Thanks for visiting and for your kind words!

    I would recommend that you first manage your diet. It’s something that you can do easily without any extra cost (you’ll probably end up saving money too). I recently wrote the post Daily Diet Plan to Get You Started Eating Right. The way I did it was I started on Nutrisystem, then followed my own diet plan. Believe it or not, I lost the majority of my weight just fixing my diet.

    Now with the exercising:

    If you already have a gym membership
    I think with the amount of weight you need to lose, you don’t have to do super crazy intense workouts (the more you weigh, the harder every exercise is). I recommend that you just stick to the gym to burn off a lot of those fats the traditional way. The comment responder message should’ve pointed you to some other “Core articles for slimming down through cardio”. I would read up on those articles for some tips and also dabble into some circuit training once you feel like you are in better shape.

    Another off the wall tip, I would rotate between different cardio machines everyday to keep from getting bored and to spread wear and tear evenly among all of your joints and muscles. Keep in mind that rowing is also a cardio workout, so you can use that to target upper-body cardio on those days when your lower-body is hosed. (see comment below by JJ Howard). If rowing is too tough to do when your legs are hosed, then you can try Tae Bo or other Kick Boxing style classes. Be warned that it will be a full body workout, but at least you’ll give your upper-body something to do every few days.

    If you don’t already have a gym membership
    I wouldn’t recommend Insanity since it is way too high impact for someone of your weight (too much jumping involved). I would pick P90X since it is the best bang for the buck (no recurring gym membership fees). I suggest that you start with the lean version of the program and make sure you don’t push yourself too hard. Remember to modify moves to your comfort level and don’t feel like you have to keep up with Tony (he even tells you that you should just do your best!).

    Be sure to keep us in the loop on how are you doing with your weight loss!

    5 years ago
  17. JJ Howard said,

    About the rowing, I’m a rower and rowing is a lower body exercise, if your lower body is hosed, you should not be on a rowing machine, Using excessive upper body is just asking for your back to give out!!

    5 years ago
  18. Thaya Kareeson said,

    @JJ Howard,
    Ah, you’re right! I’ll have to change that comment.

    Usually, when my lower body is hosed from excess cardio (running, biking, stair masters, elliptical), it’s usually my feet, shins, calves, and hamstrings that hurt the most. My hip and quad muscles surprisingly has pretty high endurance (probably from all the plyo I do) so I’m still able to row on upper-body days. This is definitely not the case for everybody.

    Thank you!

    5 years ago
  19. Brandy said,

    hi i need some advice on this two products but i am not sure which to choose. i really need a lot of cardio and i and i want to tone up, i am thinking Insanity will work for me. but i dont know, i really need to get in shape and i love something i know i can get fast results in.

    5 years ago
  20. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Hi Brandy!
    It sounds like Insanity is the right one for you off the bat, but also know that you can do P90X Lean schedule to achieve the same effect. I think it’s best if you can decide if you would enjoy a 45-minutes workout at crazy intensity or a 75-minutes semi-intense workout to push your endurance. Also you’ll have to consider if you travel a lot and if you are will to get more equipment. You’ll be able to pick the right one by just checking out the chart above :).

    5 years ago
  21. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Hi Brandy,

    Sounds like Insanity is the right one for you! Good luck and dig deep!

    5 years ago
  22. HypemanJ said,

    Great article! Thanks Thaya. I’ve been doing P90x for four weeks now and really enjoying the workouts; think I’ll have a look at Insanity for more cardio (instead of Kenpo X exercise which is fun but could be more intense i guess. Greetings from Belgium (wherte it is always cold as Tony says during the skating exercise – and it is -2°C / 30°F right now 😉 )

    5 years ago
  23. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Thanks for your kind words and great job on sticking to it! Hah! Yes, I remember that part about Belgium.

    5 years ago
  24. mox said,

    I’ve done p90x several times over now, and still love it. The best part is that now that I know all of the exercises, I don’t even have to use the dvd anymore, which means I can follow my worksheet and watch a basketball game while I’m doing weights. Makes it easy and enjoyable. I agree that kenpo could be more intense – I try to ramp it up by holding small (3lb) weights for all of the punching series, and standing on a balance board for all of the block/elbow series. If I had a punching bag I think that would be ideal…but no such luck. If you’ve tried p90x plus, the kenpocardio is more intense than the kenpo x.

    5 years ago
  25. Thaya Kareeson said,

    @mox, thanks for the great tips! I will have to try some of those things myself!

    5 years ago
  26. Cameron said,

    I was wondering, i want to start doing long distance running, but I’m not in that great of shape for it! Which product do you recommend? In my house i have people who have both of these workout programs, so getting is an easy option! 😀 i just need some advice for getting into shape for long distance running!

    please and thank you!

    5 years ago
  27. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Hi Cameron,

    It sounds like you can start with the P90X Lean schedule then start incorporating pure long distance running into your weekly schedule. You definitely do not want to add bulk so don’t do the classic P90X schedule. I also don’t think Insanity would be good for you since it focuses on high intensity interval training and the average workout is only 45 minutes.

    5 years ago
  28. Jonathan said,

    Just wanted to throw in that I did P90X, followed by Insanity. I loved both, but where I did Insanity after P90X, I lost most of the bulk I had gained with P90X. There’s one exercise in one of the Insanity workouts where he says “this is that move that you do to get those really ripped shoulders…” and I say to myself, “Umm… really? 1 minute a week of this will make me look like that guy?” Anyway I’ve kind of made a hybrid workout now where I do the P90X resistance workouts but instead of Plyo and Kenpo, I do an Insanity workout in between each of the resistance workouts. Plyo X just isn’t that tough compared to Insanity, and Kenpo might as well be a day off compared to Insanity. I’ll do a Yoga on the weekend occasionally if I have the extended time, and still take a day off each week. I’ve gotten some of my muscle bulk back without losing the fitness from Insanity. I was thrilled with the results of each individual program, but I’m most happy with doing them both together.

    5 years ago
  29. Thaya Kareeson said,

    HAHAH! Great comment Jonathan. “this is that move that you do to get those really ripped shoulders…”, this is referring to the V-pushups. Yeah, I think that move is pretty lame too. My girlfriend says it doesn’t do anything for her either.

    5 years ago
  30. Diva said,

    Hi Thaya,
    This is a well-written and informative article. I want to start an exercise plan, but don’t really know where to start or what to do. I just saw an informercial for Insanity and P90X and came to my computer and did a search, and found your blog. I am a grandmother of 54 years old and weigh 240lbs at 5’8″. Would you say either of these is ok for someone my age and level of fitness (which is nil at this point). I haven’t exercised in years. I don’t have, nor can I really afford, a gym membership. I was thinking of just taking up walking around the neighborhood for starters. I used to be in teriffic shape, but that is a thing of the past. I should also add that I take medicine daily for hypertension, have a slightly raised cholesterol level (no meds yet) and am an ex-smoker (1 month). Any suggestions?

    5 years ago
  31. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Hi Diva,
    Thanks for visiting and for your kind words! Both programs are extremely intense programs so I suggest that you first ease into a less intense fitness routine first before attempting these crazy workouts. There are plenty of things you can do for your health without breaking the bank to go to the gym. Going for walks is a great start! I am very happy that you are making a change in your life. It is never too late to start!

    I have a post coming up about cheap & effective exercise equipments you can purchase to create your own low-cost yet super effective home gym, so stay tuned and subscribe to this blog via either email or RSS feed!

    5 years ago
  32. Thaya Kareeson said,

    P.S. Congrats on quitting smoking too!!! I am always happy to meet fellow ex-smokers (I did it by reading this book). 1.5 years going strong! YAY!

    5 years ago
  33. pendejo grande said,

    I’ve done 3 cycles of p90x over the past year and a half, but one of my workout podnahs got Insanity for Christmas and wants to do 60 days of it, just to get away from p90x for a while. So we just got started the day before yesterday.

    The only thing I’m gonna like better about doing Insanity over p90x I’m afraid is that I don’t have to worry as much about getting enough protein in my diet to recover properly. As you and others have mentioned, you’re just not gonna experience the soreness with Insanity that you do with p90x, thus not so much to concern yourself with nutrition wise. I think I’ll be able to lose weight on Insanity where as sometimes on p90x I gained weight during the cycle due to over eating in an attempt to make sure I recovered in time for the next heavy resistance workout.

    5 years ago
  34. Thaya Kareeson said,

    I finally finished the article on how to create a cheap and effective home gym. Check it out!

    5 years ago
  35. Thaya Kareeson said,

    @pendejo grande,
    Well said. Thanks for visiting and for sharing your experiences and expertise!

    5 years ago
  36. MartinMorales said,

    ok so can anyone help me on what to choose. I have to loose 30Ibs by the end of my school semester to pass my weight training class which is around 145 days from now, which of these two programs would help me get there quicker? (plus AnimalCuts and strict diet?)

    5 years ago
  37. Dale said,

    I need some advice. I have read your website and I still dont know what one I should pick. I’m 22 and im what they call not strong. I would love to gain muscle and I would love to have some abs since I recently have a stomach forming. What workout do u think I should do?

    5 years ago
  38. Thaya Kareeson said,

    I think Insanity is the best way to get you to lose weight fast since it’s tons of cardio. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to handle AnimalCuts + Strict Diet + Insanity. That seems like it’ll put your body through a lot of stress. Try introducing things in moderation to see how much of each you can handle.

    You should do the P90X classic routine. Make sure you focus on doing 8-10 reps when doing weight training instead of 12-15 reps. You should be good as gold in 90 days. Good luck!

    5 years ago
  39. Grace said,

    Hello everyone,I am a mom of 3 kids and all thru cs..I am 37 and used to work out with instructor years ago..Now,I need to lose 20-25 lbs ( I am only 5 and half in height and weigh 130 lbs).I just ordered Nutrisystem since I can’t handle to diet alone ( I have problem with portion control) I am looking between p90x and insanity…I have marshmallow belly due to 3 pregnancy and ofcourse need to tone most part of my body,please help me decide which workout is best for me while doing nutrisystem..Thank you so much and God bless!

    5 years ago
  40. Grace73 said,

    Hello Thaya,I am 37 and a mom of 3…I recently ordered nutrisystem and I am looking between p90x and insanity to incorporate with my new diet..I am 5 ft and half in height and weigh 130 lbs..I need to lose at least 20-25 lbs and I have marshmallow belly…Pls help me decide which workout is best to tone up my belly and ofcurse some part of my body..Thank you and God bless!

    5 years ago
  41. Thaya Kareeson said,

    I think if you are doing nutrisystem, you will not have enough nutrients to do either P90X or Insanity. I think you should start off with just doing 30-45 minutes of cardio each day. Nutrisystem should help you shed tons of weight already. Once you are in better shape, you should ditch Nutrisystem, eat more (still eat healthy), and then start either P90X or Insanity.

    5 years ago
  42. Danny said,

    Hi, I did 9 weeks of Insanity… I know it 6 weeks but when I was finished I just stated over again and on some days I even doubled up. On top of that I lifted weights and ran on the olypictial… When I started I was 320lbs after 6 weeks I was down at 260 and then stayed there. It was on my 3rd week of my second cycle that my tore my achilles tendon. Its been taking months for this to heal up! I’ve gained some poundage back and its very upsetting. Up until a few weeks ago I had lost all motivation. But my tendon is doing better and my Doctor told me I cant to Insanity again until I lose more weight. My advise to heavier people is to take it slow, I know it really stinks because you just want to get thin FAST. But thats how you get injured and you more likely than not will… Which leads to being heavier even longer. Now I run on the olyptical or I ride the bike (low impact cardiovascular activities) I don’t lose weight as fast, but I’m not hurting my joints or muscles this way.

    I am thinking about trying P90X. I want an intense workout with little impact on my joints… Do you think this is a good choice, I feel like I can handle anything you throw at me, but right now I need low impact workouts until I’m down to like 220. Right now I am 6’5 280 lbs, I am really strong in the gym, and I can run on the olyptical for over an hour at high resistance without any problems… what do you think? Should I give it a shot?


    5 years ago
  43. Thaya Kareeson said,

    I am very sorry about your achilles tendon. I am glad you are recovering. Before I go on, great advice regarding Insanity. Let me repeat the advice again in case nobody read it:

    My advise to heavier people is to take it slow, I know it really stinks because you just want to get thin FAST. But thats how you get injured and you more likely than not will…

    Danny, I think if you are able to withstand Insanity at 320 lbs for 9 weeks, then you should be able to do P90X at 260 lbs. even after the injury. You should probably be okay with most resistance training routines. Just careful with cardio training routines (i.e. plyo X, cardio X, kenpo X, etc). I would just substitute those days with a regular day at the gym doing low impact cardio (like what you are already doing).

    There will also be some ankle impact here and there throughout the routines, just make sure you either modify the moves or skip them. For example, during the warm-up, I personally find that doing jumping jacks hurt my ankles and feet so I do something else during that time.

    Last, I would just give you the same advice you gave to others: take it slow. The first time you go through a routine, try to get comfortable with each move before trying to intensify it. Be sure to note any pain and back off or modify accordingly. It’s easy to workout with Tony Horton since he really encourages that you work around your issues instead of working through it.

    5 years ago
  44. Kari said,

    Great commentary! I did P90X before my wedding and got into the best shape of my life. It was hard but it worked!! Nine months later…I was feeling out of shape again, especially in comparison to post p90x so in the hopes of not being bored by the same program, i bought insanity. I am in the first week and it in my opinion is much harder than p90x. I don’t necessarily like it as much as i did with p90x but i can see how i will be in shape in 60 days. Thanks for your good insights!!!!

    5 years ago
  45. anthony said,

    Thanks a ton. It is nearly impossible to find an unbiased review of these programs on the web. I really appreciated the fact that you didn’t recommend one over the other; rather, laid out the facts for viewers to discern what will fit best for them. Thanks!

    5 years ago
  46. Thaya Kareeson said,

    @Kari & @anthony, thank you guys both for your kind words. I’m glad you like the article!

    5 years ago
  47. Reenie said,

    This article is GREAT. My husband and I have been debating on which workout to go with and this has definitely helped a lot, thanks!

    5 years ago
  48. Thaya Kareeson said,

    @Reenie, I’m glad that the post helped you guys out!

    5 years ago
  49. Lika said,

    Hi Thaya,
    I am 5’8 and weigh 255 pounds. I have always been big but did a lot of activities when I was younger. I’m in my late twenties now and have gained 70 pounds in 2 years. I am big boned and have huge calves so I do not want to bulk up at all. I would like to lose around 100 pounds. Should I do p90x lean or insanity? I don’t really know anything about the lean edition so please help me out because going to the gym is not getting me the results I would like fast enough. I know I won’t loser 100 pounds by summer but, I would like to lose am majority of the weight by then.

    5 years ago
  50. Thaya Kareeson said,

    I think before anything you should read Danny’s comment a few comments up. He is kind of in the same boat as you are. I think at your current weight, you should just try P90X lean because Insanity is pretty high impact. Wait till you drop to around 200ish pounds then you can start Insanity if you wish.

    The P90X lean edition is just a different workout schedule than the classic schedule. You use the same DVDs, just in a different schedule so that you end up doing more cardio routines than resistance routines.

    If you want to drop weight a bit faster and can tolerate stimulants, you can try checking out the fat burners I mentioned on this post. They helped me drop from 210 to 185 lbs.

    5 years ago
  51. Tim said,

    I’ve been going to the gym since the beginning of the summer. I am 6’1″ and 146 lbs. I weighed 201 lbs at Christmas in 2009. I am wondering what supplements are best for me. I tried Six Star Nutrition creatine but I put on 8 lbs in a month, but I don’t know if that is good for me. Is it? Also what protein supplement(s) should I take. I want to build muscle and lose fat (not much but I want to get a six pack and look buff).

    5 years ago
  52. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Hi Tim,
    Thanks for visiting! I actually have a post: The Best Protein Powder by Fitness Goals that may help you with your goals. I think if you just keep doing P90X and couple it with the protein of choice on the protein article, then you should be set.

    5 years ago
  53. Rami said,

    This is an AWESOME article. I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about Insanity from my friend who’s been doing it for the past 2 months. I’m a 21 year old skinny guy, 6 feet tall and with a bit of a gut. ‘ve been sick from a young age and I’m finally able to be normal as can be so I’ve been trying to workout and make up for all those missed years. I understand that P90X would be the one I should do to gain muscles but as a college student it’s hard to keep the equipment required in a tiny dorm room. I was thinking of doing Insanity and lift weights at the gym. Do you think that’s a good idea? How should I mix weight lifting and Insanity? Do I lifts weights everyday after doing Insanity workout? Thanks!

    5 years ago
  54. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Hi Rami,
    It sounds like if you’re already skinny, you can just do regular cardio and just lift a lot of weights at the gym. There’s no need to put your body through Insanity if you don’t need to burn that much fat. By gaining more muscle, your muscles should be able to help you burn your gut off too.

    5 years ago
  55. Bader said,

    hey Thaya,
    Great read on your article, well written indeed. i was hoping for some feedback on a couple of problems i’ve been having due to injuries in my past. I’ve broken each arm more than twice,dislocated my right sholder and messed up my leg all in the good name of extreme sports (snowboarding,skateboarding,rollerblading) believe it or not all those injuries are not affecting my workout experience what so ever. its my more recent injuries that are slowing me down. i had started p90x roughly a year ago, when i hit my 60th day i went out to watch the world cup (spain vs holland). when spain won i congradulated my over excited cousin with a hug not knowing he would squeeze the sh*t out of me, so i fractured a couple of ribs which put me out of commission for around 2 months, on the day i felt able to hit it again, i decided to play ball with some friends to get up and running again, on that day i tore both sides of ligaments on my right thumb and was in a cast for about 2 months and in recovery more for 3 after that. i started p90x again 3 weeks ago and experienced no problems till now. my ribs get a bit soar but thats not the issue, i get this extreme pain within my right hand, almost like a bone is moving and i instantly loose all ability to hold the dumbbell. i am 23 years old, in good physical condition played soccer throughout my life in leagues, indoor and out-door. weighing in at 83 kg height 5’11. i’m also diabetic type 1 insulin dependent but keep really good care of my blood-sugar levels. what do i do the next time this happens and what can i do to prevent it from happening again?

    would really appreciate feed back. thanks!

    5 years ago
  56. Isaiah Jones said,

    Hey Thaya,

    Just wanted to say that you forums on point! You did a Great job reaching to both sides of the topic, which is where a lot of people would’ve kept repeating THEIR biased opinions throughout. I am still a student of P90X myself and I also alternate it with Capoeira {A Afro-Brazillian martial art}. In my participation with P90X I’ve noticed that its proven benificial to my training in Capoeira b/c in Capoeira immense amounts of time must be put into increasing ones agility/ flexibility/ and especially strength. When I don’t feel like following the normal training routine I switch over to P90X for isolated or multiple bodypart workouts.

    5 years ago
  57. Cameron said,

    Hi Thaya,

    I am approaching 40 and have been pretty stagnant for the last 4 years. I am a thin guy and always have been. I have been on the fence about which workout to get involved with lately. I am 5 11 and weigh 165. Gaining weight and muscle has always been a challenge for me. I suppose the muscle part is due to not knowing fully what I was doing in the gym, however, I did achieve pretty decent results. Anyway, I am faced now with this little bit of midsection flab that I am not digging. I am not looking into getting buff but want to be really cut and lean by summer. My biggest fear is losing weight as I am a skinny guy as it is. Any suggestions on which program to try? You seem to know a lot about both programs and I would appreciate any all advisement. Thanks in advance.

    5 years ago
  58. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Wow, you’ve been through quite a bit haven’t you? It sounds like your right hand still needs rehabilitation. I totally understand how you feel. When you are missing one of your limbs you totally feel disabled. You just have to be patient with your body and try to work around your injury. You might not be able exercise at the same intensity, but it’s still exercise.

    I don’t know too much about how to rehabilitate body parts, but I’d imagine there are experts out there that can help you. Definitely consult a doctor about your hand, it sounds very serious.

    5 years ago
  59. Thaya Kareeson said,

    @Isaiah Jones,
    Thanks for your kind words and sharing your experiences!

    5 years ago
  60. Thaya Kareeson said,

    It sounds like P90X will help you achieve your goal. This is because there is a lot of resistance training in the program. Don’t worry about your midsection flab. You’ll be developing so much of your core muscles that they’ll be burnt off in no time.

    5 years ago
  61. Chase said,

    Hey Thaya, Awesome article, I’ve recently been struggling to decide which program to follow through. I’ve recently decided to join the Army National Guard but decided to try one of these programs to get in shape physically before talking to a recruiter and getting sent to basic. I’m 5 9, around 150, 20 years old and no physical limitations. Any advice to which program I should use?

