Don’t Get Disappointed If You Can’t Get to Perfect

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If you are planning to get fit so that you can look like those people in the magazines, these videos are a good reality check. What you see in those magazines is simply unattainable.

If you train full-time as a pro-athlete, with trainers, and ate the way you’re supposed to eat, you’re body can probably get close but who has time?

The media pushes out images of the “perfect physique” in the interest of selling people more cosmetics, supplements, and other beauty products. What’s worst is, since your body can never get there, you’ll end up buying an endless stream of beauty products.

My take on it is, if you use those images as a motivation to get healthier, then more power to you. If you do that, make sure you know what is healthy and what is not healthy. Starving yourself and exercising to the point of blacking out is not healthy. Your body needs proper nutrition, proper amount of exercise, and adequate recovery time to get in good shape.

Here’s the follow up to the first video for those who are interested:

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  1. BollyFit said,

    Wonderful reality check. An article explored the same topic from a woman’s perspective recently and questions the authenticity of Hollywood stars who claim they eat unhealthy food and stay skinny!

    6 years ago


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