Best Fish Oil Supplements (That Do Not Stink!)

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Although fish oil is one of the most healthiest supplements out there, I hate taking it because minutes later, I start getting fishy breath and smelly burps. Those of you who have taken fish oil before know exactly what I mean. This smelliness is usually caused by low quality fish oil or low quality capsules that dissolve way before the small intestine (where nutrients get absorbed). I’ll go over a couple of bad fish oil brands and a few of the best fish oil supplements in this post.

Not the Best Fish Oil Pills I’ve Tried

I’ve tried the Nature Made brand and the Kirkland brand and they both gave me bad aftertastes. Sometimes I would get nauseated from my own burps because they stink so much.

In addition to giving me smelly burps, the amount of EPA/DHA in these pills are quite low (EPA/DHA is the reason why I would want to take fish oil in the first place). For example the NatureMade pills boasts a serving size of 1200mg of fish oil, but only 216 mg of it is EPA and 144 mg of it is DHA. The rest is just 840 mg of filler fish oil that doesn’t give you quite as much benefit (and probably a smellier burp). The Kirkland brand is a similar story.

Best Fish Oil Capsules I’ve Tried

I did some research and found out that not all fish oil pills are created equal. A good rule of thumb: the more EPA and DHA, the better it is for you. The best fish oil supplements go through a more rigorous refining process and are put through more quality control checks. A lot of these premium fish oils do not leave you with a bad breath after ingesting (no smelly burp!) and also provide a higher concentration of EPA and DHA. Here are a few of premium fish oil brands of choice.

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega (lemon flavor)

best fish oil

  • 650 mg of EPA
  • 450 mg of DHA
  • 180 mg of other Omega-3s

The Nordic Naturals brand has been around for a long time and all they do for a living is provide high quality fish oil from the non-toxic and mercury-free waters of Norway. Seriously, they make the majority of their money from selling fish oil, so you can imagine the quality you get from Nordic Naturals. The Ultimate Omega version contains double the amount of EPA and DHA in one serving compared to many other other fish oil brands. This is the best fish oil supplement quality-wise.

Controlled Labs Orange OxiMega Fish Oil (orange flavor)

fish oil supplements

  • 800 mg of EPA
  • 400 mg of DHA
  • 800 mg of mixed fatty acids

Controlled Labs Orange OxiMega Fish Oil is a cheaper alternative that gives you even more EPA and DHA per serving. They haven’t been in the fish oil business as long as Nordic Naturals but they have received great reviews from the body building community.

Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil Double Strength Odorless

  • 720 mg of EPA
  • 480 mg of DHA
  • 67 mg of Omega-6

Natures Bounty Fish Oil is a one to settle on if you can’t decide between Nordic Naturals or Controlled Labs. Nature’s Bounty purifies their fish oil to rid it of toxins like mercury, PCB, and dioxins. These gels are also enteric coats to prevent fishy burps. They are priced between the two above supplements and I believe it is the best bang for your buck in terms of EPA and DHA content.

You Get What You Pay For

All supplements contain mechanisms to help prevent that stinky/smelly aftertaste you get after ingesting the supplements. I’ve been taking the Controlled Labs pills and they are working great for me.

Pro tip: All fish oil gel caps start to degrade (and become stinky) after sitting on the shelf in room temperature for a long period of time. Try storing your fish oil pills in the freezer to improve shelf life.

If you’ve tried any of these, make sure to leave a comment and share your experience. Also, make sure you let us know if you prefer any other fish oil brands out there.


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  1. Steve said,

    I have heard nothing but good things about Ultimate Omega and I will echo your comments on the Kirkland oil being too fishy when it comes up as burps. Unless they’ve changed it, I haven’t used it because of that since. I like the idea of an orange hint, and that’s the stuff you take? I’m going to have to give that a try.

    7 years ago
  2. Toby said,

    Thanks for your review. Perhaps I will give Nordic Naturals a try. One of the great misunderstandings about healthy oils, is about Omega 3 oils and where to find them. Omega 3 can be found in fish oils but also in Vegetable fat spread like margarine. These companies promote the fact that their spread contains Omega 3. However, the Omega 3 of vegetable oils Doesn’t cntain all the healthy properties of the Omega 3 found in fish oils. There are similar Only in name, which confuses the consumer no end. Thanks for reading.

    7 years ago
  3. Chris Davis said,

    Thanks for this article. I thought I was being smart not buying the cheapest fish oil so I got the Nature’s Made Burp-Less and suddenly my wife was complaining that I smelled like a garlic bomb exploded in my mouth. Then the next day the same thing. I am going to try one of the one’s you suggested.

    6 years ago
  4. Alicia said,

    I have Nordic Naturals Arctic Code Liver Oil with Lemon. I make it a point to take with food, but have never had a fish burp to date! They are larger, but I don’t gag because they aren’t fishy tasting.

    5 years ago


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