    5 years ago
  62. Rob said,

    I haven’t tried either one, but have been researching both. I was really turned off to the P90x workout because you have to buy hundreds of dollars worth of additional equipment just to follow the routine. Plus, it’s over an hour for each session. Too expensive and too long.

    I was drawn to Insanity just for the mere fact you don’t have to buy any additional equipment and you can do it anywhere. In addition, it’s shorter and does more cardio.

    Verdict, Both have their pros and cons, but for cost, length of routine, and convenience I picked Insanity.

    5 years ago
  63. carlos said,

    I’m currently 16, 205 lbs and I play football and I’m in prety good shape I started insanity 3 days ago and it is the most difficult thing I have done, it pushes you to the extreme and indeed can make you fatser and quicker however, I’m not sure if I want to continue doing it because I am sort of debating whether or not If I should switch to p90x, can someone help?

    5 years ago
  64. Alexis B said,

    I just started P90X with my boyfriend and my sister. My bf has been wanting to do it for forever and I finally said ill do it with him. but I also have Insanity and he wants to lose weight and gain muscle and I just want to get toned because im already thin I just want to stay healthy but I dont know if i should stick with P90X or switch to insanity.

    5 years ago
  65. Sheri said,

    I am a mother of 3 boys so me and my boyfriend dnt have a lot of time we both want to tone up my big thing is my belly I want to loose it.I weigh 115 but my belly is still there. My boyfriend wants to loose his belly too but his big thing is he wants bigger arms and to tone up. Which one should we do?

    5 years ago
  66. Milo said,

    Well done! It’s very important to know what you’re doing when you’re working to build muscle weight and to understand that one has to combine exercise, nutrients and food in order to succeed. Being lax with one or another will affect your whole bodybuilding process! The food issue is especially important. I try to emphasize to visitors to my site that while eating a lot is key to gaining weight that 1) doesn’t mean you’ll get fat (as long as you’re exercising) but 2) it’s not a license to stuff yourself with junk food. Ultimately it’s the quality rather than the quantity of what you eat that determines whether the weight you put on will be in muscle or fat.

    5 years ago
  67. Mike said,

    It sounds like that I would really like P90X, except that I am too heavy and too weak to do pullups now. How do I handle that?

    5 years ago
  68. Thaya Kareeson said,

    You can use the bands to mimic the pull-up motion!

    5 years ago
  69. david brunner said,

    hi thaya, great article and concise comments and advice. I was considering trying insanity after being on p90 for 10 weeks and your advice made me decide to stay with tony. I’m 55, was 230 and have lost 25 pounds and gone from 38 to 34 inch waist with p90 and have seen dramatic results. i’ve modified p90 a bit in that i’ve stayed with phase one for 4 weeks then recovery week, then back to phase 1…. as you’ve advised, i’m taking it slow and still loving the workouts and routine. when i started i couldn’t do any pull ups and now am up to 3 in each position, thus the reason for not moving on to phase 2 for a bit. What do you think of my modified approach. Should i be moving on ? Thanks in advance for your advice.

    5 years ago
  70. Abby said,

    This is probably going to sound like everyone else, but i thought it would be worth the advice. I am 20 and a baby about a year, and gain quite a bit of weight. I used to be in pretty good shape with sports in high school, and i’m really looking for something to help drop the extra weight i’ve gained and can’t lose, and possibly tone. But i just first want to drop the pounds first. Both are really appealing to me, but not sure with what to go with. I need some advice. Thanks!!!

    5 years ago
  71. Josh said,

    Hey Thaya, in a comment above u stated, “heavier people take it slow.” I’m 6’1 260lbs, 23, and played waterpolo throughout hs as well 1 year ago at jc…but I’m sure your comment still applies to me.

    Anyways, when u say slow, do u mean cutting the workouts shorter? Taking a longer break in-between workouts? Only doing half the workouts? Mixing either or?

    I hope I’m not sounding stupid, I just don’t wanna get hurt…

    5 years ago
  72. Mike M said,

    This is one of the best, unbiased comparisons on the web. Was wondering — have you looked into P90X MC2? Any thoughts? I’m concerned there’s too much equipment. I have done P90X several times and I think that’s the one for me — I just like the burn of lifting weights and growing muscle. Jumping around in my own sweat — not so appealing. Any Insanity fans to set me straight?!

    5 years ago
  73. joe said,

    hmm so witch one is good for me? insanity or p90x? i’m skinny but i can’t gain alot of weight i dont know why, but i want to be fit, i know i wont make it to be a huge body builder but i want a nice shape up where i can take my shirt off and not be skinny, but have a nice tone.

    5 years ago
  74. suveer said,

    hey I have read everyones comments loved them all, I have a belly, I am 209 I have both programs, I need to be 160, wondering what I should do in order to lose that much weight and see my abs for the first time in my life. that is my goal to lose my stomach and see my abs that would be a dream come trough or even be 160 thats good too. well the only thing is time but than again I can always get up early and do cause I know p90x is time consuming. so in order to get in good shape for summer and its right around the corner what should I do? I was thinking of doing insanity and than p90x and keep switching after the x amount of days are done.

    5 years ago
  75. suveer said,

    hey btw I checked out your p90x calender and workoutsheet they are awsome, thats exactly what I needed to commit, the one thing which I liked about insanity is the calender but calender you have made is awsome.

    5 years ago
  76. Sam said,

    Hi, I’m 21 years old, 6’3″ and 175lbs. Being tall and skinny, it can be frustrating trying to put on weight and muscle. I’ve been going to the gym for years, drinking protein shakes and hardly see results. I’m in pretty good shape, but I definitely want to put on weight, mostly in the form of muscle. I think part of the reason why I have trouble at the gym is because I always go alone and tend to lose motivation. Even though I try and go 3 times a week, I don’t have anyone along side me to push me to go harder. I feel like these work out videos are something that would really help me out by having a set fitness plan and basically a trainer by my side. One of my friends is about to do Insanity, and I was seriously considering investing in it, but now after reading reviews like this site, I am starting to look a lot more into P90X. I feel like P90X is not just cardio and actually focuses on weight training. I could really use some helpful advice from anyone on what you think I should do given my body type, situation and goals. I just want to spend my money on something that is actually on point with what I’m looking for. In addition, I don’t want to cancel my gym membership completely. However, I do realize that this program is really going to eat up all of my time that would be available to go to the gym. Anyways, Insanity or P90X?!?!

    5 years ago
  77. Cherie said,

    Hello…I am 5’4″, 210.4 lbs and VERY top heavy (40DDD). My husband is on day 5 of p90 and I am going to start insanity. Any advice is appreciated and I really enjoyed this thread. Looking to get to a fit 150 and do my first 5k running!

    5 years ago
  78. Shoe said,


    Thanks for the great article comparing the two programs. I’m on week 10 of P90X now (on the second time around, though with a long break between), but would like to switch it up a bit. Insanity sounds like a good one to alternate with P90X or to incorporate into the cardio workouts like others have mentioned. It’s nice to see such a direct, concise and insightful comparison between the two programs!

    I too quit smoking using Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking and I’ve now been a non-smoker for 14 years after a twenty year habit!

    5 years ago
  79. natalie said,

    i started insanity yesterday and im super out of shape im about 5’6, 170lbs and i made it almost all the way through but not quite. it was so discouraging. so i was wonder should i just move on to day 2 or just keep doing day one until i make it all the way through. i also m only sore in my thighs and he says through out the dvd feel it in your core but i dont feel anything, so am i doing it wrong?

    5 years ago
  80. Sherrell said,

    I’m a 35 year old mother of three kids. I’m 5’9 and weigh 156 pounds. I would love to get back down to weighing 125-130. My problem areas are my stomach and back. In addition to my problem areas, I would love to tone-up my legs and arms. I still look great in my clothes but I want to look good in my bathing suits as well. I’ve finally reached a point in my life where I’m ready to commit to a workout and diet. Due to my kids schedule and work, I can’t join a gym. A good DVD workout would be ideal for my lifestyle.I’ve watched numerous info-mercials about P90X and the Insanity workout. I’ve also searched the internet for more details about these two workouts. They both seem graet. In your honest opinion: which would be best for me? Or should I consider something completely different? Thanks in advance for y our advice!

    5 years ago
  81. Robin said,

    Hi Thaya

    I am 39 yrs. Weight 172 LB. Big Tummy 39 inches. Strength almost zero.
    1st Want to loose extra tummy.
    2nd want to have more strength
    3rd want to have muscles
    Please suggest

    5 years ago
  82. Anne Finn said,

    Thaya, Great article.. really clear comparison of the two programs. I am doing P90X at the moment and love it even though I wish some of the workouts would be shorter.. it is a great program especially for middle age people as there is not so much crazy bouncing involved (I am 47 myself). However, I am going out of the country for 5 weeks this summer and won’t be able to take my pullup bar or dumpbells with me so I decided to order Insanity to keep me in shape while not at home. I have tried one DVD out of Insanity and it wore me out cardio wise more than any of the P90X DVDs have done in the past, however, it seems that there will be mostly cardio type of exercises and less muscle building and strectching which in my age I feel like are more important. In any case, I am looking forward trying to keep up with the younger people on the Insanity DVDs and I am sure that will build up my selfesteem a whole lot!! It is great to have choices and never be bored with working out. I can see in the future taking the best of both programs and combine them to fit my needs as I get back to long distance running!

    5 years ago
  83. Patrick C. said,

    Ok im 18 years old 6’0 ft and weigh 212. I want to know what exercise would be better for muscle mass and tone. Also i’ve had knee surgery twice so I need some advice P90X or Insanity?

    5 years ago
  84. guitargod01lovesBJJ said,

    thanks for this review!
    im just 5 days from starting my Insanity Workout. i’ve lost 4 lbs already. it’s really insane. im a judo athlete and insanity workout is just worse that what i go through during my judo training.
    although i have all my time because im still a student, i couldnt do P90X because there are lots of other equipments to buy. but as a judoka, id love to lose my fats and gain strong, muscles. i think P90X would be the better choice. but since P90X requires more equipment, i chose insanity workout. my goal for now is to lose my fats. once i finish insanity and lose my fats, hopefully i’ll do P90X.

    thanks a lot again for this review. helped a lot. 🙂

    5 years ago
  85. Will said,

    May 12, 2011. Since nothing is dated, I’ll start off by somewhat dating this post. Since Thaya hasn’t replied in quite a while, I thought I may put some input and advice to people who are looking to lose weight, gain muscles, and the like. My background is that I have tried P90X and I’m near completion of Insanity. My weight prior to any real exercise about 2-3 years ago was well over 300 lbs and I am 5’8″. Currently, I am 27 at 230 lbs. Some injuries I’ve had prior was jumping off a fence totally screwing up both my knees because I landed plantar, and that’s screwed me up for a very long time…A key advice is what was reiterated by Thaya and mentioned by Danny is to take things slow and don’t do anything over your limits as you know your body’s limits the best so no one, not Shaun T nor Tony Horton can tell you otherwise.

    If you’re looking for a program to lose weight, in general, the best program to start off with isn’t necessarily these workout programs either. It is all about a lifestyle change and what that means is your diet. I don’t mean go onto a fad diet or those quick diets to lose weight quick (ie protein, atkins, south beach)…Diet is defined as the foods you intake in your daily life…Once you incorporate diet, portion control, you’ll be on your way to losing weight. I personally would recommend looking into the Abs Diet book, pretty good tips and lots of facts and studies that would educate you more about foods and working out in general.

    So about taking it slow, if you were extremely overweight as I was before (though still am now…), it means not only will you be changing your dietary habits, it will include changing your daily lifestyle. Again, I wouldn’t recommend jumping on any of these programs just yet, because it will hurt, and you will end up getting discouraged, and you know what, you’ll QUIT. With any program, they will only help you as long as you follow them…it will be a regimen that you will be following, and BE very uptight about getting those and not making excuses for yourself. So about taking it slow, I’d recommend hiking or walking, something with lots of low impact, elliptical if you have access is GREAT nearly zero-impact on your joints, and you can get an awesome full body workout if you’re doing it right (skip the treadmills and stairmaster!). And when you feel like you have gotten into enough shape. Then using Thaya’s review, pick the program that’s right for you.

    If you’re not totally interesting in bulking up right away, and want to lose excess weight, and tone down, and don’t have time, the best program is Insanity. Now if you have the time to spare, you want to tone up, bulk up a bit, and yada, then go P90X. Another way of doing it, which you guys can google is actually doing a Hybrid workout which incorporates both P90X and Insanity (something I may take up after I complete my 60 days…1 week to go).

    Do keep this in mind…that the key to really losing a lot of weight and fat in general is not focusing your exercise on that specific location. Cardio is a great way to lose a lot of fat and stuff, but you will also lose lean muscle mass too…which I would say is the drawback to Insanity, but you will lose the fat and you will lose it quick…but in the long run, you want to have lean muscle mass around, so that’s where P90X will help too. By creating the lean muscle mass, the amount of calories you burn per lb of muscle you build is 50 calories or so…and that’s calories burning is fat calories…So in that sense, if you were to picture this…regular cardio you have something called and afterburn of like 1-2 hours I believe after the workout…regular weight training you have an afterburn of 48 hours. Afterburn is defined as the amount of calories your body is still burning after you’ve finished working out…that means to recuperate and repair body parts…

    Other notes, you will hit plateaus, and they will stay stagnant for the longest time…a quick thing in history for me, in one year I went down from over 300 to 240…I hit 1-2 plateaus which took a while to surpass before I started losing again…KEEP IN MIND WEIGHT IS JUST A NUMBER, FAT PERCENTAGE is more IMPORTANT. During your plateaus, you will be losing inches and the like…Anyways…I gained an injury on a hike and from there I regained weight to about 260+…it wasn’t until I’d say the last few months I decided to get back onto of things and make a difference…so…yea…I hit that 240 plateau again, but that was passed thanks to Insanity…So results for everyone will vary and differ pending on dietary habits and stuff and amount of exertion you are willing to give….but try to track your fat percentage more than the scalar weight…if you don’t have the ability to do that, then do the usual measurements of your arms, chest, hip, torso, thighs, and stuff, and you’ll see numbers change =).

    So anyways, I forgot where I was really getting with this, but I think lately, I’ve been quite a health nut. As the saying goes, “You are what you eat” It sure does hold true. Change a couple habits here and there and you’d be on your way to losing weight. Don’t expect everything to change overnight…nor expect for yourself to see the changes (because psychologically we don’t see changes in ourselves, everyone else does, but we’ll deny it…) Keep pushing, as Shaun T says…Dig Deeper… again if you have the money, I’d say invest (keyword INVEST) into both the programs and think about maybe hybrid (best of both worlds).

    Last adage, Your true investment should be in YOURSELF. And all the changes you are doing should be about and for YOURSELF…think of eating healthy now and being healthy now is investing your body for the future and better longevity. To have more energy to enjoy more activities, to worry less about impending illnesses due to Cardiovascular related issues and the like…it may be a small hefty price to pay now…but it will just pay off for you in the future…=) Keep inspiring yourself and others.

    5 years ago
  86. KEN GILBERT said,

    I am 57 years old. I have P90X. I used it 2 years ago and lost 15 pounds. I did not stick to the diet part very well. I’m in pretty good shape except for this ugly bit of belly fat. I have about 1 34 inch waste but I want to see my abs. I’m very interested in the Insanity series. I would still incorporate weight training if I bought it. I do not need to lose weight. I am now about 177-180. I’m 6’1″. Ido not like the look of the flab though around my mid section. If I have to get on some type of food regime, I’ll do it. Can you offer some advice?

    5 years ago
  87. Thaya Kareeson said,

    A couple things:
    1. I’m glad you called out that the comments were not dated. I didn’t even realize this, so I went and added dates to the comments.

    Your experiences are similar to mine and I have been advising highly overweight people to delay the program until they have lost most of the weight by fixing their lifestyle. In case anybody else is reading, there is a fitness test that comes with the programs that you pretty much have to pass before you should attempt any of these programs.

    Thank you again for your super solid contribution and for inspiring the people around you to get/stay healthy!

    5 years ago
  88. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Sorry for the super dated response, but it sounds like the Army will train you to need super endurance and super strength. I recommend doing P90X and supplementing it with lots of cardio (P90X doesn’t give you enough cardio IMHO). Lastly, good luck in basic and thanks for serving our country!

    5 years ago
  89. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Thanks for sharing! It’s great that you found a routine that works for YOU!

    5 years ago
  90. Thaya Kareeson said,

    It depends on your goals (e.g. what position you play in football). If you want to lean down and get faster, then do Insanity (keep in mind that you will lose fat and some muscles too). If you want to bulk up and get stronger then try P90X.

    5 years ago
  91. Thaya Kareeson said,

    @Alexis B
    If you are already thin, you can try P90X. If you are afraid of gaining a lot of bulk, then don’t be. Just remember that it’s quite hard for women to gain muscle bulk without taking lots and lots of bulking supplements. Female bodies work different from male bodies (different amounts of different hormones, etc). So if you’re lifting weights at 10-12 reps per set, you’ll get the lean muscle mass that will help you get toned.

    5 years ago
  92. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Sounds like losing fat is your guys’ number one goal. I’d recommend Insanity as long as you guys have no physical limitations and are in reasonable shape. I’d also recommend that your husband supplement Insanity with good old fashion weight lifting. Biceps, triceps, shoulders, and chest work lifting at 6-8 reps per set (should be exhausted by end of 6-8 rep). Good luck and report back!

    5 years ago
  93. Thaya Kareeson said,

    @David Brunner
    Congratulations on your success and thanks for sharing your results! I think you should just move onto phase 2, make any modifications necessary (you’ll learn as you go), then move onto phase 3 with the same idea. Once you’ve completed all 3 phases, you can restart the whole program again (starting with phase 1) and make it tougher on yourself. Good luck!

    It sounds like you are already kind of a health nut. If you aren’t super overweight then I’d I’d recommend you try Insanity. If you are quite overweight, I’d recommend what Will recommends (few comments North of this commend) and try to shed those pounds through fixing your diet and through low impact exercises first. Once you get to a decent weight and think your body can take the punishment of Insanity, then you can go for it!

    You certainly do not sound stupid because getting hurt is never a smart thing to do. I say take it easy as in, be very aware of any pain you are feeling throughout the workout and backoff if the pain can cause permanent damage. Don’t rush into workouts and make sure your form is always correct before attempting to do things in full speed. Work yourself hard, but not to the point of destroying your joints or tearing a ligament (they are not things to go through).

    @Mike M
    I haven’t looked into P90X MC2, but it does sound awesome! I was getting tired of the same videos over and over again, so I ended up mixing the videos up (hybrid workout). I’m quite excited to hear what P90X MC2 has to offer. I will do a detailed review of it in the coming weeks so please stay posted by subscribing.

    Sounds like you should try P90X and add some bulking protein powders to your diet.

    Congratulations for making the commitment to the programs. I think either one will help you get the abs that you want and I think you are doing the right thing by mixing them up. In addition to the two programs, I also highly recommend that you eat a very healthy diet. Being disciplined at eating a clean diet and doing ample exercises is the only way you can see your abs again.

    5 years ago
  94. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Sounds like you’re in P90X camp to me! It’ll get you bigger than Insanity for sure. I suggest you lift heavy and target 6-8 reps per weight lifting workout. I don’t know which protein powders you were drinking, but have you looked into ones that will help you put on bulk? Regular whey protein helps with recovery and all but it doesn’t help you put on that much bulk.

    The amount of jumping involved in Insanity is going to make it tough for you. Make sure you have a good sports bra (my girlfriend also tells me that she regularly changes her sports bra since they get stretched out quite quickly). Some other advice: please be careful and don’t push yourself to injury. Fix your diet, ease into the workouts, and back off the intensity if you notice bad form or unreasonable pain.

    Congratulations on graduating P90X (almost twice!) and kicking the cigarette butts! I am so proud of you and thanks for sharing your experiences! Good luck on your move towards Insanity (actually you don’t need it since luck has nothing to do with it).

    Don’t get discouraged! You should always do your best and that is always enough! Be patient with your body. Give it the chance to adapt to your needs and it will. As for your questions, the Insanity program is designed for you to do things one day after the other. The goal in most workout programs is to keep activating different muscle groups everyday. It’s not just you, coming from P90X camp, I don’t feel that my abs get worked out enough when I do Insanity (the other lower core muscles do get worked though, e.g. thighs, glutes, lower back, hip flexors, etc.). It’s just one of the minuses of the program. You should just keep on pushing doing as many workouts at whatever intensity you can (don’t push yourself to injury though). Things will get a lot easier the more you do it.

