Click ‘N Snap: A Fun, Challenging Way to Reach Your Fitness Goals!

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#SeptemberFit Photo Challenge

© Magen Petit

Who doesn’t like a good (and fun!) challenge? I know I do, especially when it comes to physical fitness and exercising.

I joined Instagram – the free photo-sharing program and social network – more than a year ago, and at that time I wasn’t aware of how powerful of a networking tool it can be, and how it can help me reach my own fitness goals!

When I made the commitment to compete in my fitness competition in April, I started taking photos of myself to track my progression. I posted a picture here and there on Instagram and started following those who are either in the fitness industry, or just starting out on their own fitness journey, etc. Eventually, I came across some month-long photo “challenges.” These are great opportunities for those who are passionate about fitness or trying to reach their goals and stay motivated. I participated in a couple of them and really liked them. Much to my surprise they actually held me accountable and helped me reach my goals.

Instead of anxiously waiting for another challenge to be posted, I decided to put one together for the month of September. I posted it the last day of August and for it being my first challenge I’d say it’s doing pretty well! I figure if I can help even one person stay on top of their fitness goals and keep them motivated, then it’s a success. I am also taking part in my #septemberfit challenge.

Here’s How It Works

I reached out to a fellow Instagrammer – @itschristina_nicole – and asked if she’d like to be part of this challenge with me. Together, we created 30 different photo challenges, one a day for the 30 days in September. We named it the September Fit Challenge and have Instagrammers tag their photos with the following hashtag: “septemberfit” which ultimately looks like this: #septemberfit. We also have them tag our Instagram names: @magenfit23 and @itschristina_nicole.


The Daily Challenges

Day 1 – “Before” Flexed Photo
Day 2 – Supplements
Day 3 – Labor Day Fun
Day 4 – Favorite Workout Gear
Day 5 – Favorite Cardio Equipment
Day 6 – Gallon of H2O Complete
Day 7 – Non-gym Clothes
Day 8 – Cheat Meal
Day 9 – Stretch It Out
Day 10 – Dumbbells
Day 11 – Let Me See You Sweat
Day 12 – Breakfast
Day 13 – Pre-workout Meal
Day 14 – Post-workout Meal
Day 15 – What’s For Dinner?
Day 16 – Favorite Protein Bar
Day 17 – Favorite Brand of Supplements
Day 18 – Bis/Tris
Day 19 – Abs
Day 20 – Quads
Day 21 – Shoulders
Day 22 – Back
Day 23 – Calves
Day 24 – What’s In Your Gym Bag?
Day 25 – Fitness Buddy
Day 26 – Your Motivation
Day 27 – Gym
Day 28 – Workout Music
Day 29 – What Makes You Happy
Day 30 – “After” Flexed Photo

Fitness Challenge

Example of my submissions for the #septemberfit challenge. © Magen Petit

I love seeing how people interpret each photo challenge and I look forward to seeing them post daily! It’s fun for me and it also helps keep me motivated!

Do you want to give it a shot, too? It’s not too late! Just start with the current date we’re on and go from there, or start from the beginning – it’s up to you! Have fun with it and be creative! You can find phone applications that will allow you to put labels on your photos or put multiple photos in one. I have an iPhone and really enjoy using Camera+ and Instaframe.

Good luck and don’t forget to find me on Instagram – @magenfit23.


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  1. Alex Levandoski said,

    Good post! Sometimes challenges can be extremely motivating. That’s a real good use of Instagram!

    5 years ago
  2. Magen Petit said,

    Thank you, Alex!!

    5 years ago
  3. Kelli said,

    You should also check out the iPhone app and website, ChallengeLoop. ChallengeLoop lets you challenge yourself and others to achieve your health and fitness goals. Very fun!

    5 years ago
  4. Magen Petit said,

    Thanks Kelli! I’ve never heard of ChallengeLoop before. I’ll check it out and see what it’s all about.

    5 years ago


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