No More Excuses: The Arthur Boorman Story

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Arthur Boorman

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“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” – E. James Rohn (1930-2009, American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker)

No Excuses

Recently, a friend of mine posted a video on my Facebook wall. The video was of a man who eventually beat the odds, made no excuses and gained control of his life back. I was moved to tears and my body was completely blanketed in chills after watching it! I was curious to find out more about this man and his outstanding transformation, so I jumped on Google and quickly discovered his name is Arthur Boorman and he was a disabled veteran of the Gulf War.

The video (links to it are provided at the end of this article), which was published by Dallapage on YouTube on April 30, 2012 and has since had more than 4.7 million hits, showed a man reliant on two walking braces. He was a 47-year-old disabled veteran paratrooper in the Gulf War. Too many jumps cost him his back and knees, and for 15 years doctors told him he’d never walk unassisted again. At 5’8”, he ballooned to 297 pounds and eventually gave up on life. He couldn’t walk or run and exercise was impossible for him. Because he gave up on himself, so did others.

It wasn’t until one day when Boorman was surfing the net and came across former professional wrestler “Diamond” Dallas Page. Page suffered similar injuries to Boorman’s, but made recovery through yoga. Page eventually started his own program, DDP Yoga, which is what Boorman stumbled upon. Boorman reached out to Page asking for advice to improve his balance and strength. The two connected and Page began helping Boorman. Page believed in Boorman when no one else did.

With the help of Page, Boorman began yoga. Slowly, Boorman took back control of his life. At first, he was terrible at it and kept falling over because of his lack of balance and strength. Finally, the weight started coming off and Boorman attempted to walk on his own without the help of braces. He was gaining his strength and balance back! In just six months, he lost 100 pounds and he was able to run! He did it – he proved himself and everyone, doctors included, wrong! In 10 months, he lost a total of 140 pounds all because one person believed in him, he made no excuses, he pushed himself and he never gave up!

What was your excuse again? Seriously, throw them all away because you do have enough time, you aren’t too tired, you can get a break from your kids, exercise can be fun, and you can set yourself small and attainable goals so you don’t end up quitting!


Arthur Boorman Video Clips

There are a couple of versions of Boorman’s story on video that I came across. The first is the one that is posted on Dallapage on YouTube, and the second is a video Boorman’s 19-year-old son created.

Dallapage YouTube – Arthur Boorman:

Arthur Boorman – Vimeo:





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  1. Some1 out there said,

    If we took this as a rule for our lives “no more excuses” we can be productive.
    Thanks alot.

    6 years ago
  2. Magen Petit said,

    Exactly! 🙂 thanks for reading!

    6 years ago


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