    It sounds like time is a more limiting factor for you than anything else. P90X takes twice as long to do as Insanity so that’s something to consider. Also if you are about 20-30 lbs over your ideal weight that’s the perfect time to start either of these programs. Your legs will get toned from all the plyo you’ll be doing in Insanity, but your arms aren’t going to be worked as much. I recommend supplementing Insanity with some weight lifting if you have access to bands or weights.

    I’d recommend what Will recommends (few comments North of this comment) and try to shed those pounds through fixing your diet and through low impact exercises first before attempting these program. Once you are about 20-30 lbs above your ideal weight, it’ll be the perfect time to start either of these programs to help solidify your gains.

    @Ann Finn
    Congratulations on your success with the programs! You sound like a P90X and Insanity expert yourself. I wouldn’t have to tell you to add additional stretching to your Insanity routines. I just recommend doing extra stretching and even foam rolling afterwards. If you are travelling, I’d recommend bringing the grid foam roller and a lacrosse ball along with you to help you take care of your muscles. For more information on foam rolling check out this post.

    @Patrick C.
    Sounds like P90X is the one for you. You should be careful with routines that involve jumping and lots of strain on the knees (Plyo x, cardio x, legs and back, etc.). Pay attention to what you are doing at all times and don’t push yourself to injury (it’s not worth it).

    Thanks for your kind words and congratulations on your success!! Keep going!

    @Ken Gilbert
    I don’t think Insanity will do much for you. It’ll help you burn a lot of the fat but you’ll probably end up burning off a lot of your hard earned muscles that you built through P90X. It sounds like you’ll have to stick to a food regimen. Unless you have a super high metabolism, there’s no way for you to get to a 6-pack without eating super clean healthy foods. Take a look at the P90X diet (since it came with the program). I would even look into other clean diets like the Dukan Diet. Good luck!

    5 years ago
  95. Crystal said,

    Thanks for all the information! Just wondering which program you would recommend if I want to get in shape for the Ruckus Run (Pittsburgh, July 16–http://runruckus.com/). I recently got P90X and I could easily borrow Insanity from a friend. I know I don’t have a lot of time, but I’ve traditionally been able to push myself hard and get back into shape more quickly than most people even after I’ve been lethargic for awhile. I’m naturally quite muscular & strong for a girl, but I’m currently not in the best shape. I want to be able to kick butt and easily bust through the obstacles for the race (they’re listed on the website). Thanks again!

    5 years ago
  96. Crystal said,

    I forgot to ask if it’s possible to not let the 60-vs-90 day workout element weigh into your suggestion? In other words, would it be possible to skip some workouts of either program in order to fit it in with my time constraints? Again, my thanks.

    5 years ago
  97. Thaya Kareeson said,

    The Rukus Run sounds fun! I’m not sure how long the race is and what kind of obstacles there are. The obstacles will determine what kind of workout you’ll need to do so if you can find out before hand, you’ll know what to do. I took at look at some of the pictures and it looks like you’ll need to strengthen your entire body. It sounds like you should do P90X and supplement it with some distance running depending on how long the course is.

    5 years ago
  98. Lady Luck said,

    Thanks for the amazing comparison between p90 and Insanity. I will be done with my first round of p90 in 1 week and just ordered Insanity today. Although I do enjoy the workouts with p90 and feel a lot stronger, I don’t have the visual results I expected. Don’t get me wrong because I have lost inches and don’t feel as fat in my arms or stomach, but the scale won’t budge. I know that muscle weigh more than fat and blah blah blah, but I need something else. From what I am reading people are making up their own schedules between the 2. I think that I will do the exact Insanity schedule and incorporate random strength training programs 3 days a week so that I can get the Ab Ripper and build muscle. My question for you is in which order would you suggest I do the Insanity and p90 on those days. I can’t remember the rule of which one to do first. Also, I usually like to work out first thing in the morning (sometimes on an empty stomach). Only because if I eat breakfast I like to wait an hour or so to work out and don’t always have the time to wait. Is that ok? Thank you so much for your amazing info.

    5 years ago
  99. Thaya Kareeson said,

    @Lady Luck
    Congratulations on your process on P90X! It’s pretty common that people who do P90X won’t lose as much weight as Insanity (because you’re actually putting on a lot of muscles in the process). Insanity will let you lose a ton of weight but some of that weight can be muscle so you have the right idea with adding strength training to Insanity. There are lots of Insanity & P90X hybrid schedules out there on the internet. This one seems promising.

    About your morning workouts, you should do whatever works for your body. If you can exercise on an empty stomach then more power to you! Typically on an empty stomach your body is starved for nutrients so I’d recommend taking some BCAAs pre-workout to help push you through the exercises.

    5 years ago
  100. Mimi said,

    Hey Thaya,

    I am 148 lbs, 5’4, i am chubby because of 2 pregnancies, and really want to get back in shape, so i can wear bikini again. My biggest problem area is my tummy, and right now I found that I love spinning and yoga.

    I just tested out P90X for the first time, seems really good program, but I think it takes too long and I have weak upper body, so i can’t do full push ups, pull ups etc. So I am thinking I should go for Insanity, although i haven’t tried it, but it also sounds like it won’t solve my problem of toning my tummy. What should I do? I love yoga, so I was thinking to do Insanity and supplement with yoga 2 to 3 times a week when i find time. However, still doesn’t solve the problem with my tummy, maybe i should add core work on my off days on insanity?

    5 years ago
  101. Hannah said,

    Are either of these workouts suitable for beginners, and someone who has poor cardio due to lack of exercise?

    5 years ago
  102. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Your workout program sounds good. Insanity + Yoga should be good enough to give you a good variety of muscle activation, cardio, and flexibility work. About your belly, the only way to get rid of it is to eat a clean diet. Try to follow either the P90X diet or the Insanity diet schedule.

    If you are not super over weight, and can pass the fit test that comes with the programs, then you can tackle it for sure. Otherwise, I’d recommend what Will recommends (few comments north of this comment) and try to shed those pounds through fixing your diet and through low impact exercises first before attempting these program. Once you are about 10-15% above your ideal weight, it’ll be the perfect time to start either of these programs to help solidify your gains.

    5 years ago
  103. Izzy said,

    Hey there, I’m a 19 year old women and I’ve found myself horribly out of shape. I’m currently at 221lbs. I’m 5’8. I’ve been looking for a at home work out routine that I can do myself. Working and going to school leaves me with little time in the day to get things done and that includes exercising the way I would like. When I can I try to make it to the gym, and days that I can’t I walk extra. I’m looking for a program that can help me shed the excess weight that I have and tone up. Most of the weight that I’ve gained is centered in my midsection which is a horrible place for it to settle. No matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to get rid of the belly fat. Even when I was able to hit the gym everyday and I started seeing results, my belly just stayed. For a while I looked like an expecting teen mom with really nice legs. It’s horrible and is really having an effect on my relationship with my boyfriend and my self esteem in general. Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Also, what are your thought on weight loss supplements? Do you think it would be safe it I took something like hydroxycut along with the workout just to boost the results? I’ve already revamped my diet. I’ve been cutting out processed foods, sugary drinks like soda, white bread. I’ve been drinking more water, eating my fruits and vegetables and eating more whole grains.

    5 years ago
  104. William said,

    Hi, I am a 37 year old man who went from 175lbs to 205lbs in the last two years. This happened from lack of exercise (I used to work out 5 days a week) and an unhealthy diet. Laziness basically. I finally have had enough and want to shed the weight. I have changed my diet and and ready to start working out again. I am not looking to really bulk up yet….maybe after I lose the weight I can work on that. Would you recommend P90X or Insanity?

    5 years ago
  105. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Sounds like you are on your way to getting in great shape! If you don’t have any joint issues yet, then I’d say try Insanity. Like others, I’d also recommend adding some strength training into your weekly routine since strength is always a great thing to have. Best of luck on your journey to great health!

    5 years ago
  106. Thaya Kareeson said,

    It sounds like you are doing the right thing and have already made the right choices (regarding cutting out processed foods and sugary drinks). I have also cut out all sugar (I don’t even put sugar in my oatmeal), and eat relatively clean throughout the day.

    About the weight loss pills, if you are reasonably young (which you are) and don’t have any health issues (e.g. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc), it should be pretty safe to take something like hydroxycut to aid fat loss. You have to remember though that weight loss supplements are there to give you a boost in your weight loss and it is NOT a permanent solution. I have personally taken my own stubborn fat burning stack and it helped me get rid of a lot of my gut too. Unfortunately, after I stopped taking the stack I had to re-calibrate my diet again (since I can’t rely on the super high metabolic rate that my body was running at under those pills). So the only warning I have for you is, once you stop taking those pills you’ll have to be mindful of what you eat again and eat much less than (and a lot healthier) than what you were used to when you were taking those pills. Best of luck!

    5 years ago
  107. Mario said,

    i am 6.4 and i want to get toned fast,build muscle and have 6 pack quickly what best workout btw p90x and insanity shld i use?

    5 years ago
  108. Thaya Kareeson said,

    I’d say try P90X and go on a clean diet. You really can’t achieve a 6 pack without eating super healthy. Good luck!

    5 years ago
  109. dietgirl said,

    hii i did insanity about 5 months ago. I lost alot of weight but it was all pure dedictation. when month 2 came I gave up because i saw how hard it got and became discouraged. I have a belly i want to lose 15lbs and have a flat stomach with abs. it sounds so cliche. I was thinking about doing insanity again but then i thought about p90x. Which one would you reccomend for me. I just want to lose 15-20 lbs and have a flat toned stomach and body. If you could help me out that would be awesome 🙂

    5 years ago
  110. Thaya Kareeson said,

    You should stick with Insanity if you don’t need/want the upper body strength. I’d also recommend that you start regulating your diet since that’s usually the only reason why people can’t lose weight belly. Good luck!

    5 years ago
  111. diet girl said,

    I do diet strictly and a lot. when I was doing insanity i did not see to much of results in my stomach with getting toned. i figure muscle training is sometimes what burns fat. I don’t know if i am correct or not. I figured insanity is a lot of cardio and I needed to switch up my routine since the cardio isn’t working. If I do p90x will I lose weight and see more results than insanity? I feel like insanity was extreme dedication and I am willing to do that but I was just re searching more about p90x because I love to switch up my routines and get bored very easily. Thank you in advance for all your help and advice.

    5 years ago
  112. Slimfit said,

    Hey I’m on of those slim guys with a slight gut. I have been trying to bulk up but everytime I do I put on weight around the the mid section. I weigh 160 and would like to weigh around 140. I am not in great shape but I am not in terrible shape either. I hardly do cardio at the gym I usually lift heavy. I was thinking should I use Insanity to lose the gut and slim down but keep going to the gym to lift? What do you think?

    5 years ago
  113. Austin said,

    Hey Thaya! Okay so first of all I’m a 16 year old. So I don’t even know if you’ll suggest that I do any of these in the first place. But I really want to! So I’m kind of in the process of becoming a dancer and dancing is reeeeeally hard and tedious if you’re not in killer shape. I’m not out of shape at all…but I’m not in shape either..haha. That’s why I NEED to do something! And these programs seem like my best option for this summer. My initial thought was to start with insanity because I have low cardio endurance and I thought burning all this fat off first would be smart. Then after do P90x to actually build more muscle. My final goal is to have an evenly muscular and toned body. But I’m sure I’ll get that if I do both eventually in my life and stick to them! But thanks for this comparison! I need help deciding what to do >:/ so any advise would be greatly appreciated!!

    5 years ago
  114. hans said,

    Hi Thaya, if I want to gain weight and build muscle, which program do you think works better, P90X or Insanity?

    5 years ago
  115. Overdrive said,

    I’m 21, 5’1, about 115 pounds. For me, this isn’t so much about losing weight. I want to make sure I stay in shape like I did when I was playing sports in high school. Now that I’ve graduated college, I know I have to work harder to maintain the body I want.

    I started P90X about 10 days ago. I really just wanted to use this as a body shock, so I can get back to the gym and be as efficient as I was a few months ago (mainly with cardio). And in 10 days, I have gone back! I do about 30 minutes on the elliptical (250 cal, 2.00 mi) and 15 mins on the treadmill (85 cal, .75 mi). I also go there because I don’t have equipment to a lot of the workouts (i only have ONE free weight at home, no space for chin-ups/pull-ups). My workout ends up being about 1.5 to 2 hours, which I don’t mind so much FOR NOW because I love the gym and I’m out of school.

    I do sometimes dread a lot of the workouts, but before I know it, they’re done. I am definitely not a fan of Yoga X, I don’t think Tony teaches it well enough for beginners. So I’m basically in a weird position trying to look up at the screen. Nor am I a fan of Cardio X (not as intense as I’d like it). And I think there’s a glitch with the Kenpo X I have at home. So I’m never truly motivated to do that.

    ANYWAY, I have recently started up a blog with a friend of mine. I’m doing P90X classic, and she’s doing Insanity, and we log our results daily. And I’ve been thinking about switching over. I’m just unsure of what to do. I definitely want a nice flat stomach and of course the cardio aspect is a PLUS, but at the same time, I do believe muscle is important to lose calories, and I’m not sure if Insanity focuses on muscle. Fast results would be nice, but I also want to be strong (but NOT bulky). I would like nice upper body strength.

    Would a mix of both be best for me? Or am I doing enough at the gym? CONFUSION!!

    5 years ago
  116. Jonathan said,

    Hey Thaya,

    I am currently 16 years old, weighing 135 at 5’8″. Although I’m skinny, in cardio respects I’m in good shape due to practicing tennis intensively. However, to move up to the next level (plus stop looking so skinny) I’m looking to put on some more weight, and wasn’t exactly sure which program would fit my needs better. Considering I will still be practicing tennis while going through the program, would P90X make more sense to bulk up?

    5 years ago
  117. Tosh said,

    Hey Thaya,

    I’m currently on my fourth week of doing p90x and insanity at the same time. I’m 20 and get to choose my own hours doing swim lessons, so it’s pretty easy for me to do both during the summer. I liked your comparison of both programs and agree with most of what you said. p90x, in my opinion will get you more results than insanity due to the nature of the program – the workouts are longer, [many are] just as intense, and work on stretching, warm up, and cooldown, which is VERY important to increasing strength and flexibility….not to mention reducing injury.

    Insanity is great for increasing endurance and cardio fitness, though I would NOT solely rely on it for building muscle. It will get you toned, but not bulky – you will mostly likely lose a lot of fat and gain a little bit of muscle.

    My daily schedule usually consists of insanity in the mornings and p90x either at night or late afternoons. It takes up a lot of time each day, but it’s probably the best cross-training method out there for ANY sport. I’m a D1 swimmer, and don’t even both swimming in the off season (it takes too much of a toll on the body, too repetitive) – I just do either insanity or p90x, and consistently do much better than my teammates who swim all year round.

    Anyways, if anyone is looking to do BOTH and the SAME TIME ……… do it! It’s worth and it will get you amazing results if you fuel your body, stretch a lot, and focus on form to prevent injury. I would also only recommend doing both at the same time if you are already in good shape.

    5 years ago
  118. fabian said,

    Hi. I’m another 235 lbs. And been doing insanity for about 3wks about to starrt the last week of month one and seem results (: but I also wanna get muscle on my chest and arms I’ve been lifting weights after insanity to and been taking protein shakes after I do insanity do you think its good to take protein shakes after those insanity workouts? I wanna loose weight and gain muscle

    5 years ago
  119. Thaya Kareeson said,

    What is your diet like? Muscles do account for something like ~20% of your metabolism, so if you train to gain more muscles overall, it can help you burn fat throughout the day. Try to get your body to be strong overall (train all muscles) instead of focusing on just one area. I recommend that you do check out P90X, I consider it a pretty good full body workout program. Also be sure to sleep-well and stay stress-free (cortisol is a stress hormone that triggers fat storage in the belly area).

    I think you have the right idea. The problem with Insanity is that you’ll end up losing quite a bit of upper-body muscles. I highly recommend supplementing it with heavy weight lifting (that you are already doing). Also be sure to watch what you eat, sleep enough, and stay stress-free (cortisol gives you belly fat).

    I think you have the right idea (Insanity first then P90X). If you can check out both programs then I’d highly recommend it. Best of luck!


    From my personal experience, I find that after P90X I got out of shape a lot slower than after Insanity. I totally feel you about Yoga X and Cardio X (I usually replace Cardio X with Plyo X). I’ve gotten better at Yoga, so I don’t mind Yoga X as much. I also hate Kenpo X too (as you can see in my post). Ideally, I suggest that you do a hybrid of the two programs (replace the P90X exercises that you don’t like with Insanity exercises). There are plenty of schedules out there on the internet but I’m sure you can come up with your own that would work best for your body. P.S., P90X probably won’t get you bulky unless you start lifting crazy heavy weights at super low reps (3-5 reps per set). Congrats on getting back into it!

    P90X sounds like the one for you. Be sure to do 6-9 reps when doing those weight lifting exercises (using heavy weights so you can struggle to lift the 9th rep). Also make sure you take adequate protein for bulking. See: Best Protein Powder Guide by Fitness Goals

    Thanks for sharing your great insights! Also, congratulations on establishing your resolve and excelling against your teammates!

    Congratulations on your success! It’s definitely good to take protein shakes after intense workouts like Insanity. Since you are lifting after Insanity, be sure to stay focused on your form so that you don’t hurt yourself while lifting (I tend to get woozy after completing an Insanity workout). You are doing everything right to lose weight and gain muscle. Keep it up!

    5 years ago
  120. dietgirl said,

    Thanks again for the advice… Just one more question .. I notice some of these hybrid work outs are different weeks like p90x one week then insanity the other week. what if you make your own schedule and mix up the workouts. Twice a day one from p90x and one from insanity?… Is there a reason why the hybrid work outs dont make you do two in one day or do they think you just cant handle it?. I was thinking about doing 2 in one day or even one day insanity one day p90x but I am not sure if there is a method to the order they put them in.. thank you in advance once again

    5 years ago
  121. Toonetime said,

    Hi. I weigh roughly 165lbs, and am 5’10”. I recently gained weight because of a grade 3 ankle sprain I got playing volleyball 5 1/2 weeks ago. I just tried jumping and some other stuff to see how my ankle held up, and it did pretty well. I’m interested in doing Insanity with my dad, but am not sure if I should because of the ankle. I will be leaving the state, and maybe the country in October-ish, and will be traveling every several weeks for 2 years. I’m wondering if Insanity would be the better option versus P90X because I won’t have much room to keep the equipment it seems to require.

    5 years ago
  122. Thaya Kareeson said,

    I’m not too fond of doing one week P90X and one week Insanity. Ideally, I’d rather do all P90X resistance training exercises and substitute P90X non-resistance training days with Insanity exercises. For example, I’d substitute Plyo X, Cardio X, Kenpo X with Insanity routines.

    I’m pretty sure that the hybrid workouts do not recommend that you do two in one day since they don’t think most people’s body can handle it. Previously I’ve done morning runs and P90X at night and it took quite a toll on my body. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you really take care of your body (stretch, do foam rolling, get enough good nutrients into your body).

    In terms of coming up with your own routine, just try to structure the programs so that you don’t workout the same muscle groups day after day.

    I wouldn’t recommend Insanity for your ankles (at least this early in your recover). I’d find other ways to workout while you’re traveling. You really only need resistance bands and a yoga mat to start doing P90X. They shouldn’t be too hard to bring that around on your travels. Also note that some P90X exercises also requires some jumping (especially Plyo X), so be careful, pace yourself, and make adjustments to the routine as necessary.

    5 years ago
  123. Heather said,

    This is an AMAZING article. I started P90X June 15, 2010, after having my 3rd child. Since then I’ve lost a little over 100lbs.(274lbs May 20, 2010) Not ALL because of P90X, but it does have a great deal to do with it. I did the entire 90 day program, modified at first and gradually I got most of the moves down without a problem. (A year later, and I still can’t do them all though)I lost around 50lbs by keeping my diet in check and sticking with the routine for the first 90 days. In November of 2010 I just started doing my own little schedule, 5 days a week, basically switching up the workouts depending on what kind of a mood I was in. I added 30 minutes of cardio at night on my elliptical in February.By May of 2011, I weighed in at 170lbs, and here I’m stuck. I have to admit as great of results that I’ve had, and as much as I DO love Tony and these workouts, I’m getting a bit bored. Was thinking of starting Insanity, but dang…Just watching the infomercials almost gives me a heart attack! Since I’m currently in a plateau (not the first) I was looking at switching things up a little bit. Do you think Insanity would help get over this stagnate hump that I’m riding?

