Gamma Labs PTF Pre Workout Supplement Review

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Gamma Labs PTFIf you missed it, I previously wrote about the top 10 rated pre workout supplements. After publishing that article, the nice guys at Gamma Labs contacted me and asked if I can help review their new Gamma Labs PTF (Pre-training Formula). Being the supplement nut that I am, I agreed that I will do an honest review of the product (no matter how good or bad it is). Let the review begin!

What is Gamma Labs PTF?

Gamma Labs PTF Ingredients

Gamma Labs PTF Ingredients

Gamma Labs PTF is a pre workout supplement used to help you get more out of your workout by proving ingredients to help you lift harder and workout longer.

Notable ingredients in the pre workout mix:

  • Caffeine helps increases focus, alertness, and energy.
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine helps increase alertness and energy through increased mitochondrial capacity.
  • Creatine Complex: creatine is the most studied and proven to helps enhance workout performance.
  • Arginine Complex helps promote Nitric Oxide (NO) synthesis (for pumps).
  • Citrulline Malate also helps promote NO but has better uptake than Arginine.
  • Beta Alanine has been shown to improve muscle endurance by buffering lactic acid.
  • Tyrosine helps promote adrenaline synthesis to increase alertness, focus, and energy.

What did I think about Gamma Labs PTF?

The Good

Tastes like Hawaiian Punch. I love Hawaiian Punch!

I love the clean energy. I have taken a lot of pre workout supplements out there and I am a big fan of clean energy. I once took 1.M.R. and I almost lost my mind from the psychotic rush it gave me. Psychotic energy might sound good at first, but not being able to focus when lifting heavy things can really be dangerous.

No crash. Again, I have taken many stimulants out there that gives me a crash after the stims wear off. I didn’t get any crash at all from Gamma Labs PTF.

It’s nice to feel the pump again. Usually after a few weeks of taking a pre workout supplement, I lose the pump feel. Previously, I was using Jack3d which uses Arginine-only as a Nitric Oxide promoter. I suspect that the citrulline malate had some part in helping me get the pump back.

Work capacity stayed steady when switching from Jack3d to Gamma Labs PTF. I did not get any weaker (which is my biggest fear when trying new stuff). I was able to progressively get stronger and stronger week after week during the trail period.

The Bad (no product is perfect)

The clean energy is great, but the PTF focus feeling didn’t last long enough for me. This problem is specific for people who can tolerate stimulants and workout longer than 1 hour. I found that the stimulants in 2 scoops run out after about an hour (even though I feel like the work capacity is still there since I was still able to lift heavy stuff). I ended up having to pop a caffeine pill at about the 55 minute mark.

The cost can get pricey at $1.07-$2.13 per workout.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Gamma Labs PTF is a pretty solid and clean pre workout supplement for people who are a bit new to pre workout supplements. It only contains things that have been heavily studied and proven to work and it doesn’t contain anything that lacks enough studies (e.g. 1,3-Dimethylamylamine) which can potentially be dangerous if you don’t cycle the substance.

If I can choose what to change about the pre-training formula, I’d tell the guys at Gamma Labs to throw in some choline citrate and more caffeine to help with focus and reduce the price a bit.


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