10 Weight Loss Tips for the Working Man

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After having many discussions with friends and co-workers about working out, dieting, and plastic surgery, I have come to the conclusion that people are out of shape or over weight not necessarily because they are lazy, but simply because they don’t have the time.  I admit, on this blog today, that I put on the freshman 15 (more like 20) after I started my career.

But I have done something that few in my position have been able to do, and that is to cut the weight, and cut it pretty drastically.  All without feeling like I have to devote an extensive amount of time outside the office.  In part one of this article, I’m here to present to you some easy weight loss tips for a working person that doesn’t have time to spend an hour+ every day at the gym.  In part 2, I’ll present the tough tips.

1 . Eat a light healthy breakfast

Weight loss tipsThroughout college and throughout my first 2 years of work, I skipped out on breakfast.  I figured, if I’m waking up at 9:30, I might as well just wait until lunch before eating.  There are multiple problems with this.  I’ll jump into the obvious reason first. By the time you get to lunch, your hunger is going to cause you to over eat.

Now for the important reason. When your body is starved for nutrition, your metabolism tanks.  In fact, your metabolism slows down quite a bit while you sleep, and will not begin to rise again until you get some food in your body.  You just wasted X hours not burning calories.


2. Supplements Supplement Supplements

Ok, I’m putting in this disclaimer now.  Don’t use supplements over a healthy nutritious meal.   However, supplements are great in aiding you reach your weight loss goal.  I know that Thaya has gone over the safer eca stack, but I’m going to talk about a couple of other supplements.

If you have troubles over eating, or if you feel really hungry after you eat a light meal and find yourself snacking shortly after, try taking some Metamucil about 20 minutes prior to your meal.  Metamucil is a very healthy supplement, its full of fiber which is great for your digestive system and your heart health.  Why is this one of my quick weight loss tips? Metamucil is great because the fiber in it gives you a sensation that you are full.  If you are full, you aren’t grabbing snacks 1 hour later.

Now for a supplement that will help you metabolize that fat, Fish Oil. I don’t want to make this article too long, so I will simply say that if you take fish oil, your metabolic rate will increase and you will burn more calories every day. Read more about the effects of fish oil and check out some of the best fish oil supplements out there.

If you can never remember to take supplements, try keeping them on your desk within reach.

3. Don’t sit around

This one might be easier than you think.  Yes you might be chained to that desk all day like me, but I try to make sure I burn a few extra calories doing little things.  If you can, stand while you eat.  Your body will burn just a few more calories every day.  Try having a walking meeting.  If you have to make a conference call, do it while walking.  Better yet, take a 15 minute break every day to walk outside.  Remember, you lose weight be creating a calorie deficit, so every calorie you burn counts towards that end goal.

4. Bounce around

If you have to sit on your ass 8+ hours a day, you might as well burn some extra calories doing it. Try replacing your office chair with an exercise ball.  Your core muscles will essentially be activated all day long as you try to balance on the ball.  You will also improve your posture since the most balanced position on an exercise ball, is nice steady upright position.  Also its just plain fun to bounce up and down once in a while.  Be careful though, if you have lower back problems, consult your doctor first.

The ergonomically correct way to be sitting on a exercise ball is with your legs at a slightly downward angle (not 90 degrees) so try to get a slightly oversized ball.  At 6 feet tall, a 75 cm ball is just a little bit too small for me, so try out a few sizes at the gym before purchasing. Update: Apparently I just didn’t inflate it enough.  This is perfectly fine for my size.

5. Drink a lot of water

Quick weight loss tipsIf you aren’t getting enough water, your metabolism will slow down.  Are we noticing a pattern yet?  If you can’t stand drinking just plain water, don’t grab for that soda.  Drink some green tea instead.  Like Thaya discussed in his eca stack article, green tea has some pretty powerful  effects.  It also can contain caffeine.  So you are covering two supplements with 1 drink.

Now onto the hard tips!

Thats all of the easiest and fastest weight loss tips I have for now.  I’ll discuss the second part of this article with more difficult weight loss tips that will truly help you shed those extra pounds in Part2 of The Working Man’s Weight Loss Tips.


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