    5 years ago
  124. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Wow! Congratulations on your success and dedication! You should hang tight and stick to what you’re doing (staying active and eating clean. Tony Horten will also be coming out with P90X:MC2 later this year and I highly recommend that for you. I wouldn’t tackle Insanity yet though because I think it will burn off too much of your muscles and you need them to help you lose more fat.

    5 years ago
  125. Nick said,


    How did you put the dvd’s on your iPod? I’d like to do the same.

    5 years ago
  126. Thaya Kareeson said,

    I used Videora free ipod video converter

    5 years ago
  127. Grace73 said,

    Hey Thaya,is videora compatible with mac? That will be a great idea to convert all ur file and put it on the go system!

    5 years ago
  128. Charlie said,

    Thanks for the write up, I am starting P90X lean version on 1st July and I can’t wait. I was wondering if you had the calendar for this? The one for the classic looks really useful.

    5 years ago
  129. Carolyn said,

    Hey Thaya,

    I am 21 years old and have been an athlete all my life. I recently finished my collegiate athletic career as a swimmer. I had to get epidural spinal injections to finish the season. I have some lower back issues, including a herniated disc at my L5S1. I am told I need to be in good shape the rest of my life but of course without compromising my back. Now that my athletic career is over, I need to find a new way to stay in shape. I am looking for some variety and to stay out of the pool for a while. I am trying to find a workout program that fits my needs. I want to be in good cardio shape and have lean muscle, and most of all a strong core.

    Any suggestions?

    5 years ago
  130. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Looks like it’s available for mac.

    Not with me, but you should be able to find a ton on the Internet.

    You should check out P90X. Insanity is way too much jumping for your back and also I personally don’t feel my core being worked as much as P90X. Tony’s style of “do your best and forget the rest” will suit you more too since you don’t want to compromise you back. Last words for you are, “take it slow when you start off and watch your back at all times.”

    5 years ago
  131. Naira said,

    Thanks for the insight. I’m still torn.

    I’m 5’2 115lbs 17% body fat. I LOVE boxing, which is my form of workout but it has been absolutely crazy this year at work so I haven’t been able to go to my gym (that I loooove) as much – the hours do not particularly work with my crazy schedule right now. So I am considering on P90X or Insanity in the mean time.

    I do not want to lose weight… satisfied with where I’m at, although I am losing definition in my abs. My arms are pretty toned from boxing but I can imagine they’ll begin to lose that since I haven’t been working out. My main goals would be to remain the same weight, gain endurance, increase ab definition, toned muscles (definitely do not want to bulk up… still like the girly softness lol). Somewhat important are workouts that I can go in the mornings before work, the shorter the better.

    I do have to mentioned… my eating habits are very bad. I do not eat as often as I should and also, I have a very sweet tooth and sometimes eat desserts in place of meals. I am working on that but it’s definitely been a challenge.

    I’m leaning towards Insanity but I do not want to go all crazy with that if I do not need it. I would appreciate your expert opinion.


    5 years ago
  132. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Congrats on your great physique! With the time limitation, it sounds like Insanity will work better for you. P90X requires about 1.5 hours out of your day everyday. I think Insanity will also get you the definition you want. Also if you can keep up with you bad eating habits and still stay in shape then why not? :).

    5 years ago
  133. Naira said,

    Thanks so much for your response. Looks like Insanity it is… hopefully I will survive.

    I promise to work on those eating habits… lol

    Thanks again… and will definitely be back.

    5 years ago
  134. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Good luck!

    5 years ago
  135. Ace said,

    Hi Thaya,

    Like a lot of folks, I am torn between these 2 programmes. Was planning on doing P90x this summer, but a mate challenged me to Insanity instead. I did some research on Insanity, but some people say the cardio is so intense that it burns off both muscle and fat, and I think p90x is a little too time consuming.

    I won’t claim to be in the best shape of my life, but I have a job that involves a lot of pushing and pulling of heavy stuff and also walking an average of 7miles a day. I am 6 ft 1 inch, I weigh about 87kg.

    I want to get muscle definition and banish my gut.

    What would you advise?

    Many thanks, mate.

    5 years ago
  136. Someguy said,

    How does INSANITY have little focus on stretching? 6.5 minutes at the beginning and 4 at the end? The warm up is meant to get your heart rate up so you can burn calories and your body will truly be warmed up and ready to DIG DEEPER.

    5 years ago
  137. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Sorry, I had to censor your profanity, but still left the core of your comment the same.

    Have you tried P90X? Compared to P90X, Insanity has little focus on stretching. You spend at least 15 minutes in each P90X workout lightly warming up and stretching. Also there’s an entire P90X DVD dedicated to stretching (Stretch X – 1 hour long).

    A few things I would change about Insanity:
    1. I’d rather see the Insanity routines extended to 45 minutes of actual workout time and at least 15 minutes of stretching.
    2. I’d prefer that the stretches focus on the different parts of your body that you will be working in that day’s routine. Right now, the stretched are mostly the same for every single workout.
    3. Insanity needs better stretch/warmup routines. (for example: the contract relax stuff where you’re rolling your back up and down really doesn’t work for anybody).

    5 years ago
  138. grace said,

    I agree with u Thaya big time about ur comment between insanity and p90x….. I did insanity and everyday u do different dvd’s but hey all warm ups and stretches are the same! I look forward to do p90x… I need suggestion though,a friend of mine gave me copy of p90x and its missing 6,7 and 8 dvd,is there anything in insanity that I can subtitute those workout with?Thank you in advance!

    5 years ago
  139. SickOfBeingFat&Lazy said,

    I don’t totally agree that dieting while doing Insanity is bad, but I’m not a pro so I could just be blowing smoke out my… Obviously if you are doing Insanity at your max, then you need to build up on the nutrients, but if your smart about it, its no different than a heavy cardio workout.

    I am 5’11” @ 220 lbs and doing a medium-heavy protein diet, between 1600-1800 calories a day, and doing Insanity @ 60-70% effort while taking multivitamins. I drink close to, if not more than, 2 gallons of water a day and have more energy than I’ve ever had. I also try to do 200 push-ups a day, 20-30 every hour through out the day, to keep the upper body strength.

    Just because there are no “modified moves” it doesn’t mean you can’t make it work for you. Just as TH says in P90X, “Do your best, and forget the rest”, this motto can be applied to any workout as you can always modify the workout to suit your current fitness level and just up the intensity as you get more fit.

    I did the P90X for 3 weeks and started to see “real results”, now where that would motivate most to continue on, I would just stop. I did the same with Insanity, got half way through week 3 and skipped a day and never went back to it.

    This time around I have my mind in the right place and have a 70 inch TV as a prize waiting for me when I finish. My goal is to get to 150-160.

    I am finishing up week 2 and have lost close to 13 lbs.

    just because you can’t give it your all out the gate, shouldn’t be your reason not to do it, just be smart about it!!

    5 years ago
  140. Brian said,

    Hi Thaya, I am at a state of my life where if I do not start to get fit it could end up being a short life. I have always been an active sportsman from a younger age but as I got older and with injuries, I have really let myself go. I am 45 and weighing just under 310lbs (6’2″ tall) and currently recovering from knee sugery (a year today). Although the surgery was successful, my cartilages in my right knee are very worn (lots of contact sports and overweight) … ACL reconstruction in same knee 14 yrs ago. I keep hearing and seeing adverts for both P90x & Insanity but am not sure if I should start one or the other. I am also doing the Dukan diet (first steps to getting back in shape). Please can you advise or recommend what workouts I could start. Thanks in advance for advice and listening.

    5 years ago
  141. Corrinna said,

    Hello Thaya,

    Thank you for your camparison. I’ve been looking at Insanity and feel like it may be better for me to lose weight. I did P90X about a year ago, the Cardio version, and the whole thing didn’t seem to really “push” me as much as I expected. I did the Cardio, because I needed to lose about 20-30 lbs and the Classic didn’t seem to work for that (not to mention I couldn’t do a single pull-up with the bar). Anyway, I did the eating plan exactly as it outlined for me and did not see a single result in weight loss. I honestly think that if I did P90X again, based on my own version of eating right, I could lose weight. However, I think Insanity my “fix” that for me. I’m not ready to spend the money yet, but when I am, I think I will have to give it a try.


    5 years ago
  142. Sumeet said,

    Hey Thaya,

    It’s really nice to see a comparison. I used to be really skinny, but after College I reached a high of 222 pounds at 5’11. Now, 4 weeks graduated I decided to push myself and clean my diet. I have, rarely drinking any soda as well! I now weight 213-215 pounds (as you know it fluctuates.) I am going to start going to a gym, but for now should I do p90x or insanity? I want to lose weight but I also want to gain/keep muscle. I know it’s sort of hard to do, so I’d like to primarily lose weight and have/gain SOME muscle – focusing on getting A LOT of muscle after I lose the weight. Do you have any advice/tips on what I should – especially relating to the programs?


    5 years ago
  143. Stephanie said,

    Which one would you recommend for a young woman post pregnancy? I guess I’d need to start out with a less high impact workout while my body gets back to normal. Would P90X be better for me than insanity? I don’t want to “bulk up” just lose the baby weight.

    5 years ago
  144. Thaya Kareeson said,

    I think you can handle the Insanity burn since your job does require you to do a lot of pulling and pushing. If it’s not enough of an upperbody workout to do to work, I’d supplement some upperbody workouts to make sure you don’t lose those glamorous upperbody muscles.

    So you’re missing Kenpo X, Stretch X, and Core Synergistics? I don’t think you can find an equivalent workout for these in the Insanity DVD stack. Personally, I think Kenpo X is a lame workout. You can replace that with a Turbo kickboxing class at a local gym or Tae-bo if you want (but I would trade that for any other Insanity workout). For Stretch X, I would look into some of the stuff on mobilityWOD (great site) and learn some nice muscle recovery and mobility techniques. Core Synergistics is a tough one. I don’t think there are any other workouts like it since it pulls from a variety of different workouts. I’d say it’s a cross between a P90X Chest & Back and Plyo X.

    Congratulations on your resolve and thanks for sharing your experiences and insights! Just a clarification about dieting while doing Insanity, I completely agree with you. I was assuming that if anybody is going to attempt Insanity, they will be working at their max (thus requiring good nutrition). Good nutrition in my opinion is enough nutrients to rebuild and get you ready for the next beating. I’m glad that you got it to work for you though!!

    Congrats on making the tough decision and following through with it. I think you following the Dukan Diet is a great start. I also think you need to ease into your exercise routine before you start anything like P90X or Insanity. Ideally, you should not weigh more than 10% of your body weight (and have no injuries) before you attempt something like either of these programs (because all of the punishing you will be doing to your body). I would stick to low impact cardio exercises at the gym and also weight lifting to strengthen that body. Slow and steady wins the race!

    Congrats on completing P90X Cardio! I think you should try P90X with your own diet. It seems like you already know what you’re doing in terms of nutrition so why not try that first?

    If you want muscles, you should go with P90X. Some simple truths I’ve found throughout the years:
    1. You get to decide to gain/lose weight depending on how many calories you intake.
    2. When eating less to lose weight, you get to decide to lose muscle or lose fat depending on how much you exercise.
    3. When eating a lot to gain weight, you get to decide to gain muscle or fat depending on how much you exercise.
    So you should really look into your diet as a first step.

    Both P90X and Insanity really shock your body. I recommend just easing into things by hitting the gym and get your body back to normal first. Once you feel like you are back in the groove of things you might want to revisit Insanity. Good luck!

    5 years ago
  145. Kevin said,

    First off, thanks for being such a great and responsive resource. That’s fantastic. I just purchased Insanity and am waiting for it to come in the mail. I was curious if it’s detrimental to do the Insanity workouts in the morning and do a weight resistance training sessions in the evening. Do you feel like that’s too much for the body without appropriate recovery time?

    5 years ago
  146. b said,

    I want to lose 10-15lbs, i’m 5’1″ and currently 122lbs. it’s more on toning and losing the ‘flabs’ or say love handles as they call it 🙂 … but like many others, i’m torn betweetn insanity and p90x. i don’t mind the challenge but i haven’t been to the gym for a while. i was also thinking of combining both. since a lot of the comments state that insanity doesn’t have a lot of stretching, would it be good to do insanity and then add in p90x’s yoga or any one of those downtime work outs?

    5 years ago
  147. Matthew said,

    Thanks for the post,
    I’m a little over weight, 5’10 and 215lbs but in decent shape arms and legs wise. Just would like to lose some pounds and tone my mid section/abs. I’m pretty active, and work a physically demanding third shift job and I’m looking for something to do after work, before bed, so i’m leaning towards the insanity because of the shorter times, and not needing equipment. And I just can’t find the time to drive all the way to the gym and back. any suggestions?

    5 years ago
  148. Ace said,

    Thanks for your advice, Thaya.

    Upperbody exercices like pull-ups and push-ups, right? Any recommendations? I have been told that pullups give you a well-defined V-shape and defined arms. Do I just go straight at it, or do you have any recommendations on doing them consistently for best results?

    Many thanks, again.


    5 years ago
  149. Thaya Kareeson said,

    It really depends on what you will be working out. If you are doing primarily upperbody workouts in the evening, I think you should be okay. The key is to have enough time for recovery on all of your muscles.

    That sounds like a good plan (Insanity + Yoga). Actually, it sounds like any of these programs will work for you. It’s just a matter of preference (what you like more).

    Because of your physically demanding job and also time constraint, it sounds like Insanity is the right one for you.

    Upperbody exercises I like:

    You should just go straight for it and make up your own routine. As long as you make sure you tire yourself out, you should be set.

    5 years ago
  150. Wes said,

    Im 6’1, 165 lbs, and 24 years old. I was in a funk where I would just come home from work every day, sit around and eat junk. I got tired of being lazy so I was inspired when I saw an infomercial for Insanity and decided that this was the change I needed so I purchased the program. I’ve played sports all my life but I’ve always been thin, no matter what or how much I ate and always wanted to bulk up. Im only on day 5, and wow that workout kicks my butt. My skinny legs are burning all day after the plyo’s, but it’s challenging and addictive and I tell myself that pain is only weakness leaving the body. Even though I concider myself to be in moderate shape, I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with the intense pace but I think that will improve over time as my strength and endurance increase. My question to you is what type of diet should I be following? I’d prefer to gain weight if possible. In hindsight I should’ve went with the P90X, but I think that if I can complete the 60 day workout I should have a solid core and possibly graduate to the P90X.

    5 years ago
  151. chana said,


    5 years ago
  152. Alex said,

    Hi I’m an 18 year old male recovery from bilateral inguinal hernia surgery. I’m 5’7, 145 lbs and trying to gain about 10lbs of muscle. I have been in good shape my whole life but looking to get back in the routine. I dont want to place too much stress on my lower abs atleast to start. Which do you recommend, if either? Thanks for the insightful comparison!!

    5 years ago
  153. Lilly said,

    Hi thanks for this very helpful post But I have a question am still confused as to which one is best for me Px90 or insanity workout I had 4 kids but I am very petite and thin I am 5foot2, 115lbs I do not want to lose any more weight I just want to tone up and tighten up I am also a diabetic which is why I am so thin even after 4 kids which system would you recommend for me best??

    5 years ago
  154. jmccarley1 said,

    Hi this is a great article I have been looking into P90X or Insanity for some time now but have never been able to choose which one I want. I am 27 6’2 185lbs. and always been skinny but in good shape and i just want to get muscle definition instead of being skin and bones. I live in apartment on the 2nd floor so i don’t know which one to get where I wont disturb the people that live below me because I see a lot of jumping in both of them on the infomercials. Im an avid golfer so I don’t want to get huge just ripped where I can still swing a golf club easy. If u have any insight which one would be better please let me know. I would appreciate it very much.

    5 years ago
  155. Josh1531 said,

    Hey everybody, so im on day 61 of insanity. I would say the hardest part is motivating yourself to do it but if you find a friend to do it with it makes the process much easier. I started at 145lbs and i am now 130, this program is for weight loss and toning your body. I REPEAT: LOSING WEIGHT AND TONAGE, not gaining muscle. It is one of the greatest programs invented and I recommend it to anyone who wants to cut pounds quick (with maximum effort). Another big thing is eating healthy. Whether you do insanity or p90x you gotta eat healthy and thats what a lot of people seem to forget. Now Thaya, I really want to gain back some weight (muscle). Do you think I should do P90x or just weights and continue on with insanity? Thanks so much and good job on this article!!

    5 years ago
  156. Daniel said,

    Im very interested in both of these programs but im really just not too sure which one is right for me. I’m currently about 170 and 5″7 and i wanna get down to about 150, but then gain muscle back up to get bigger. So i’m just wondering which program would be more beneficial to be and achieving my goal?

    Also i wanna do this program with my dad he is 51, he thinks insanity would be too hard for him but in my opinion i think P90x would be harder considering he goes out of town multiple times a month. What would you recommend Thaya?

    5 years ago
  157. chris said,

    Hey, great advice so far. I’m in pretty good shape because I played sports throughout high school, and I’ve continued to go the gym while in college. I’m pretty strong in my chest, back, biceps, shoulders, and legs area but I’m unhappy with my abs. Different variations of situps aren’t getting it done because I don’t get enough cardio in (besides the occasional pickup basketball game), and can’t burn the necessary fat off my stomach. I also can’t run long distances because I get shin splints, so I figured one of these programs would help. Which do you recommend if I want to solely focus on abs and cardio? Also, do you think I would have enough energy to continue going to the gym at night after doing one of these programs in the morning?

    5 years ago
  158. Joey said,

    Hey, great advice on both programs, but I’m still a little confused on which one would be best for me. I am a female, currently 227 lbs and have been going to the gym for 2 months now (lost weight but I feel like I need more). It’s easier for me to hit the gym heavy during the summer but as soon as classes start back up (which is like Aug 22) I will only be able to go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week. I want something that I can do, as well with my gym schedule that will help me burn fat. My goal is to lose 52 lbs by December. What would you recommend?

    5 years ago
  159. Joey said,

    Also, I’m 19 years old – just in case age is a factor in these workout choices.

    5 years ago
  160. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Congratulations on your new commitment! Remember to always understand the difference between good pain and bad pain. Don’t push yourself too hard because you may injure yourself and your gains will stop way before it starts. In terms of diet, I recommend eating a low fat whole foods diet where all your foods are either grilled, baked or steamed. I’d just abolish all sugars and go for lean meats (preferably grilled), lots of veggies (preferably steamed, boiled, or baked), and complex starches like sweet potatoes/yam/quinoa/oats. Good luck!

    I recommend Insanity if you are in reasonably decent health.

    I don’t think any of these programs are intended for people who are just recovering from an injury. I’d say that you should stick with going to the gym and working out at your own pace for a while until you get your body in a healthy state before attempting these insane programs.

    I recommend P90X. It’s really hard for women to get bulky without taking a ton of supplements, so you don’t have to worry about that. I’m not sure what kind of diabetes you have but Insanity burns way too many calories way too fast, so I’m not sure if it’ll be good for you. When attempting this stuff, always be mindful of your own special diabetic needs.

    P90X is the one for you. The only routine that involve jumping the entire time is Plyometric. You can substitute that one with Cardio X if you want to not jump all over your neighbor’s ceiling. I don’t play golf but I imagine that you’ll still need to retain a lot of flexibility and I think Yoga X will help you with that. Good luck!

    Thanks for sharing your great insight! I recommend that if you can handle Insanity and you have access to weights, you should stick with it and add weight lifting (so you don’t have to spend extra $ on another program). Also, I recommend you do weight lifting before your Insanity workout since you will definitely have bad lifting form if you lift after Insanity.

    Insanity is extremely tough on the joints. I wouldn’t recommend it for older people. Your dad can always bring resistance bands for when he leaves town (that’s the bare minimum). He might not work out as effective as when he has all his gear, but some exercise is better than no exercise. As for you, I recommend P90X for you too. You do lose some weight with P90X (through losing a lot of fat and gaining a lot of muscle).

    Abs are made in the kitchen :). If you are already in pretty good shape, I don’t even think you need any of these programs to help you get to your goal. You don’t need too much cardio either because it eats into your muscles and can get you weaker. Just make sure you tweak your diet and I think you should be golden. Think lean and mean (e.g. grilled chicken breast and sweet potatoes).

    I don’t think you can commit to either of these programs if you can only workout 2-3 times per week. I recommend looking into either the Dukan diet or the lean gains diet (that’s what I’m on right now). Also losing 52 lbs by December is a lot of weight. Is there something you need to lose that much weight for? I think you’ll do your body a better service by be dropping only about 1 lb per week.

    5 years ago
  161. Joey said,

    There is nothing particularly that I need to lose weight for, I just made a personal goal to get down to 180 by December, but I guess 30 lbs is more realistic. To clarify – I meant I can only make it to the gym 2-3 times a week, that’s why I wanted something else I could do at home daily.

    5 years ago
  162. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Insanity will help you burn fat faster and it’s easier to work into your schedule because it is only 45 minutes long. That said, I’m not sure if you can handle the high impact nature of the program. Ideally, Insanity works best for people who are something like 10% over their ideal weight. You should check out P90X Lean schedule since it’ll help you lose more fat than gain muscle.

    5 years ago
  163. Blair said,

    Hello Thaya i lost my job in Feb of this year and although depressed i thought what better time than now to lose some of my weight. I am currently at 190
    5’6 tall female. I watched my carbs as well as my calorie intake i was on my treadmill everyday for 45 minutes to an hour and also did a 30 minute biggest loser workout tape. I did this for 90 days and only lost 13 pounds!! And that was in the first 6 weeks. Im not sure what i did wrong but i am highly motivated and want to lose jusdt dont know what i did wrong. I have a friend who is allowing me to try the p90x because she said she had the same issues but hs thsi for someone thats already in shape and just want to tone? I know i could not do a chin up/pull up right now! LOL and is there a differant version for women? Any advise?

    5 years ago
  164. Will said,

    @Blair Since you lost 13 lbs in 6 weeks, that’s actually nearly healthy weight loss…

    you averaged like 2 lbs a week! To be losing weight healthily, is to lose an average of 1-2 lbs a week. Just keep it up! Sounds like you’re doing fine..if you plateau out and not lose weight anymore…then try a different program.

    5 years ago
  165. Jamie said,

    Hey Thaya,

    Thanks for using my Bicep P90X Photo on your page. I hope you will at least give me a back-link.

    You like my guns? 🙂


    5 years ago
  166. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Definitely nice guns! Linked back and properly attributed!

    5 years ago
  167. JB said,

    hey man I work out pretty regularly and i am a pretty strong guy. I would like to shed some pounds fast i am currently @ 250lbs but would like to think i am still in shape ha. i havent done much cardio before but i would like to drop 25lbs to 35lbs and be more tone but not lose all the mass i have acquired over the years either. i would like to to insanity and still lift but from what all i am reading doesnt look like many people are joining the two what is your opinion?

    5 years ago
  168. chrisbell said,

    Was wondering what we would do if we have been doing insanity for two weeks and have to travel for 4 days without accessability to the workout.

    5 years ago
  169. Ryan said,

    I am an avid CrossFit member, and am not planning to drop it. Still, I’d like to have something to do either on days I can’t make it to CrossFit, or something to get me up and moving in the AM for two-a-days. Both P90X and Insanity seem like great programs, but which would work best as a supplement? I would go running, but it’s so hot and involves me getting dressed, etc. Looking for something I can roll out of bed and do to wake up. Thanks!

    5 years ago
  170. Kalisha said,

    My friend and I began Insanity last Sunday and have been toughing our way through it. I am 5’10” and 264 lbs (lost 4 lbs since we began). I carry most of my weight in my lower body, so my proportion doesn’t give me the “fat” look (measurements: Waist-37 Hips-51). I’m pretty athletic for my weight, but still extremely out of shape. I also have a slight blood pressure problem since I gained so much weight in the past 3 years (college). My friend is about 5’3″ 200 lbs. She simply wants to get rid of her “rolls” and lumpy legs. Her weight is mainly above the waist. While my friend and I know that we are much heavier than the people in the video, we take it by stride. We honestly “Dig deeper” every day. This may not be the perfect way to do it, but because we know we have farther to go, we go at a pace thart we can handle an pick it up as we can and Shaun T. kicks it up a notch. We also break when we know we have gone too hard. There is no harm in taking a breather for 10 to 15 seconds during a workout to catch yourself and get back into the workout. Daily, we notice that we need breaks less and less. I have already lost 3 inches off of my waist and 2 off of my hips. We know that regardless of whether or not we do exactly as they do and as hard as they go, we will be better off than we were before. I look forward to be more toned and more in shape. I was worried about my physical stamina and heartrate making me feel “near death”, but all it took was for me to learn how to breath through the workouts. I become so much more proud of myself everyday when I complete workouts. The key is being willing to keep going as Shaun T. asks you to and to go harder every time to make progress. If you are overweight ASK A DOCTOR, but keep in mind that you have to be willing to put in the work if you are medically able to do it. Hope this helps anyone who may be discouraged or in doubt of them selves….We’re doing and you can too!!!

    5 years ago
  171. Boyd said,

    Hey Thaya!

    Right now, I am 6’0, 190. I’m naturally athletic and am entering my senior year of football in high school. After football is over, I want to get myself cut up. I lift a lot in the weight room right now, I bench 305 and I have a lot of bulk, but I also have fat on me, mainly my stomach and waist. My back shoulders and chest are muscular, but I want to get the previously mentioned parts muscular. Should I look for cardio to get the fat off my stomach and waist? I’m leaning more towards Insanity but was wondering your opinion. Thanks

    5 years ago
  172. Jessica said,

    Hi everyone! This is an excellent article. Having done both programs myself, I thought I’d throw in my two cents. I and a female in my late 20’s, 5’6 starting around 120 lbs. I did p90x first. Through the course of 90 days, I gained 15 lbs but LOST inches. I went from being able to do about 15 pushups and no unassisted pull-ups to 40-50 pushups and 10 unassisted pull-ups (without stopping). My upper body especially was remarkably more defined and toned. You start to see results after about 2 weeks if you stick to it. I completely agree that Kenpo seemed like a waste of time to me, so I would substitute a different cardio workout (cardio X or plyo) on those days. Tony is a great motivator, and I found it decently easy to stick to the program. One of my favorite parts about the program is that there is always one person in his videos doing a “low impact” version of his workouts, and one person using bands instead of weights. My husband (who did the program with me) has a back injury so low impact was clutch. Tony ALWAYS explains the low impact technique, too. All in all, excellent program, great and FAST results, and surprisingly forgiving if you have an old injury or no access to weights.

    After completing p90x (and getting married/going on a two week honeymoon!) I thought I’d give insanity a try to tone up a bit. The first thing I noticed about the workouts was the fact that after I started, I felt like a failure. Even after graduating p90x, able to blast through 45 minutes of plyometrics like it was nothing. I couldn’t even get through the insanity warm-up without taking a break! Sean T, the instructor, does yell a lot (” push push push!”) and I ended up building a deep-seeded hatred for him. I also noticed that, as previously mentioned, the warm-up is intense and the stretch is inadequate. In fact, he will sometimes miss some stretches (as in stretch the hamstring on one side, but never get to the other). You’ll also find that his verbal instructions are not nearly as good; he frequently forgets or changes the names of his exercises, encouraging you to “jack” instead of “jump,” or referring to a familiar exercise by a different name. Like Tony, he will stop to circulate around the room to correct or encourage his group, but when he comes back he goes impossibly fast so you feel l Ike you’re not keeping up. “Do your best” becomes “do better.” You get some encouragement from the fact that the group DOES take frequent short breaks, but you really have to watch to see just how often this occurs as they tend to sneak off and return quickly. Another bit of encouragement is realizing who actually comprises the group. He mentions the professions of several of your “work-out buddies” during various routines. Among them, I caught a fitness instructor, a spin class instructor, and a marathon runner. Yeah. Now for the good news: you will not burn calories and inches faster than you will with this routine. If you can do it (ie, you are already fit and not easily discouraged,) you will literally see yourself transform. Another thing I love is the FIT TEST. Built-in proof that it’s working! You start the whole craziness off by doing max reps of 8 different exercises, then repeat the same test every two weeks. It never gets easier, but your numbers climb climb climb! Talk about encouragement! One worked of warning…. If you have ANY prior injury to your knees, ankles, or back, this workout is NOT for you. There is NO way to make this low impact. It destroys your joints. Even healthy joints will swell and occasionally need to be wrapped. To sum up, I don’t think Insanity is quite so strong a program as p90x all-around. However, for those people who are already fit looking to go from “in shape” to “WHOA!,” insanity is the fastest way to get the results you’re looking for. If you have both, I recommend subbing insanity “max interval circuit” for cardio days of p90x. You will loathe this days, but like I said, there just isn’t a better calorie-melting workout out there!!

    5 years ago
  173. Denise said,


    I think this is a great article and the information has been really helpful, but I’m still confused on which program to try. I’m 5’2 and 158lb. I’m looking for a workout that will help me lose the weight and tone my abs and upper body. Both programs sound like they yield great results if you can stick to them, I just need a little help on what will be the best one for me.

    5 years ago
  174. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Great advice for Blair!

    Any reason why you’re not looking into P90X? You sound strong enough to do it. I think if you follow P90X on a semi low carb diet, you should be golden.

    You gotta do what you gotta do. Just go enjoy your travel, then come back and get right back into it (pickup where you left off). I’d also watch what you eat while you’re on vacation (but not watch it too much though – it’s a vacation!).

    I prefer doing P90X since it’s more aligned with Crossfit methodologies. Since you’re an avid crossfit person, I recommend keeping a remote handy on weight lifting workouts and either watch it at 1.5x the speed, or do a forward skip after every set so you skip the downtime between lifts.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and helping motivate others! Good luck on your journey!

    Ironically, I think you should stay away from too much cardio. I’d recommend light cardio and fixing your diet to tone down the carbs and dial up meats and veggies.

    Thanks for sharing your insights into these two programs and helping others!

    Either of the programs will get you what you want as long as you couple it with a great diet plan. As for which program to pick, it sounds like it should be more of a convenience factor (how much you travel), how much time you have each day, etc. Remember that great abs start in the kitchen ;).

    5 years ago
  175. Chop'sMom said,

    Thanks for the article. I’ve been looking for something extra besides a boring gym routine. I have been offered copies of both of these programs and was curious which to take. This was insightful. I appreciate your time and effort!

    5 years ago
  176. Stephanie said,

    I’ve been doing Insanity for the past 8 months and have had good results. I’m just afraid that my body has gotten used to the workouts and routines. Do you think it would be a good idea to try P90X to continue confuse my body to get better results? However, I like the lean effects of Insanity and don’t want to bulk up from P90x.


    5 years ago
  177. Tiffany said,

    Hi! I am interested in trying out either p90x or insanity. I lost about 45 pounds on my own about a year ago just doing simple cardio and portion control. However, recently I have gained about 15lbs back. My weight fluctuated even when I was a soccer player in high school and college. I am still very strong for a girl and have an athletic build, but the gym just doesn’t do it for me. I need something interesting… almost motivating. I have the resources to complete either workout system but im making sure im choosing the right system to slim down. I’d like to lose my 15lbs plus some. What do you think??

    5 years ago
  178. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Good luck!

    You shouldn’t worry too much about bulking from resistance training in generate. It’s pretty hard for women to bulk without taking lots of extra supplements. Try P90X!

    Both programs will slim you down, but if you want to stay strong/fit/healthy in general, give P90X a shot. I prefer P90X over Insanity any day if I have the time to do it just because it feels like a much more complete workout.

    5 years ago
  179. Justin said,

    Have you ever thought of combining the two into one P90I(nsane)? I think that would be interesting because you would still get the muscle building of P90 and intense cardio of insanity. I feel like the cardio workouts are lacking with P90 and wonder about substituting insanity for the cardio days…

    5 years ago
  180. Conner McCoy said,

    Hey I’m 17 and I used to play football but then I quit and went to just playing soccer, from doin all the football workouts I’m bulk but not defined or toned whatever you wanna call it and I wanna get abs and lose body fat, which one is best for me?

    5 years ago
  181. Conner McCoy said,

    also Im looking to build stamina so I can run around in soccer games for a long time without tiring out, thanks

    5 years ago
  182. Kane said,

    Glad to see this “versus” piece on the net. I’ve been on P90X for about 4 months now, and I’ve went from 176 to 142. Love Tony’s approach, but I will admit I enjoy the cardio workouts in P90X (plyo & kempo) more than the weight training (although am thankful for the muscle growth). I’ve just saw the infomercial on Insanity and I’m definitely going to be getting my hands on it!! There is truly nothing more rewarding than a drenching workout. May be a better match for me. Either way I think switch-hitting between the two workouts will probably be my final decision. Awesome feedback people! Thanks again 🙂

    5 years ago
  183. Devann said,

    Thank you for this blog. I am getting ready to start P90x in a week. I have 45#+ to lose but have been working out (biking and walking) since May. I have lost 15# so far and feel like I am ready to vamp it up. Maybe I will do Insanity next. Sounds like Insanity may be the one I should start first, but I have dreamt about doing P90x for years. Time is an issue for me as I have an 18 month old, but I will make it work.

    I am focusing on a “clean diet” and am worried about getting the nutrients I need. I didn’t even think of this until I read your blog. Any tips would be helful. You may have touched on this, but I only read the comments half way down the page (there are too darn many :))


    5 years ago
  184. Jessica said,

    Thank you so much for writing this article! I kept going back and forth between the two workouts and not having known anyone who had done Insanity, I couldn’t make a fair comparison. Your side by side examination helped me compare the two to find the right fit for me. I’m in my third week of Insanity and couldn’t be happier with my results ^_^


    5 years ago
  185. James said,

    I did insanity. finished the full 60 days, and still do it 4 days a week and run thee other. I stuck to the diet to the T, and saw AMMMMAZING results. I wrestled all in high school and college also. I thought wrestling workouts were pretty intense…. until insanity woke me up. All these people you hear on this saying, Insanity this or insanity that, or p90x is better because of this or that… well its all garbage, and they probably did 2 weeks and has a mental exhaustion break down and went crawling back to the easiness of p90x. insanity blows p90x out of the water on all levels. YOU WILL TONE UP and get chizzzled on insanity! BUT YOU MUST get enough calories and proper protein in your body and stick to 6 meals a day!!! I love running and triathlons…. for the longest time I could not break my 5k time of 22 mins…. I would train and train and train alot more. but i hit a wall…. I start insanity and ran TWICE the whole program. I then decided to run a 5k (a timed one the city put on) on the last week of my program to see if it helped my running at all. I got a 20:57 5k time!!! and I could of got faster has it not been rainy, windy, stormy and icy during the 5k!!! Insanity will, I promise on my life, make you into a frikken champion!!!! feel stronger, lighter, jumpier, brighter, healthier, faster, stronger, and a killllller 6 pack and obliques!!!! this is my solemn testimony, in all humbleness of insanity….

    5 years ago
  186. Nathan said,

    Hello Thaya.

    I’ve been seriously considering doing P90x for about a month now. I’m 23 years old 6,1 and about 210lbs at the writing of this letter. For about the past year I’ve been lightly fluctuating between 200 and 225lb, this is kind of scary because prior to this I was regularly weighing in at about 185 to 195. So being in the low 200s is the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life and I can feel the extra weight bearing down on me. Though I’m tall, I’ve gotten a little bit…doughy for lack of a better word, especially in the upper body chest area. My stomach which was once pretty flat has now turned into a gut that hangs slightly over the seam of my pants. Overall I am pretty embarrassed with my current physical appearance. I feel bad because I can’t do things I so used to enjoy, such as swimming. I am totally capable of swimming, but I can’t get over the hurdle of how I look without a shirt on now. So I just opt not go.

    I’ve always had a dream of being athletic, but the closest I ever got was when I was 18 years old. I had a physically very strenuous job, and was amongst a group of new hire’s and it pretty much boiled down to, either you can handle the job physically or you get fired kill or be killed. So for the sake of my job I slimmed down to about 165lbs and at the time I was the same 6,1 that I stand now. I cut out all fast food and took a dietary supplement as well as only ate home cooked meals and started doing a simple 100 sit-ups and 50 pushups a night before bed. The physical work of the job combined with my better eating habits and 100/50 nightly routine really did wonders for me…Though I never got ripped, With in a few months I had become very lean and I felt faster and stronger than I had ever felt in my life. I’ve since left that job for a better paying job that actually requires next to no physical activity which is not helping anything but my wallet.

    I apologize for giving you so much information, but I guess I just wanted to make my history and ultimate goal as clear as possible. So at 6,1 and 210lbs I am curious if you think that I am ready for P90x…I am a little worried because I hear people talk about how hard P90x is, but if the before/after photo’s I’ve seen are to be believed then I’ve no doubt it will be very hard. Those kinds of body’s doesn’t come easy or cheap or with out a fair amount of sacrifice. At this point in time I am maybe capable of only 3 to 5 proper pushups…Pathetic I know. I can maybe knock out 15 to 25 sit-ups before I start huffing and puffing to bad. I don’t want to just come out and say I want to be totally ripped because it sounds to cliché…But in nutshell…That’s it. I want a body I can really take pride in and not be embarrassed about going to the pool or getting intimate with a girl…Or whatever.

    Can P90x deliver what I want?
    Can I do P90x at my current level of fitness? (Relatively Low)

    5 years ago
  187. AC said,

    Hi Thaya,

    I am not at all in shape and looking to start one of these programs to become more fit and lose about 20 lbs (currently 5’2 Female 140lbs). Which of these do you recommend, if any? At first I thought Insanity was for me since it seemed to be easier to stick to (less of a time commitment, no extra equipment necessary) but after reading the reviews about how intense it is, I’m not sure if my lack of fitness experience will cause me to damage my body (since there is less stretching,etc.). Thanks a lot for your insights!

    5 years ago
  188. Crystal S said,

    Thanx for posting this!! It helped me finally come to a decision!!

    5 years ago
  189. Endre H said,

    Hello Thaya,

    First off- great article, very impressed with the fair and unbiased comparison. I have just spent my spare time in the last few days literally reading every comment! so I’ve gained some slightly more knowledge than I had ;)As a result of this I’m pretty sure you will recomment either a hybrid or P90X but I thought I will ask anyway.

    So here are the facts- I’m 15 years old, I naturally have quite a good phyisical body, I weight about 55kg (which to my understanding is around 125lbs or so) I am about 5’6/5’7 so my weight might seem high or not but I am quite skinny and most of most of that weight is muscle. I’m relatively strong because I used to go to the gym but that’s no longer practical for me, I try and do mma and muay thai twice a week and football (soccer) twice a week as well. I used to go out running every morning for about 2-3 miles and that’s when I felt phyisically fit. Having not done that in a VERY long time I am feeling like my stamina has dropped but I am still in pretty good shape.

    My aims or goals if you prefer- since I’m quite muscly and toned, I basically have a six pack, I would like to build up more muscle and stay toned and possibly tone up some more, but I would really like to improve my local muscular endurance and strengthen my core muscles and improve my stamina.

    My problems- I haven’t got either of the programs yet so I don’t know if I could afford both, I have most of the equipemt for P90X and since insanity doesn’t require a lot that’s not a problem. I also do not like to diet, I have never watched what I eat but I have always been skinny and have done a lot of exercise, my biggest problem is that I am still in school so I don’t have a lot of time :/

    Any advice or help is hugely appreciated and I’m sorry for writing an essay 😛 but again I’d like to repeat that this is a great comparison 🙂


    5 years ago
  190. Jenny Niver said,

    I started Insanity 3 weeks ago and wonder if I should move on to p90x or repeat Insanity when I am finished?

    5 years ago
  191. Endre H said,

    Hello again,

    So my mum found out about my idea to buy one of these dvds and has now asked if I can find one for her -_- anyway, the point is she wants to lose some weight and slim down, she is probably about 5’2/5’3 and has not done any major exercise in years. I know that neither of these workouts would work for her but I thought I would ask if there was one you could recommend or a diet plan that is healthy and isn’t one of those “get slim fast” diet plans that starve you.

    Much appreciated

    5 years ago
  192. Smitty said,

    Hello Thaya, I am needing to drop about 40 lbs fast and also gain muscle while doing so. I heard the nutrition guide in P90X is mostly fish and dairy products. I dont like fish or dairy and was wondering which program would be better for me or if there was some way I could get a different nutrition guide.

    5 years ago
  193. Carl said,

    Very nice article, thank you for taking the time to do it, however I did have a question on what you suggest I do..

    I’m currently 21 years old, 5″10 245lbs, I can do 1 pull up (cries lol) and normally use 20lbs dumbbells when I curl.

    As for stamina it doesn’t take long for me to get winded, I have never smoked or anything so normally I can regain myself quickly (I box with friends, normally at the end of the 2nd round I’m pretty winded, though after the break, which we give 2minutes, I’m fairly good again.

    Lastly, while I wouldn’t mind getting buff lol, I guess my main goal is just to get fit again, in 12th grade I was 185-190, and I let myself go in these last 3 years – now if I could drop back down to 200 I would be very happy.

    So in your opinion which workout would be best for me?

    5 years ago
  194. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Yup! There are a bunch of hybrid programs out there on the internet that does what you are looking for. You should be able to easily find a hybrid schedule out there on Google.

    Sounds like you should do Insanity and eat a clean diet.

    Congratulations on your success!

    Good luck on your journey! If you are worried about getting the nutrients you need, you should supplement your routine with Opti-women multi-vitamins.

    Congratulations with your success! Keep at it!

    Thanks for sharing your valuable experiences and congratulations on your awesome success!!

    I understand how you feel. I used to be in the same boat as you. I want to give you a tip that is more than just, “go do P90X”. I recommend you stick to what you know best first, and that is to eat right (like you did when you were 18) and keep your routines simple. Eating right is 70% of the fat loss battle. Cut out all carbs (go on ketosis). Take fish oil to counter act all the meat you will be eating. After you get back to your 18 year old days, you should start P90X to get you ripped.

    I recommend you eat a clean diet and try Insanity, take plenty of breaks, and supplement with your own stretching before & after the workout. Remember that if your goal is fat loss, 70% of the battle is eating right.

    @Crystal S
    You’re welcome! Good luck on your journey!

    @Endre H
    You are lucky to not have to watch your diet since you are only 15 and your metabolism is through the roof :). I recommend that you check out P90X. I wouldn’t recommend Insanity for you since it’ll burn off too much of your hard earned muscles.

    For your mom, I recommend that she starts off by fixing her diet. I recommend the Dukan Diet. It is a more appropriate diet for people who are older and who wants to get a jump start in weight loss without gimmicks. I also recommend that she starts doing some weight training (maybe she can even do some of the P90X routines that you do). I don’t recommend Insanity for older people who aren’t already active since they can potentially bust their knees/joints from pushing themselves too hard.

    Good luck to both of you!!

    40 lbs is a huge number. First, I’d try to break things down week by week and I would personally only shoot for 1 lb per week. Some few good reasons for 1 lb per week:
    1. your body can slowly adjust to the weight change so weight loss doesn’t plateau
    2. no stretch marks
    3. you will fix your bad eating habits permanently.
    I’m not a big fan of fish either, so I stick to lean meats such as lean beef, or skinless chicken. I’m sure you can substitute those meats in place of fish. The great thing about dairy products (if you get them fat-free) is that it contains a solid amount of protein and a solid amount of carbs to aid in your recovery. If you don’t mind protein shakes, I’d just go for those instead.

    I’d recommend that you start off by fixing your diet and keep up your activity level. 70% of fat loss is eating a clean diet. You are still pretty healthy (1 pull-up at 245 is pretty damn hard) and there is definitely hope. Don’t worry about your stamina, as you get lighter, it’ll be much easier to move your weight so your stamina will come back. Once you are at about 210-215 lbs jump onto P90X to turbo charge your results.

    5 years ago
  195. Matthew said,

    Just beginning Insanity myself…the work out that it. :o) I don’t have the time to invest with P90X so this will work for me. Hoping to post my results soon. Thanks for the great post~!

    4 years ago
  196. Thaya Kareeson said,

    You’re welcome and good luck!

    4 years ago
  197. Gerard said,

    i was wondering if insanity is a good workout to lose weight, im 16 and im around 20-30 pounds overweight, at the moment i workout every other day just to get use to it

    4 years ago
  198. Thaya Kareeson said,

    It’s important to note that to lose weight, gain muscle, get cut or anything like that, you should look into your diet. Insanity will help you lose weight, but that’s only half of the battle, make sure that you fix your diet too.

    4 years ago
  199. Fran said,

    Hello, I am 38 female who weighs in @210lbs. I am interested interested in doing Insanity workout, but is worried about the intensity of the the program. I have completed P90X about 2 years ago, but do not workout at the same intensity level as before. What do you suggest will help me get to me desired goal of losing about 55lbs?

    4 years ago
  200. Rodrigo said,

    hey, im 19 years old and i am very weak :/… The thing is that i want to gain lean muscle and i dont know which one to start with. I am thinking on starting with p90x and then when i am done, try insanity. I also thought to incorporate both of the workouts so i can get more results. What do you think i should do?

    4 years ago
  201. Matthew said,

    Well…I was planning on starting the insanity workout yesterday, but due to a freak accident I won’t be starting for awhile now. Something in the lower back gave way and it is about all I can do to just stand and walk… Arrgh. I have the insanity workout on hand so it isn’t going anywhere….just frustrating to have a set back before I even got a chance to start…

    4 years ago
  202. Austin said,

    Hello, I am 15 years old and I would like to get the abs and upper muscles and just everything, but I don’t want to injure myself on account of my young age and growth plates and stuff. So I was just wondering if P90x would injure me because of the weights and if it would really get me defined and a bit bigger or if Insanity would be better because there is no weights and the possibility of damaging myself is not so high, and I was wondering if it would work my upper body as much as P90x does and get me that defined result.

    4 years ago
  203. Thaya Kareeson said,

    I suggest you make tweaks to your diet and start slow on either P90X or Insanity. I recommend P90X since you already have it. There’s no need to rush. You didn’t gain the 55 lbs overnight, don’t expect to lose it overnight either :).

    Definitely start on P90X if you want to gain muscles. It sounds like you are skinny, so I’d advise that you fix your diet and get enough calories to help you gain those muscles.

    I’m sorry that happened to you and believe me I understand exactly what you’re going through. I hope you can recover soon. The best thing you can do for yourself right now is manage and really watch what you eat. Since you can’t be too active, you can’t just exercise off those pounds. Keep rehabilitating your injury and be patient. You will get your chance.

    I’d like to say the same thing I say to anybody seeking advice who has special injury issues, either “Don’t do it” or “Seek advice from a qualified medical professional.”

    4 years ago
  204. Kolby said,

    So glad I found this article. It could be the perfect time as I’m just getting into a contest with some guys on who can lose the most fat and add the most muscle (we all just did the BodPod to get first readings). For something like that, do you think Insanity would be better? I definitely have a little fat to lose, but nothing major and am in decent shape (can get a 6-8 mile run in without dying). I’m definitely committed and can do the full P90X, but would insanity yield better results for something like this? Honestly, I mostly am worried about losing this little belly that started showing up a couple of years ago on my 30th birthday. Believe, the diet has changed and I’m on the right track!

    4 years ago
  205. Antonio said,

    Thanks for the post. I did Insanity ( although I did not finish the program) I lost 15 lbs in the first 3 weeks. I did at that time cut a lot of unhealthy stuff out of my diet, so it helped with the weight loss. I find myself having a lot more time and no gym membership as I have moved out of my home town. My body has always responded fast to weight routines, and p90x worked really well for some college buddies, and I was thinking about giving it a try. I’m worried that p90x will put on more muscle mass when my goal is to lose 15-20 lbs. What would you suggest?

    4 years ago
  206. Ray said,

    Hey thanks for the information I am a 23 yr woman 4″11 148 pounds . I haven’t workout in years I have a daughter and now that she goes to school I have free time to work on me : ) I want to lose weight and also gain flexibility . I have poor heathy eating what program would you suggest for me and does it have a nutrition plan included with the package

    4 years ago
  207. john Haller said,


    Thanks for all of your helpfull info. I have a few questions about p90X. As it is I am pretty lean and would like to put on about 10 pounds of muscle. However with the intensity of the workouts I am worried about loosing weight. during the summer when I play lots of basketball I always loose weight. How should I modify the workout to gain muscle and not loose weight?

    Also I arthritis and from time to time my knees flare up but after a few days rest and ice the swelling goes down. any suggestions on how to modify the workout without stopping if my knees give me problems?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    4 years ago
  208. Ana Paula Mtz said,

    I am 4’11 and weigh 168. I NEED to loose weight. I have to start and a diet and start working out. Which one do u think is better? Insanity or P90x?

    4 years ago
  209. Justin Bowles said,

    Hey Thaya, first of all thanks for this page, it has really inspired me. I have insanity and p90x but have not tried either one yet. I am 22 190 lbs, about 6 feet tall and not in very good shape at all. I have really no strength and am a little heavy set. I have been dieting for a long time and used to weigh 230 but dropped down to 185 recently but am back up to 190. I did this by cutbacks. I am not sure which one I should try and focus on because I am so out of shape and have no strength. I work the midnight shift for 10 hrs a day 40 hrs a week so it is hard to get a workout in. What is your advice on what program I should use? I am really eager to get in shape fast and bulk up, but I also want to lose my weight and look good too for my girlfriend. I appreciate any advice you can give. Thank You!

    4 years ago
  210. Thomas said,

    I have gotten back in pretty good shape. 29 yrs old 5’11” about 185 lbs. I just cant seem to really define my abs like in my high school days. I know they’re under there, b/c when I flex they show up really well. there’s just that thin layer of fat on top still. The only thing I know to shed that is to start running. any other suggestions?

    4 years ago
  211. Stephanie said,

    Hi Thaya and anyone else that can help,

    I need some advice. I want to be fit for my honeymoon in May 2012. I am 5’0″ and I only weight about 100 pounds but I have a stomach pooch and my legs and butt need much toning. I don’t know how to get rid of the stomach pooch.

    I want to lose the pooch and get a muscular, toned butt (hopefully build bigger glutes) and tone the legs. Which workout is best for me?

    Ultimately, I really need to lose the weight in my stomach. I would love a 4 pack of ABS. What do you think about insanity/P90x for someone like me?

    Also, what do you think about pilates/yoga for my goals? Are there any DVDs that you would recommend so that I can do it at home?

    Since my honeymoon is in May 2012, do i still have time to get a flat stomach, toned glutes and legs??

    Any advice you can give me would be wonderful. Thank you!!

    4 years ago
  212. Alanah said,

    I’m coming to this a bit late, but great article nonetheless. I am debating whether to get one or both of these programs for my husband(possibly for myself as well). I’m leaning towards Insanity simply because we have three children and 45 minute workouts would be more conducive to our schedules. My question is related more to myself. I workout regularly (weight lifting and cardio), but have bad knees (meniscectomies on both knees in the last two years)and flat feet (no arches whatsoever); would either of these workouts be too intense or problematic for someone with my leg issues? Is one any better than the other in that regard?
    FYI, my husband and I are both in our mid thirties and neither of us is overweight.

    4 years ago
  213. Dareal said,

    “Shaun T yells at me too much and I was never good enough for him.”

    This made me laugh hard. Hahaha. He does yell too much and rest a bit excessively. Compare this to tony horton who rarely yells and just shows you how much of a beast he is.
    But come to think of it. Some people may find the yelling part as their motivation.

    4 years ago
  214. Thaya Kareeson said,

    I believe that P90X will help you gain the muscles you need. Insanity will shed too much of the muscles. The key to all of this is to make sure you eat the P90X diet to the T. Good luck!

    If you’re more comfortable with weight routines then try P90X. You can’t put on muscle mass without eating enough food. If you stick to the P90X diet plan, you should be fine.

    Both routines come a nutrition guide. You can pick either one for your workout routine but just make sure you stick to the eating plan. Losing weight is 70% nutrition and 30% exercise.

    @John Haller
    I recommend that you eat more. It’s as simple as that. You can’t gain weight (or muscle) without eating more. You get to decide if you want to gain weight or lose weight by eating more or less. When eating more, you can to decide if you want to gain muscle or fat by exercising or not. Tony shows you how to do the modifications. If your knees start to hurt during the workout, just stop and rest (do cool down, stretch, or exercise other body parts). Don’t be a hero, lift today so that you can live tomorrow.

    @Ana Paula Mtz
    I recommend that you start by eating healthier. It seems like you are quite overweight for your height, so I suggest that you start off my purely dieting (check out the Dukan Diet) until you are about 20 lbs above your ideal weight then you can start on Insanity to condition your body and burn off that extra lbs of weight.

    @Justin Bowles
    First of all, don’t get in shape for your girlfriend. Get in shape for yourself :). The best exercise routines are the ones that you can stick to (be it Insanity, P90X, or just some pushups). If you can’t find the time to do P90X, look into doing something like Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength while maintaining your cutbacks. Good luck!

    Abs are made in the kitchen. Go on a keto diet and continue to lift. You’ll get great results in a few months.

    P90X and Insanity are workouts that are great to get people off of the couch and into a pretty good program that will get them decent results. I recommend that you go with P90X and stick to their diet to the T. Don’t compromise form and don’t compromise your diet. If you do your diet right, you might get to your 4 pack goal by May.

    I wouldn’t recommend Insanity for you guys at all since you don’t need to lose any weight and you have bad knees and flat feet. Insanity has way too much jumping for people with bad knees. I recommend that you guys stick to what you’re doing (weight lifting and cardio) and start wearing vibram five fingers shoes to improve your foot arch.

    haha.. yes, to each their own. I like Tony’s style more.

    4 years ago
  215. Darren said,

    Is it possible to complete p90x without a pull up bar?

    4 years ago
  216. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Yup, you can hoist up a resistance band and mimic the pull up motion.

    4 years ago
  217. spin said,

    Great article just what I was looking for when I googled this. I am on day 8 of p90x not to rough I am thinking about doing insanity with it to help lose weight. I did it today doing insanity first then p90 3hrs later had a tough time catching my breath at the end of p90 even though it was not a cardio workout but was wondering which you would recommend doing first or if it does not matter. Or should I take more time in between workouts. Any advice is much appreciated thanks

    4 years ago
  218. spin said,

    @Alannah with bad knees just be careful with the P90 yoga and some of his stretches put a strain on the knees I have had knee problems but do most of p90 just control myself when he is doing the knee stretching but most of the program your knees will be fine.

    4 years ago
  219. Lady0ne said,

    Great article! I also was debating on which program to go on and this post has definitely helped. I just wanted to confirm that both P90X and Insanity have the 3 recommended supplements? Thanks! 🙂

    4 years ago
  220. Matt said,

    I am 16 and play football and am an amateur powerlifter and amatuer MMA fighter but need to lose body fat I’m currently at 295 pounds but am in very good shape for my size so that’s not an issue. Which would b best for me?

    4 years ago
  221. Thaya Kareeson said,

    Sounds like you are pushing your body to its limits. I’d say you should stick with P90X and make sure you eat a good diet. No sense in eating a ton of calories, beating yourself up for it, then risking injuries from overtraining.

    Multivitamins and post workout protein for sure. Pre-workout supplements are optional. I like using them because it helps get me breeze through the workout (although it contains a lot of stimulants).

    Your best bet is to fix your diet. If you are already in good shape for your size, there’s no need to do P90X or Insanity. As I’ve said before on this comment thread, some simple truths I’ve found throughout the years:
    1. You get to decide to gain/lose weight depending on how many calories you intake.
    2. When eating less to lose weight, you get to decide to lose muscle or lose fat depending on how much you exercise.
    3. When eating a lot to gain weight, you get to decide to gain muscle or fat depending on how much you exercise.

    4 years ago
  222. leon said,

    I already lift weights on a pretty regular schedule. I want to get ripped though. What’s best in your opinion, P90X or Insanity? I want washboard abs with good cardio.

    4 years ago
  223. Tanice said,

    Hi. im doing my senoir project comparing and contrasting insanity and p90x and the information you are providing is very helpful and has given me great ideas.Although if you could comment or email me the day you made this and the editor it would really be helpful for my source cards i have to complete

    4 years ago
  224. Randall white said,

    Hi my names randy. Ive been looking at both insanity and P90X and I’m having a really hard time deciding. I currently weigh 162 and id like to both trim down and bulk up but I’m having a hard time in deciding which one would be best for me. I’m very interested in insanity but like i said i want to bulk up in my upper body strength a lot but insanity doesn’t sound like it does much of that and i dunno if i can afford all the equipment required for P90X. any suggestions?

    4 years ago
  225. Ammon said,

    Awesome article! About 1 yr ago did P90X for about a week and then got bored. I’m 5’11 145lbs. I am very slender, but have a gut that I want to get rid of. I’m in pretty good shape. I don’t work out regularly, but play sports every week and am very active. I want to bulk up, but don’t have the time or attention span for the longer P90X workouts. What’s your suggestion? Should I try P90X again or do you think Insanity will work if I incorporate some weight lifting at the gym. Thanks

    4 years ago
  226. POSER said,

    Hey man, just a lil advice , im between neary fat and stil kinda skinny well not entirely but which one is good for fat burning and good results ? similar to afterburn training ?

    4 years ago
  227. Glenodessa said,

    Just came across this post and thought your advice was knowledgeable and sincere. I started at 280+ pounds and am now 160 but I need to tone badly!!! I did not do much weighs in the beginning and have both the P90x and Insanity series. I want to loose 10 more pounds and an currently doing Insanity with a mixture of P90x.. Do you recommend I stick purely to P90x to tighten my body?

    4 years ago
  228. Gabriel said,

    Just ran across this article and both the article and the subsequent comments were great! Very good job on summarizing and comparing the two programs. As an owner of the two I wanted to share my thoughts as well. I used to be in great shape as a teenager and in my younger adult life while in the army. I was a hard gainer and excellent cardio. Now approaching my mid 30’s, 40 lbs heavier and having been extremely sedentary for 6 years I needed to kickstart my fitness. I originally bought p90X and some of the equipment to try it. From totally unfit to starting P90X I struggled and ended up quitting in no time. I then ran into Insanity and wanted to try it instead. For me this has worked as I am now into week 4 and still feeling passionate about my goals.

    I plan on using 2 rounds of Insanity to prepare me for P90X. Why? well the time it takes to fit Insanity into my daily life of grading papers and creating lesson plans(teacher) and father of a 1 year old as well as being the cook in the family; Insanity just fits into a tighter time window and without equipment requirements is easier to work in and stick with. Also the fact that it is a cardio workout has made me realize that it will prepare me better for my next attempt at P90X. Working out is a lifestyle change. Insanity is allowing me to slowly work this change in. I have slowly started diet changes but being the only one working out in the household makes it harder – plus I also love food that is bad for you so I have to ease myself into it first.

    In the end both workout regimens are different but hold a similar goal – to transform you lifestyle and improve your physical self being while making it fun in the process!

    4 years ago
  229. Kanika said,

    I have been going through many blogs nowadays and found this one to be one of the most comprehensive one. Would like to see advice from all you guys. I am 30 yrs old and weigh 69 kg and am 5’4”. I have an apple shaped body. Most of the fat that I have is around my tummy, both upper and lower(33 and 38 inches). Also I have very huge shaped breast (36 F) which is really making me a fatty look. My limbs and hips are pretty normal. My hips just measure 36 inches as compared to my body.
    Kindly advice, which workout plan should I go for. I have less time as my wedding is due on Jan 2012, and this is making me frustrated and tensed with myself. I have started doing Turbofire, but I wonder what amongst the 4 ie Insanity, P90x, Turbofire and Chalean extreme would work best for me. I need to lose 15 kgs/ 30 pounds in total. Also a hybrid would be okay or a single program? I don’t want to lose any fat from my limbs and hips, but just chest and tummy. Also more than muscles what I need is extreme toning and inch loss.
    Hope to get feedback from you.

    4 years ago
  230. Erik said,

    Hi all,
    I had recently been doing p90x. But one day my arm started hurting. I continued to work out with the program because i thought i was just sore. Come to find out after a doctor visit I had tendonitis in my left elbow. I was told not to do any weight training at all for at least four weeks that was about twelve weeks ago. I can’t wait to get back to it but it kind of scares me because I don’t want to reinjure my arm. any advise would greatly apreciated

    4 years ago
  231. Sparkie said,

    Me and my husband are starting Insanity on Monday. I was not sure if we should do the PX90 or Insanity but after reading your article I know now we have made the right choice for us. Great information thanks!!!

    4 years ago
  232. Crystal said,

    I am currently doing P90X. I like it, but it doesn’t do a whole lot for me anymore. I am 29 years old. I am very active. I play in a semi-pro women’s soccor league and I love to run. I can say however, that I have been doing it for a couple months and I have noticed more endurance and definition in my abs especially with Ab Ripper X. Its crazy hard. I am a mother of four children, one is a 14 year old freshman football player and I can beat him running and have way more endurance than he does. However, I love high impact and I think I will have to go on and order Insanity now becuase I have such a drive for that soreness which I don’t get with P90X anymore. So wish me luck everyone. I am sure I will be hurting.

    4 years ago
  233. Edwardo said,

    I am currently thinking of barrowing p90x or insanity from a friend as he has both but he can’t find any of the stuff that came with p90x should I just barrow the insanity since it doesn’t require any equipment? I am a 22 year old male 5ft 6in and 130lbs and haven’t worked out in a while.

    4 years ago
  234. Larry said,

    Great comparison of the 2 programs. The most important thing, isn’t which one u choose, but just sticking with whichever u do choose. Each week u nail give ursf a non food reward. The second most important thing is diet. The insanity nutrition guide is easier to follow than p90x.I suggest “body for life” or “eating for life” as it puts diet and portions in laymans terms that is much easier to follow than p90x. P90x has 3 phases and phase 3 especially is too high in carbs and has single large protein portions as opposed to smaller protein spread out throughout the day. 6 small meals a day is the way to lose weight for sure.
    In terms of work outs, insanity is easy to stick to per author who was spot on. P90x is much more expensive for guys if you don’t have a gym as you need real weights, as high as 90lbs to really do heavy pants right. A dumbbell set is at least $1000 or more that goes that high. The resistance bands are bs and don’t work that well. The pull up bar is a 100% necessity as nothing has reshaped my body as much as doing p90x real pullups. I was amazed at the results of real pullups bs lat pulldowns on a machine. And again, bands are a waste. My suggestion is start with insanity, especially if u are a girl. And go to p90x after if u want muscle size. Just realize u need to commit to a gym or a dumbell set to at least 50lb dumbbells if you are a guy. Otherwise u won’t get any size, just stick with insanity.

    4 years ago
  235. coco said,

    i am just now starting out p90x. my goal is to lose 15or so lbs. and tone my entire body and lose flab and the tire around my waist. i hardly have any energy and i just need that boost. which routine is best for me

    4 years ago
  236. Suresh said,

    Your blog is very insightful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on P90X and Insanity and advising people with fitness questions. I started out with Power 90 (not P90X) in July 2011, made diet modifications and lost 28 lbs (did Power 90 for 120 days). My advice to people, if you are starting out, do Power 90 and then decide if you want to do Insanity or P90X. Now I am into the second week of Insanity (I take lot of breaks). Know your limits and stay injury free.

    4 years ago
  237. Caleb said,

    Ok so here is my problem. I’m 19 years old and im 6’3. I used to be 190 when I played basketball a year ago but I never had the body I wanted. always have the evil “man boobs” and i’ve gained to 212 now. I want to have the beach body that I see when I go out, im recently single and I need to get into shape again. I’m not just looking for fat loss because for my size 212 isn’t terrible. but I know I need to get rid of fat % and replace it with muscle and get toned. I want the fat in my chest and stomach to be gone and replaced with muscle. Which workout is best for me? I need to change my diet as well and I plan to.

    4 years ago
  238. Alejandro said,

    This is a great blog, i been searching a lot and finally end up here so yey.
    Just to let you know, i start doing the atkins diet on november 10 and by now (december 5) I’ve lost 30 pounds, went from 309 to 279 pounds.
    And i was wondering if I can combine either P90X or INSANITY with the atkins diet.
    I’m planing to start either of those programs by january 15 (If i lost by then another 50 pounds)
    Is it dangerous ?
    Can I combine either P90X or INSANITY With the atkins diet ?
    Hope you can give me an answer cause this is really a big deal to me.
    Since I’m 26 and my goal weight is 160 pounds, so that means I still have a long way to go (Have to lose another 119 pounds).
    Thanks in advance.

    4 years ago
  239. Lucas said,

    The blog is pretty good, but I have some issues with what you had to say about insanity. You said that there is really no focus on stretching and abs. You also say the warmup is too intense. First my response to the lack of focus on the stretching. There is a full 5-6 minutes of stretching at the beginning of the workout that Shawn T tells you 100x never to skip. There is also 5-4 minutes of stretching at the end of the workout as well that he says every workout not to skip because “stretchig is the most important part of the workout”. Also you say the warmup is too intense. Uh hello the program is called INSANITY for a reason. The best way to stretch is to fully warm up your muscles first. You also say that he is “mean” or “yells”. That is pure motivation for those at home, if he was talking about butterflies and unicorns during the workout no one would do it. You also say that he doesn’t enforce the “never compromise form”. He goes around to ppl during the workout and tells them to go sit down b/c their form is getting bad. To respond to the lack of focus on the abs. Insanity is a cardio based workout, I’m not sure of a better way to work on abs than pure cardio. Also a majority of the exercises are focused on the core. Doing jumps with leg tucks, squats, pushups, or any other workout in the program works on your core, or muscles that help stregthen and lean your core. Its a GREAT way to work the core in a different way than sit ups or crunches 5 times a week. You also say that your upper muscles usually don’t get sore, either you must be in great shape, or you never got to the max interval training part of the program. I did the first 4ish weeks of the program and was starting to feel great and when the program stepped up to the max training my entire body was very sore. Also another reason your upper body may not be getting sore is that Insanity is not a muscle building program like P90x, it’s a cardio/get lean/fit program. You won’t be sitting there doing 15 shoulder shrugs to get your back/shoulders in shape, you will be doin full body cardio exercises to get muscle groups into shape. Also I believe that not having weights in the Insanity program is a HUUUUGE advantage. If I go to the weight room and workout and get big, and build lots of muscle, but then stop goin what do you think happens to all that muscle? Overall a good comparison of the workouts, I just had to give my input on a few things. Thanks

    4 years ago
  240. Alan P said,

    I have done P90x for a year and half straight. I am 6″1 195 and don’t want to lose a lot of muscle but could still lose 5-10 pounds. Should I start doing Insanity and then go back to p90 when I finish Insanity?

    4 years ago
  241. Tim said,

    Just found this article after alot of debating on my own which program to try. I’m 5’11 185. Just feel like I’ve hit a plateau at the gym. I can some definition in my abs and other muscles but want to see more and lose some body fat. I’m leaning towards insanity since its more of a cardio/leaner workout. Any suggestions?

    4 years ago
  242. Marie said,

    I just read the article and I really appreciate the facts on both p90x & insanity. I have been reading up on both and don’t know if I should go for it or not. I’m 23 yrs old & have always been a little heavier between 160-185. Although that was my weight i did a lot of kickboxing. Within the last year and a half I blew up reaching my highest of 230lbs. I def need a change not only for self esteem but also health. So I started changing my eating habits and the gym about a month ago. I’m down to about 213 but I want quicker results. I want to lose the weight first and later when I reach about 170 I wanted to try the insanity to get more lean and tone … Should I start p90x to the lose the most of my weight? My goal is to remain steady around 145. Help please! Need guidance 🙂

    4 years ago
  243. Lori said,

    My family is working now on putting together our fitness plan. We would like to all work the same plan to keep us all accountable. Our daughter is lean, but would like to add definition but is concerned about bulk. My husband & I need to loose fat & build muscle.
    Would it be better to start with classic? Do you see the same great loss of fat?
    What would be the reasons for someone to do lean? Would they already be at a somewhat good weight but wanting to firm up?
    Thank you in advance…we need a little guidance on what will give us the most benefit…oh, and do you have a protein bar that you would recommend?

    4 years ago
  244. Bea said,

    Read this Gramps…

    4 years ago
  245. Yaved said,

    MM I dont know but i get the insanity i have a question i have abs already but i want to tone all my body like my abs mm upper body and backk what u recommended for me 🙂 im 18

    4 years ago
  246. alyshia said,

    thanks alot for this comparison. after two kids and the loss of my mother. . .i really jsut kind of let my self go. im not fat but compared to the muscle and tone i had in highschool.. . .i feel horrible and im ready to be healthier for myself and my family. I have decided to go with insanity sine i really have a problem eating healthy(I LOVE FOOD!!) i figured trying 60 days instead of 90 would be best. besides the fact that i want to feel like an athlete again!!! and all theh cardio and jumps.. .jsut seems more fun and instense!!!
    I dont understand how everyone feels Shawn T is yelling and making you feel bad though!! during that workout i NEED to be yelled at and pushed to keep going!!! lol or that could just be the Marine in me. .. . . But he is definetly motivating!!
    But again thanks for helping me choose! I Love all the advice u give as well!!!
    And im off to go DIG DEEPER!!

    4 years ago
  247. JJ said,

    I must first say that you have done a great job with doing a comparison between both P90x and Insanity. I have a relative doing P90x and he absolutely loves it, I watched both infomercials, did my research and decided with Insanity. I actually was able to get my wife and my 12 year old son doing it. I should say to start it…… My question/problem is after one week of doing this my lower back began to flair up, I have 3 degenerative disc in my back and I guess all of the jumping around really has bothered them. I happened to be at my doctors that second week due to a cold and was telling him of my back problems, knowing my history he recommended me discontinuing doing it.

    My problem: I love insanity. I agree whole heartily with alyshia. If I didn’t have Shawn T on to work harder I wouldn’t. I’ve spent the last couple years getting me to a weight i’m happy with (6’3 204lbs), I’m in shape but could do better (want to be 185-190). I’ve become a avid cyclist and have little to no upper body strength. Mainly due to the fact that I’m a cardio junky and I’m not big on lifting weights due to not wanting to bulk. Muscles are weight, which turns in to the more time it takes to get up a hill.

    2nd problem: Both my wife and my son stopped due to lack of motivation. Help on getting them excited again to get back with it.

    My question. How do I modify insanity to limit the my back irritations? I realize the first thing would be to limit the amount of jumping but I’m looking for other ideas.

    Any and all suggestions would be great…

    Thanks for a very informative site..

    4 years ago
  248. Luveyian said,

    Great article!

    I started Insanity 3 weeks ago and I’ve lost around 8 lbs.

    I was very overweighted to begin with( 6’0, 245lbs).Fortunately for me,I play quite a bit of basketball so my joints and lower back are pretty strong, but even that I was taking a lot of breaks. What I felt was that the first 2 weeks were more like a body conditioning to make myself capable of pushing harder.

    What you said about Shaun T constantly screaming, I’d say it’s personal preference. Being born the lazy type of guy, I can’t really go over my limit if no one is pushing me. It’s kinda like when you were little your parents would force you to learn a musical instrument, you’d hate them at the time but feel so grateful when you picked up a hot chick with that. =D

    4 years ago
  249. fabian said,

    Insanity is deff not for beginners its the hardest more intense work out you’ll ever do. I’ve done both P90x and Insanity. If you are just starting i would recommend P90x first and move onto Insanity. If you are an athlete and want to be better do Insanity. I can’t stress this enough Insanity is like Plyometrics on crack. After the 60 days you will be a different person. Good luck

    4 years ago
  250. Gwen said,

    Hi, i’m 20 and me and a girlfriend of mine were thinking about starting insanity. We’re both on the lean side. I’m about 97 pounds and 5’1 and she’s about 112 and 5’5. We’re both not really looking to lose weight rather lose inches and maybe gain weight (in muscle), i’m frequently in the “underweight” borderline of my bmi, but not because of anorexia or diet (which oddly enough is tons of fast food) but I think because I have almost no muscle mass at all. I want to tone up my arms and legs for a more athletic look and loose about 3 inches from my waist. My stomach has a huge hang when I sit and i’ve developed rolls on my back and ribcage. I just want to loose it and have a more healthier toned appearance overall. I don’t have much time since I work alot and hardly have more than a couple of hours to myself a day (which I use for errands and getting ready for work), so I think insanity would be go for me especially since I didnt really get the results I wanted from a gym membership (and I need instant gratification or I tend to give up easy). I’ll do hard work if I get the results my problem is just wondering if it would interfear with my lifestyle too much. I can’t even do a pushup!! so i’m hoping this will help that, but i’m also afraid that it will leave me immobilized. I work as a cocktail waitress so i’m constantly walking back and forth with alot of weight on my tray (which I hold with one hand) and I have to be on my feet walking or standing with no sitting for around 7-8 hour shifts. Do you think i’ll be able to do that without it interfearing with work to much?? or can I take multivitamins or some sort of protein to help with the muscle soreness thatll make this bareable.

    4 years ago
  251. Jenny said,

    I have done p90x but because of lack of time I am now doing Insanity and let me tell you Insanity is insane I love it 100% better than P90X. Very very intense!

    4 years ago
  252. arthur said,

    nice article. Question. I’m currently on insanity and I started on my 3rd disk. Currently I go to the Gym so i can get some muscle, then go home rest for about an hour then start on the Insanity program, is this recommended or it just depends on the time I spend on the Gym.

    4 years ago
  253. Nicki said,


    Great article. I love Tony Horton. I worked out with P90 and He is a great trainer. I don’t know about Shaun T. So, since I want to gain muscle and definition, I am thinking I should go with Tony since he is great at focusing on that. My only issue is the pull-up bar workouts. I live in a small house and I have roommates. The only place I can work out is in my small room and a not too sturdy door. Do you have any advice on what to substitute for the pull-up bar workouts? Thanks a lot.

    4 years ago
  254. Britt K said,

    Hey thanks for all the great advice. Is there anyway to modify any moves? I have terrible knees at the age of 25, severe arthritis, ACL repairs in both knees. I was a runner and that’s obviously out of the question and am starting p90x…any advice or ways to modify any moves? Thank you for your time!

    4 years ago
  255. MeCeci said,

    Love your comparison! I’m starting P90x because I’m going to Hawaii in 63 days. I’m not really concerned about my weight, but I do want to tone my arms and abs. The program is 90 days and I’m wondering if you have any suggestions as to what I should focus on or if I’ll see results in 60 days. Thanks in advance!

    4 years ago
  256. Jeremy said,

    Hey thanks for all the comparisons on both of the workout plans. i believe one of the two will be perfect for me. I’m 21 in the military, I’m 6’1″ about 240, i used to play football so I’m pretty bulky and strong but my body doesn’t reflect my strength, i can admit i gained some weight over the few years going from 205 to 240 and gained a tire around my waist but i can’t seem to do anything to lose it. i just don’t know which workout will be the best for me to start.

    Can someone PLEASE give me advice!!!
    Thanks in advance

    4 years ago
  257. Susan said,

    Thank you for the great comparison and review of the workouts. I found your article when I already started Insanity. I’m on my second week and am enjoying the intensity of it. I chose Insanity because I wanted to try an intense program that didn’t require any equipment.

    I apologize for my forthcoming lengthy input, but I hope that people will find various parts helpful.

    I’m 48, 5’3″, and was 162 when I started Insanity. Hopefully my weight will have gone down a pound or two or I will have lost a few inches at my next fit test. I don’t appear as big as people would imagine because how I’m proportioned/my overall frame. I’ve been a size 6 for many years. My goal is to lose weight and be as fit as I can be.

    Quite a few years ago (prior to doing P90X), I lost 30 pounds in three months by eating clean: I reduced portions of starch, replaced soda with diet soda, ate whole grains, etc., and walked on a treadmill. It was an accomplishment; however, I still need to get to the appropriate weight for my height.

    Nutrition is very important, about 80%. You need to eat clean (especially if you want a six pack). I know better but didn’t watch portions, etc. half the time when I did P90X, so I remained in decent shape and not as fit as I should have been by the end.

    I have issues with certain jump moves in Insanity. Fortunately I learned from P90X the importance to modify, modify, modify. So I step through those exercises and when I need to rest. I try to keep moving, then I’m able to do the next exercise.

    I loaned P90X to a friend who ate clean, followed the program except for yoga (and possibly stretch), used a super heavy resistance band instead of a pullup bar, and stopped drinking alcohol for 90 days. He lost 20 pounds, lost most of his belly fat, and looked great. However, on the 91st day, he started drinking a lot again, not exercising, and went back to his old eating habits. His belly became large again. He decided he wanted a six pack, so he started eating clean in December and recently started a hybrid of P90X2 and Insanity.

    Also, he did well when he did P90X but probaby would have done better if he ate the amount of calories that he was supposed to. For his new round, he’s making an effort to do this.

    I have diabetes type 2 and take meds. I always check my blood sugar levels before and after a workout, and during if it’s a new exercise or if I don’t feel well (shaky). On rare occasions, my BSL was in the 200s pre-exercise then it dropped 100 when I finished an intense workout.

    It’s important to “know your limits”, which is one of the messages that Shaun T has on the screen. He encourages resting, especially if your form is jeopardized: Good form is more important than speed.

    I love Tony Horton’s training style. Also, he encourages quality over quantity, and to do the best that you can and forget the rest. This helped me with Yoga X: Eventually, the first half hour went by quickly. Also I enjoyed Kenpo X. It was fun for me as I used to do a kickboxing workout.

    My X2/Insanity hybrid friend worked so hard on his second day with Shaun T that he thought he was going to pass out, then he was sore so he wasn’t able to do any workout the following day. I reminded him that it doesn’t make sense to not take breaks just to keep up (or risk injury) while trying to get fit, especially if it’s avoidable.

    Yes, Shaun T yells a lot, but not at the beginning of the exercises. It’s when he’s working really hard which is the majority of the time.

    Whatever workout you decide to do, please do it safely. I wish you all the best on your journey to being healthy and fit! Remember to keep pushing play.

    4 years ago
  258. Sarah said,

    Great article! I am awaiting Insanity in the mail. Spending the next week or two getting ready. I appreciate the tips to get a heartrate monitor and to modify for a little bit to avoid injury. I can do an hour long high intensity interval spin class, but I am sure Insanity is going to kick my butt. Thanks for the tips!

    4 years ago
  259. Sara said,

    Hey…this is an excellent article. However I’ve been asking the same question I’m about to ask you, to a lot of people. So, I’m skinny, I’m not like skeleton skinny, like I have a good body. I’m a female. 18 years old, and have done sports in the past. However, I never got the body I wanted cuz I would slack. Lol! So, all I really want is to get toned. Like get nice abs and legs. Not too much arms, but it doesn’t matter about the arms whichever program I choose i won’t put to much into arms. The point is that I had a personal trainer, and I got a little bit of stretch marks. I was very upset, I’m skinny with stretch marks. What??? I weight 115-120 pounds. I could nt believe it. I don’t really want to lose weight, nor get all muscular and ugly, I just want nice abs, and nice legs to show me off without looking like a man. I wanna look sexy. You know? So, which one do you recommend me. I don’t care about time, or for how long I have to do it. As long as I get the results I want. Please help me.

    4 years ago
  260. Lu said,

    To Sara,
    Most definitely Insanity. If you do the calorie calculation in the nutrition guide that comes with the program and eat accordingly, you won’t be losing weight or putting on extra pounds. Because Insanity is a body-conditioning program that’ll help you lose body fat and put on muscle. Meanwhile, P90X is a lot more focused on upper body and strength and body building, therefore making it a less suitable choice in your case. About the stretch marks, you might want to see your doctor. Sometimes it’s the veins that are popping out and they can look like stretch marks.

    4 years ago
  261. Sara said,

    Thanks a lot Lu! 😉

    4 years ago
  262. cara said,

    So, my situation is I already have insanity. I recently lost thirty pounds just by walking/jogging on my treadmill. It has programmed weight loss workouts that I have switched up over the months but now I want to add strengh training. I weighed 155.5 and I’m down to 126 and I think its time to do something different. I still have some weight to lose; I’m only 4’10”. I guess my question is will insanity be my strength training as well or just cardio? I hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance.

    4 years ago
  263. Noelyn said,

    Hi, I am a 34 year old mother of two. I have always worked out but just cardio. Last year I decided to take up on weight training I loved it but didn’t see results like I wanted. So, now after 6 months of not working out I have decided to take up boxing 2x a week but I want muscles, six pack and all not huge but enough if I flex you can see my muscles. Would p90x be my best option???

    4 years ago
  264. Eric Brock said,

    Insanity is the best cardio work out you could ever have. I play hockey and that requires a lot of stamina. After about an hours worth of game play, I would be tired out and out of breathe. I started insanity program and just after 2 weeks of Inanity, I was able to play for 2 solid hours of hockey and not miss a step. Not the best for building muscle, its pure cardio but you will be in the best shape of your life.

    4 years ago
  265. Sarah said,

    Hi, I’m a 29 yr old mom to 4 (ages 6,4,2&1). My last child was a girl and she destroyed my body. I’m 5’9″ 160 lbs and pre-pregnancy I had a super high metabolism and topped out at 130. I’d like to lose weight in my thighs, butt & tummy. I don’t diet, I wouldn’t even know where to begin bc previous to my last pregnancy I could really eat anything and gain nothing. I love carbs though, I don’t know if eating is my issue but it might be. I’m tired all the time and I feel like a lump on a log, do you suggest insanity or p90x for me? I’ve never been someone who exercises either so a workout routine would be very new to my body!!

    4 years ago
  266. Henry said,

    I want to try one of these workout ,but unsure f which one. I weigh 255 and have been lifting for 20 years, but always lift for power. I want to get down to 200 because as i am getting older it hard to maintain.I willing to give up strength for fitness at this point in my life. Any advise?

    4 years ago
  267. Lu said,

    To Henry,
    Either of these program will get you the result you want. However, achieving the goal in your case is 80% nutritions since you’re already in shape, I assume. And because you’ll be losing body fat as well as part of your muscle weight at the same time, making sure that you’re doing it slowly is really important. I’d say 500 daily calorie deficit is a good rate to start at.
    You can do it, man! Check out the creator of P90X, Tony Horton. The guy is 54 this year and he’s in better shape than almost every person you can think of.

    4 years ago
  268. Kathi said,

    I am 46 years old and have 4 kids, my oldest 18. I am only 5 feet tall and weigh about 98 lbs. But I am what you would call skinny fat. Over the last year or so I’ve gained weight in my midsection and have become flabby. I have totally lost all muscle. I got lazy and stopped working out. I just started doing some cardio about 6 weeks ago and I seem some difference in my abs but, I want to get really tone. Would P90x better for me or insanity. I’m ready for either one.

    4 years ago
  269. Michelle said,

    i just need to say that as someone with an intense athletic background looking to change things up, I tried both workouts… and at the end of the day I have come to one very adamant conclusion- Tony Horton’s a plug. He is terribly conceited and annoying to watch… I choose to mute him everytime I do his workouts and try not to even watch the TV anymore as I can’t stand looking at him. I’ve also done Insanity and I absolutely love Shaun T. He is motivating in a very positive way that pushes you to do better and I aways feel amazing after his workouts. My vote is for Insanity- you’ll stick to something more when you enjoy it, and I quite frankly cannot wrap my head around enjoying Tony Horton’s ego.

    4 years ago
  270. Klaudia said,

    Hi 🙂
    First and foremost thanks for this great article 🙂 I started doing the p90x workouts and finished the first month, barely. I have pretty bad knees (ESP my right) so after the third week I had to restructure the schedule since I couldn’t much. Long story short that break ended up being 2 months since my knee refused to get any better – unfortunately tHat 2 month break coincided with the dec holidays and a very stressful beginning to a new semester. I know that my fitness level is so-so at this point and I’m also quite worried about my knee getting messed up again so I started looking at insanity. Which one of these would you consider to be lighter on the knees? Also, after that month I saw very little results – I did stretch the last week onto two :-/ if I adjust workouts to be lighter on the knees would they be less effective (referring to the p90x)? Thanks, Klaudia

    4 years ago
  271. Phil said,

    Hey, great article. Just a couple of thoughts. I like to look at Shaun’s “pushing” us (“dig deeper” and “push push push”) not as saying you’re not doing good enough but as motivating. That is how I always perceived it. I’m not saying you’re wrong but just how I perceive it. I take my LAST FIT TEST today and will have officially gotten through Insanity. Just a couple thoughts that might have already been addressed but I cannot keep track of everything written here in the commments.

    In regard to Insanity, yes… people need to be VERY aware of all the jumping and such in Insanity. Tendonitis? Yes. I am definitely feeling it in my knees and my elbows after month 2. Month 1 was not quite so bad but I think I pushed a little too hard in month two. After a day or two of rest they start to feel fine but I’m sore right now after pushing max cardio this last day (and was crazy enough to try Insane Abs on the last day too).

    In regard to being too out of shape for Insanity, however: I have read way too many testimonials of people who came in at 3 or 4 bills who still did Insanity. They modified, modified, modified, until they could do it. I do not think someone can be too out of shape for Insanity. HOWEVER!!!! anyone who does Insanity needs to be very careful and conscious of their bodies. You might need to do push-ups off the wall (you’re standing, leaning on the wall and pushing instead of on the floor). You might need to not do the jumps but maybe just do leg lifts or something else during those exercises. Essentially, you might have to not do the specific exercise but substitute it.

    Excellent article, though. As I said, I just finished Insanity and after taking a week to do some low impact exercise (swimming a couple times this week) I am moving onto P90X; I will hopefully be buying X-2 soon and Asylum this summer. This gives a GREAT run-down of the workouts.

    As a note, I found the Insanity warm-ups inadequate too. Since when I started the warm up was a workout in and of itself, I have been doing my own warm up and stretch before Insanity based on the old standard Army warm up and stretch routine.

    4 years ago
  272. Phil said,

    I’m 6’2″ and 290 pounds, by the way. I started at 288. According to the Army method (which is a really crappy and highly inaccurate method) of checking body fat I was at about 34%. I bought a caliper at the start of month 2 and went from 26% down to 24% and now to 19% (which means I’m officially not “overfat” anymore). I still definitely have belly fat though. As you can see, I have not lost any weight but have gained a couple of pounds (but still lost fat). I gained (as of last measurement… my last measurement for Insantiy I’m going to do on Monday) over 2 inches of lean muscle mass on each leg, over an inch on each arm, and after losing fat am starting to gain a muscley butt and thus my hip measurements are going up. Month 2 is a LOT of glute and leg work. I would add, for the record, that while I started on Insanity and really like Insanity, I do not have a “preferenc” for either of them; they both have their time and place. I, personally, prefer Shaun T’s style to Tony’s but the workouts themselves have great purposes and places for each individual.

    4 years ago
  273. Amy said,

    Hi! I am trying to decide on P90X or Insanity. My wedding is in less than 3 months, but I am not in bad shape to begin with. I am a 5′ 6.5″ and size 4 female, weighing about 140. My issue is I don’t get to the gym enough because of work, but I definitely want to work out. I want to look lean and toned in my wedding photos, and from then on out. I worry about bulking with P90X, but also worry about losing the muscle I DO have with Insanity. I like the cut shoulders look!

    Any suggestions? I have about 10 weeks to the wedding.

    4 years ago
  274. Charlie said,

    This is a great article comparison. I tried starting out with Insanity before I heard of P90X. I can do Insanity, but I’d like more bulk. I’m 5′ 10″ and weigh about 135. Yeah I’m small, I eat a lot while trying to keep it healthy and have tried gaining weight before. I’m thin, but I’m not as fit as I want to be. I’m starting P90X today, I’ve read through the comments about the kenpo and p90 plyro, would it be good to mix in Insanity in between the P90X resistance workouts? Cardio Abs in place of Ab Ripper, Insanity plyro in for P90X plyro, and Pure Cardio in for kenpo? I’m just wondering if that would be more beneficial for bulking up, and becoming overall more fit and active.

    4 years ago
  275. Susan said,

    Hi Charlie,

    I recommend you do each of the P90X exercises to form your own opinion and to have more options, including Plyo, Kenpo, Ab Ripper. You can then replace with the Insanity workouts that you prefer.

    Everyone is wonderful in sharing their experiences and tips. However, what doesn’t work for several people may work for you. For example: Working hard on P90X, I looked forward to Kenpo X because that was fun for me.

    Also, if you haven’t done all the Insanity exercises, I recommend doing each one at least once. Even Max Recovery works you.

    This is just food for thought, so to speak.

    I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do.


    4 years ago
  276. Ali M. said,

    I have lost about 50 pounds. I’ve went form 174.6 to 124.6 in about 2 years. I have went from a size 12 pant size to size 0. But I had thyroid issues, that are now solved. I’m not that tall and want to get down to 110. For me I have always been an apple shape. I’m tiny on the top, but still have my butt and thighs. 🙁 I want my ass gone! Not literally, but I want to be able to fit into size 00 jeans. Don’t worry I know how to lose weight the healthy way. I eat super healthy and lost weight with weight watchers. 110 is perfectly healthy for my height according to my doctor.I will still be in the “normal” category for my b.m.i. I just want to get as small and toned as I can for bikini season. So with this information I believe insanity would be the best?!

    Thanks for your time!

    4 years ago
  277. sarah yang said,

    Hey there Thaya! I absolutely love this post! You actually helped me make my decision! I must say p90x is a very great workout dvd and I love it because after having my baby boy, I did the full 90 days and lost all the baby weight! Right now I’m doing insanity and its a killer! I’m on week two right now but am thinking about switching back to p90x just because I lost weight. Before I started insanity, I started p90x again and lost 5 lbs that same week just because I was dieting and watching what I ate. With insanity on the hand, I haven’t lost a pound even though I’ve been dieting and watching what I eat. But you are right about insanity and how it doesn’t really work certain muscles that need the workout. P90x does it all so I’m gonna start back up on it tomorrow morning with no resting days. I plan to lose 20-30 lbs and with the way insanity is going for me right now, I probably won’t lose but 5-10 lbs at the most. I’m 5 ft tall and weigh 152 as of right now. I wanna get down to 125 or at least 130. Anyways, thank you so much for this post. I’ve been looking all over for one that really broke it down and you said it well! Thanks a bunch!

    4 years ago
  278. Tom B. said,


    I read your article on p90x vs Insanity… I also took 2 hours and read through the comments and your answers to them… after all of that I’m still not sure what to do other products have come out… I am going to be 51 years old next month… I’m 5’7″, 182 lbs… I am eating well yet can’t seem to loose the weight like I used to… I want to lose 20-25 lbs…. I have a shoulder problem and can’t do pull-ups or shrugs… I’m not sure whether it’s rotator cuff or bursitis but it can hurt pretty bad… I need to work out but want to use the best program for me… I really value your opinion…. what do you think?…

    4 years ago
  279. bonnie said,

    I have been doing P90X for a few years. I just ordered Insanity to incorporate more hardcore cardio. My plan is to mesh the two.

    4 years ago
  280. Carley said,

    Ok so i am really trying to figure out which one is better for me! I still want to get better abs legs and everything but i want to tone. I don’t want to get too bulky or anything just wanna be more firm! If you get the p90X does that come with the lean tone thing or is that something separate? Sorry. thanks for any help.

    4 years ago
  281. Rebecca said,

    Well I am about to start my first day of insanity tomorrow morning… I have read all of the comments here I think I might like this one… WISH ME luck

    4 years ago
  282. bonnie said,

    I experienced lean muscle w p90, but only lean toward 6 of the dvds and do modify moves, ie push ups w ball and no pull ups, I sit in a chair and push up w weights. My favorites are core, legs, shoulders/ arms, k empo, plyo

    4 years ago
  283. Carley said,

    I believe that i’m going to oder p90x and give it a try. Good luck rebecca!

    4 years ago
  284. Lisa said,

    Hi, I am 45 year old female 5’9″ 160 lbs. I would like to lose 20-25 lbs and tone up (and maybe build some muscle) all over but mainly my lower body where most of the extra weight is. I moderately exercise and have no health issues other than being lazy. P90X or Insanity?

    4 years ago
  285. bonnie said,

    I would recommend p90x for muscle building. I did
    end up modifying some moves, so try not to be frustrated. I am on day 3 of insanity, my back is not responding well, will keep on it.

    4 years ago
  286. Jess said,

    My friend borrow a copy of Insanity from her boyfriend and the first day during the fitness test, I was extremely exhausted! I’ve never really worked out this hard before and it winded me a bit but I managed to scrape through. I felt a little soreness in my thighs, but it wasn’t enough to keep me from moving about and exercising. My second day, I was surprised at how fast the pace picked up during the warm-ups and I was sweating before the main exercises started! The routines became faster and as I pushed myself, I stepped wrong and twisted my ankle. The way the exercises are can easily let someone else get injured. My friend and I have been thinking about trying P90X and I’m starting to think it’s the right thing to do. I don’t want to do routines so fast they make me injury my body.

    4 years ago
  287. bonnie said,

    Jess- I agree w you, p90x has movements with purpose. I am now on day 5 of Insanity and enjoying the intensity. My plan is to to the 60 day challenge, then combine the 2.

    4 years ago
  288. Farrah said,

    Can’t decide!! Im still trying to lose that last 10 lbs of baby weight that I can’t shed. The bull of my weight are in my thighs. I really want to tone them and tighten my core WITHOUT getting bulky!! Just long and lean and toned!! Hopefully by 4th of July weekend if possible! Help!

    4 years ago
  289. Lauren said,

    I’m 5’11 200lbs and I’m trying to lose 100 lbs. Any tips??

    4 years ago
  290. Crystal said,

    @ Lauren that is dangerous and unrealistic. 5’11 and wanting to go from 200 to 130 or 140 is more like it. Not 200 to 100. That’s called anorexia

    4 years ago
  291. bonnie said,

    Use my fitness pal to track your calories. Phone ap or online

    4 years ago
  292. Jay said,

    i’m looking to start insanity, but the doctor’s here in Korea say that I should not do anything intense because of back problems. I am doing chiropractor and acupuncture for a few weeks. I also really want to get back into lifting and basketball (things I used to do regularly), but the docs say only swimming and walking!

    I am ectomorphic: about 6 feet and 157 pounds and want to get back in shape/gain muscle. Do you have any advice? Is insanity okay for someone like me?

    4 years ago
  293. bonnie said,

    Jay- insanity is very quick movements and a lot of jumping. I had back pain for the first few days and majorly fatigued the first week. My suggestion would-be to watch them before doing and adjust movements to be smart for your back. I’ve been through years of back issues and have learned to protect it even if I mentally want to go 110%. Not worth it!

    4 years ago
  294. Serge said,

    I’ve been using Insanity for the last 2 years ( 3 times a week ) .

    Insanity is one tough workout !!

    I would divide Insanity into 2 parts :

    1) Advanced ( 3 core DVD )

    – pure cardio, plyo, power resistance. They last about 45 minutes and you have to be in pretty shape to start with and after you’re used to the workouts , you have to be in great shape just to follow. I’m not old anymore (mid fifies) but pretty fit ( 6’1 – 175 ) and I ran marathons,did triahtlons, and cross-country skiing “loppets” and I still run 3 times a week along with the 3 insanity workouts. I can finish the workouts but it will take all I have. A few people tried it with me and most of them could not even finish the warm-up. I did these 3 DVD with my son for 3 months as he was peaking in his training just before leaving for Afghanistan as a trooper for the Canadian Army ; he admitted Insanity was one tough workout even for him.

    2) Extremely advanced ( 3 core DVD)

    Max interval circuit, Max interval plyo, Max cardio conditionning
    When my son came back from Aghanistan ( June 2011 ) , we started to do Insanity together again. Then he suggested we made it tougher. So we started to do the same 3 DVD again but doing the last part twice, the last part being the toughest one. After a month , we decided to try the DVD mentionned above.

    For those worried about Insanity not being “muscular” enough , well these are pure torture . I do the Max Interval plyo once a week and the last push-up of this hell is such a relief … I wouldn’t do one more push-up . I do my best but cannot follow Shaun-T and friends on this one. My son can but it takes everything he has and it has to be on a perfect day … It’s nothing but brutal !!

    Even at my age , my body changed over the last 2 years .

    I used to have a “runner’s shape” but it has changed to a much more muscular shape with my weight staying the same at 175.

    Can’t be more happy with Insanity .. despite the suffering !!

    4 years ago
  295. Tricia said,


    I’m a runner but am thinking of trying P90x or Insanity to help with core strength and overall toning (no bulkin up). Which one do you think is best for runners? I run an average 15-20 miles per week and more when training for races. Thanks!

    4 years ago
  296. bonnie said,

    I would do pilates. Both are a body commitment- dont know where you’d get stamina for both.

    4 years ago
  297. Jessica said,

    The beginning of January 2012 I was at my heaviest, 230lbs being only 5 feet and 7inches tall… OVERWEIGHT for sure…. So I made a decision that would change my life for the best, DIET. I started to eat more protein and less carbs, also I cut back on a lot of sugar especially sodas and drinking more water (2x 1.5 liter)… Did I mention I’m a woman? Anyhow, May 01, 2012 I’ve lost a total of 40lbs although I look much thinner to those around me, and was told by many others that I shouldn’t lose any more weight because I look perfectly fine now… but how???? I still weight 190lbs… I’m proud I lost 40lbs but I would love to be at my average weight for my height (140-160)…. So my question to you is… which of the TWO workout DVD’s, insanity and P90x, would get me in shape and at my normal average weight… oh by the way I could already see TWO… just two small pack in my abs… exciting, this motivates me to continue and get in shape, but which of the two DVD’s will be best for me?

    4 years ago
  298. Alejandro said,

    Jessica let me tell you something, I personally recomend P90X cause it’s much more easy for us heavy people, When I started the program i was 279lbs (December 5) and now 150 days later i’m on 160lbs all muscle, Thanks to p90x I havent gained nor lost another pound.

    So there you have it.

    Plus with Insanity you could hurt yourself if youre a begginer.

    Hope you can find my answer usefull, just keep going you can do it.

    4 years ago
  299. kendle said,

    Im 12, 125,and 5’4 i want to get abs and get faster and huge strong arms would insanity be an ok choise for that?

    4 years ago
  300. Jessica said,

    Alejandro thanks for having the time to answering my question… I have purchased BOTH workouts, and I totally agree with you, I’ve tried doing the insanity DVD and there was no way I could keep up with them… I kept running out of breath and my body was aching, so I quit and decided to try P90x… what a difference, although it’s not as easy as it seems… but it’s achievable. I find myself pushing my body till the end, and it feels amazing (a little sore… but a good type of sore)… Congrats on your weight loss that is very amazing and very inspiring to hear hopefully I will achieve what you have achieved and be able to stick with the program till the end or keep continuing it until I get tired of it… Thanks again.

    4 years ago
  301. Linus Heidenreich said,

    I have been doing insanity for 60 days + extended 30 days now primarily for fat loss around my stomach. I weigh 77 kg. Unfortunately I was at 77kg before – no idea how that works. I am 30 at 182 cm height. So I eat healthy about 2500 kcal per day. So everything according to plan. But when I round my upper body over I see the fat around my belly. When I sit on a chair my belly fat shows it’s ugly face. Even though I have the impression to be lean overall as soon as I look at my bottom and belly – places I had visible fat before – I see it’s still there. Also I felt like loosing muscle mass. Is P90X better for my goal?

    4 years ago
  302. sarah said,

    Thank you for this! I have been doing p90x for two weeks now and I have already lost five pounds. I was debating on whether I should try out insanity or not and everything you’ve said here has been extremely helpful. I think I’ll be sticking to Tony Horton good attitude and my P90x :]

    4 years ago
  303. Michael said,

    I had ACL replacement a year ago and have packed on 25 pounds as I can’t enjoy the sports I use to run in order to stay in shape. I was very active now o have fat in places I never knew you could. It sounds like insanity might not be the best choice for me but also sounds like the best sweat I could get and a faster return to form. Please clarify my worry on the iffy knee and if you think insanity will work For me.

    4 years ago
  304. bonnie said,

    I would suggest p90x and stay away from the plyometrics. Insanity is alot of jumping, not good for your knee. Good luck!

    4 years ago
  305. nick said,

    @Farrah, then do Insanity. I lost 17 pounds in 2 months. I am 5’8 and weighed 157 pounds at the beginning. I now weigh 140 pounds and I feel like a machine! 😛

    4 years ago
  306. nick said,

    I don’t think you have done INSANITY. First of all, INSANITY is divided into two parts. The first month and second. The exercises on the second month (MAX workouts) are unbelievably hard but achievable(well not at the first round though :P). The max workouts are in average 1 hour long. And INSANITY contains ab workouts, Cardio Abs and Insane abs, the latter destroys P90X’s Ab Ripper X. I got abs on the side because of that.
    And about the personality of Shaun T, Shaun T is the best motivator I’ve ever seen, he’s much better than Tony. Contrary to your belief, he doesn’t yell at you. He pushes you. And unlike your post, he clearly enforces form, that’s why he walks around and corrects their form or sometimes even tells them to take a rest because they are compromising form. What do you want him to do if that isn’t called enforcing? Do you want him to beat them up or what?

    I think you should correct your post regarding INSANITY since you have wrong information everywhere.

    4 years ago
  307. Linus Heidenreich said,

    I have been doing insanity for 60 days + extended 30 days now primarily for fat loss around my stomach. I weigh 77 kg. Unfortunately I was at 77kg before – no idea how that works. I am 30 at 182 cm height. So I eat healthy about 2500 kcal per day. So everything according to plan. But when I round my upper body over I see the fat around my belly. When I sit on a chair my belly fat shows it’s ugly face. Even though I have the impression to be lean overall as soon as I look at my bottom and belly – places I had visible fat before – I see it’s still there. Also I felt like loosing muscle mass. Is P90X better for my goal?

    4 years ago
  308. Nikkee said,

    I been doing bootcamp classes four days a week sin january and though i add lots of muscle and gotten a little bet tone i still havent recieve the results i needed. I was totally thinking of doing the Insanity workout but I do need a second opinion. I did read your article and I was quite surprise because i was wondering what kind of results you can get with the both!. SO I dont mind opinions! I just want to drop the fat arounf my midsection and thighs. But i dont want to loose my butt because it has gotten bigger

    4 years ago
  309. Linus Heidenreich said,

    Does anyone read my question at? Am I talking to myself here?

    4 years ago
  310. bonnie said,

    Nikkee- I had such a great time w insanity i decided to do it again. Perhaps I will mix the two after this go round. Linus, perhaps you need todig into calories/ nutrition